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Friday Snippets, or Actually, Snippet


Dear Ann, I made it all the way through Winter in rude health, and now, four days into Spring,  I’ve got the crud. The plague is upon me! I’m weak and wan! Perhaps you will understand the seriousness of the situation when I tell you that I ate only ONE BITE OF MY BIRTHDAY ENCHILADAS last night. One bite, Ann. A solitary morsel of one of my top ten foods from my favorite place. Who knows if I will even make it to lunchtime today, to...

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Mason-Dixon Mailbag: Silver Lining Edition

Mason-Dixon Mailbag: Silver Lining Edition - 1

Dear Kay, I never cease to be amazed whenever I hear from a far-flung knitter. Knitting Her Way Through the Apocalypse We can all envy at least one person stranded in Europe under the giant volcanic ash cloud: Leah. Leah is stuck in Stockholm, trying to get back to Ohio. I suggested that maybe this was actually kind of a good thing. I mean: I love Ohio and all, but Stuck in Stockholm sounds like a Meg Ryan movie to me. She writes that she has...

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Mason-Dixon Mailbag: Our Far-Flung Correspondent

Mason-Dixon Mailbag: Our Far-Flung Correspondent - 1

Dear Kay, We just got a letter from my sister-in-law Mary Neal–she who designed the Knitty Jamesey pattern, she who provides us here at MDK with the broad view of the worldwide textile scene, she who puts up with my wandering brother Clif. Read on: Dear Ann, Your brother Clif has returned at last from being in China all summer. As usual, he was on the job being our extremely foreign textile correspondent. For those who want to play along...

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Spring Break, Mayan Style

Spring Break, Mayan Style - 1

Dear Kay. Kay, Kay, Kay, Kaaaaaaaaaaaaay, It’s funny. Before I met you in actual real person, back in the olden days when we were writing each other like a couple of dotty Victorians, I imagined you sitting in some vague New York apartment. You had a vague, undiagnosable accent; your features were vague–you were this puffy cloud of a person. It was only when you told me some detail of your life that the fog lifted. Carrie has big...

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Dear Kay, As you may have heard, Spring Break is upon us. At 12:01 pm yesterday, life as I know it ended, and the tasty thing known as Time to Myself has evaporated. I can feel it already–there has already been a request for Lucky Charms, the official breakfast cereal of Spring Break. I’m going to be away next week, so I need you to house-sit for me. Here are the things that need to be taken care of: 1. Feed the blog. There’s a...

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Where the Curls Are

Where the Curls Are - 1

Dear Ann, I stopped by over at Curls and Purls to see what arrangements Lis had made for posting to her blog while she’s in China. Guess what? She made arrangements for you and I to report on her news from China. So here goes, from your curly-haired (NOT!) New York correspondent Kay Gardiner, live on location (sitting at her computer receiving emails) di-reckly from China: Hi All!! I have arrived safe and sound in Beijing!! All I can...

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