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Travel Time (and Time Travel)


Dear Ann, Ten years ago, almost to the day, you and I were headed to San Diego for our very first TNNA (The National NeedleArts Association’s Winter Trade Show), to show everybody our first knitting book. Today, we’re headed there again. We’ll have different badges this time. If you had told our 2006 selves that we’d be back again in 2016, and that the book we’d be showing everybody would be a coloring book, I...

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She Learned to Love the Thread

Dear Ann, Breaking news:  ROSANNE CASH IS A KNITTER. Oh and also:  she has a new record coming out today. (Photo: Gael Towey.) I know that Rosanne is a knitter, because I taught her.  We met a few years ago, at a book signing for her memoir, Composed.  She wanted to learn how to knit, and asked me if I gave lessons.  I said, not really, but I’d be glad to teach you to knit.  It was one of the nicest surprises ever. We met up a...

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A Provisional Cast-On and a Memorable Send-Off

A Provisional Cast-On and a Memorable Send-Off - 1

Dear Kay, Since last I wrote, I’ve been to Greenville, Alabama, and Charlottesville, Virginia. It was a week to gather with family and friends to remember Uncle Dan, my dad’s only brother. Solemn and hilarious, heavy and light, dark and bright. Why does so much of life parse into such even measures? I heard “Danny Boy” on a bagpipe, witnessed deviled eggs that stood on their ends like little egg-white Jefferson cups. I...

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The Elements of Bro Style

Dear Kay, Too hot to knit? I think I pushed the edge of the envelope on knitting this past weekend in Baltimore, during the NCAA Lacrosse Championship immersion weekend with Clif. Oh sweet Jebus it was hot, but we found some shade, slathered on the SPF 100 (is that even possible? It’s basically house paint, right?), and hunkered down for just a boatload of high-speed action, on the field and on the needles. Net result: four Mitered...

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When in New Haven

When in New Haven - 1

Dear Ann, On Tuesday night, I soothed my Rhinebeck-deprived soul with a day trip to delicious beautiful New Haven, Connecticut, to hang out at Knit New Haven, a 10 month-old LYS that seems like it’s been around a long, long time. What a balm for the spirits! Some scenes, all documented with Gale’s Hipstamatic app: OK, so the HIpstamatic has turned Mary’s amazing blanket–made of stash extras and oddments in beautiful...

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Knitstamatic - 1

Dear Ann, I know, this photo is too good. It’s not mine; it’s Gale’s, using the iPhone Hipstamatic app that I covet. The big news: I’m going to be yakking, and signing books, and hanging out, and perhaps sharing my most closely held secrets about log cabin knitting, at Gale’s beloved LYS, Knit New Haven, on October 19, 2010, from 4-8 p.m., long enough to talk myself silly. This is my consolation prize to myself...

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