A one-minute audio linguistics lesson: how New Orleanians pronounce “Chartres.”

Where To Buy Yarn in Omaha


Dear Ann, My two days in Omaha were a whirlwind of family visits, all of which involved eating and imbibing and a healthy dose of laughter-through-tears (Dolly Parton’s favorite emotion). On the knitting side of things, even though my flights were nonstop, I got in plenty of rows on my Ranger men’s cardigan. Late Saturday afternoon, I was knitting away in the car (in the passenger seat, I hasten to add) on my way from one visit to...

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Destination Yarn Shop: Omaha


Dear Ann, Christmas in Omaha was wonderful this year. When we arrived on the 22nd, it was raining. Raining! In Omaha! In December! We tried to accept it–after all, the temperature in  New York was 70 degrees that day, so the whole world has gone crazy and we shouldn’t expect the frozen tundra to be frozen, or tundra, anymore. But on the morning of the 23rd, in the course of a few hours, 8 inches of snow fell. Perfect, powdery,...

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All Is Calm, All Is Bright

All Is Calm, All Is Bright - 1

Dear Ann, We are in Omaha. Going to Omaha necessitated placement of Olive in a suitable child care, I mean dog care, facility. Since Olive is not the best-behaved small dog on the planet, I was in a bit of a quandary about this. The logical choice was my sister Amy’s. Sister Amy has two big shepherds, Ike and Kimba. Kimba (seen below) is the smaller, older one. Ike is the recently adopted, huger one. I worried that Olive might be a...

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Sweet Sassy What?

Sweet Sassy What? - 1

Dear Ann, Sometimes I think you’re a regular person, who talks, you know, regular? Then you say something like “sweet sassy molassy.” What are we, moseying now? Land o’ Goshen! Sakes alive! Whatever! Anyway, I’m back from Omaha (where people mostly talk regular, except for drinking pop and carrying groceries in sacks and calling that lid on the house a ‘ruff’). All is well in Omaha. One highlight...

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Snowy - 1

Dear Ann, My first day home, and it’s a snow day. I really would have preferred a school day. But it’s a snow day. Despite the circumstances, or maybe because of them, I had a good time in Omaha. In Omaha, my childhood is always just around the corner. Sometimes I seek it out, driving slowly past old houses, but sometimes it jumps out at me. For example, as I was pulling on to Highway 75 on my way to pick up mom at the hospital...

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Itinerant Knitter

Itinerant Knitter - 1

Dear Ann, I’m in Omaha, soaking up the weak black coffee of my youth and enjoying some primo bedside knitting. Most Moisturized Mom was having some problems with her heart, so I was summoned to knit at her bedside and otherwise make myself useful while she had some work done. I believe I let you know of this unplanned trip by emailing you that ‘my ma is ailing’. Regrettably, in times of crisis, I do lapse into cheesy hickish...

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