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The Velvet Revolution

Dear readers, and you too, Kay, Several of you have asked about the safety of my brother Clif and his wife Mary Neal, who are spending six months in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. (Mary Neal is the one who has been giving us superb fiber arts reportage from central Asia, if you’re joining us late. She is also a rabid fan of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and Nine Inch Nails.) Anybody watching CNN today may have seen the scenes of...

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The Warm Heart of Georgia

The Warm Heart of Georgia - 1

Dear Kay, Our Senior Fiber Arts Correspondent in Soviet Georgia, my sister-in-law Mary Neal, has resurfaced after a week or so of political protests and fervent singing of “Mshtylia Nino Bleevya” (“We Shall Overcome” or “Kumbaya” or “It’s a Small World” or something). Why she and my brother would choose this garden spot for a six-month sojourn continues to stump those of us over here with...

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A Smoke Signal

Dear readers, Like a message in a bottle (from a borrowed Blackberry PDA, actually), a cryptic message arrived yesterday: Missing all the doings at mdk but drinking just enough to dull the pain. The real sedative is food. I’m so glad Kay has found a way to muddle through what must be a dreadful experience: a week of extreme chowhounding and wine testing. Love, Ann

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Tell That Old Lady about eBay

Tell That Old Lady about eBay - 1

Dear Kay, Well, it’s about time. As you know, my brother Clif the art prof and his family are spending a few months in the former Soviet republic of Georgia. It’s, like, where there are really great oriental rugs and enough alcohol to stun a yak. Our Senior Fiber Arts Correspondent in Tbilisi, Mary Neal (aka Mrs. Clif), has finally surfaced with a report on her field research. She has already blown her allowance on acquisitions for...

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What’s Doing in: Tbilisi

Dear Kay, New! Easy! World travel without actual travel! My brother Clif has taken off for another of his elaborate journeys. He is in Soviet Georgia for the next five months, along with his wife and their young son Wilson. Clif is an artist, and he’ll be working on a new book. Mary Neal, a book designer and editor, will be doing whatever editing she can scrounge, and Wilson will be wandering and absorbing all things Tbilisi. They’re...

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