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Up In the Frackin’ Air, and It’s No George Clooney Movie, Y’all

Dear Kay, OK. OK. I’m all settled now. But if you’d seen me about twenty minutes ago, you would have mistaken me for one of those beleaguered airport residents who had LOST IT, one of the travel zombies, the undead, who left their homes at four dark o’clock, intent on reaching a destination and feeling sort of good about how the day was going to lay out. One of the pale, underfed, over-be-bagged wretches who disembarked...

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Small, Addicting Scarf

Small, Addicting Scarf - 1

Dear Kay, Making that Grey Garments video meant that my entire stash was scraped out of the recesses of my house and into that spare bedroom, which was a good thing and a bad thing. The bad thing was that it was like stirring those ancient seed pods that can lay fallow for 6,000 years but still germinate when exposed to air anew. I now have a serious crop of suddenly sprouted yarn. I have so much knitting to do now. Maybe that’s the good...

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Should I Stay or Should I Go? - 1

Dear Kay, Thank you for all your valiant correspondence in recent days. I don’t really want to dwell on it, but all that pretty stuff you’re doing is called “quilting,” not knitting. I think it all looks great, but I just had to point that out because it may have escaped your notice that it’s a sewing machine you’re using now, not knitting needles. I’m happy to report that I am BACK, after successfully...

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Crystal Light Cocktails, and So Much More

Crystal Light Cocktails, and So Much More - 1

Dear Ann, Breaking news: the whereabouts of the KayCam are unknown. Repeat: the KayCam is missing. Lately the KayCam has been a hard traveling piece of equipment. It made it safely from New York to all-over-England and back, on various local jaunts to day camp visiting night and Southampton, and then from New York to hippie-sleepaway-camp-in-Maine, thence to Omaha-for-a-wedding, and then…poof. No KayCam. Glove compartments and...

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Slow - 1

Dear Kay, I’m back, after a week of spring break family sun n fun n sunburn down in the Cote du Cou Rouge, the Forgotten Coast, the part of the Florida panhandle where the handle bolts onto the pan. You know–the end of the universe? Remember that incredible Sugimoto exhibition we saw at the Sackler Gallery in Washington a while back? I spent the whole week staring at the Sugimoto sky. We ran out of cloudy days, which was a shame....

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Massive Bloggy Catch-Up Time Begins NOW

Massive Bloggy Catch-Up Time Begins NOW - 1

Dear Kay, I am so loaded up with bloggy tidbits that I may exPUHLODE. I’m going to try to catch up, but it may take all summer. Close Encounter of the First Kind When last we blogged, I was on the loose in Salem, Mass., with a thumb-smushed boy, the possibility of a schooner ride, and the likelihood that I might get to see Moth Heaven Julia. Well, the thumb ceased to throb by nightfall, the schooner ride was scorned by all except me...

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