Parallel Lives

Parallel Lives - 1

Dear Kay, OK, I had to crack up when I saw your photo of that giant loop of linen, because the fact is that I myself recently bought a loop of linen in February at the Tailgate antiques show where I bought that red-and-white wheel quilt. I’m planning to use it up at the shack this summer as a roller towel, which is what the thing is, I think we can all agree. I mean, what else would you use a loop of linen for? NO I AM NOT WEARING IT AS A...

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Lifestyles of the Upscale Colonials

Lifestyles of the Upscale Colonials - 1

Dear Ann, I couldn’t post this on April Fools Day because you would have been all, “Surely she’s not going to blather on about her American History Fambly Vacation–that’s got to be a joke!!” But surely I am too going to do just that. What else is this thing good for, if not freeflowing blather? After a day at the Manassas battlefield, which I somehow managed to not photograph, we left the 19th century, and...

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On Your Nerves Again/Just Can’t Wait To Get On Your Nerves Again

On Your Nerves Again/Just Can't Wait To Get On Your Nerves Again - 1

Dear Kay, Let’s just say that, after a week on the road with this pair, I’ve got like 700 abs now instead of one. O! The Chik-fil-A! The waffle fries! The chips and peanuts and choco bites and whatEVER! At this point, I’m counting batter-dipped onion rings as a vegetable. Those boys eat like food is going out of style. I did my best to keep up, needless to say, but these people are professionals. I had every intention of...

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The Audacity of Handspun

The Audacity of Handspun - 1

Dear Kay, I AM BACK. Really! Reentry has been pure H-E-double hockey sticks since we got back from San Francisco. Mostly it’s grief I’ve been struggling with, the end-of-camp feeling that hit the minute I looked out the plane window Thursday morning, seeing the boiling clouds over that beautiful city (OK, so it was a last-plane-out-of-Saigon feeling–we made it out just before the Apocalypse storms hit) and thinking, OhRIGHT....

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Class Trip Preparation, Phase 1, Now Underway

Class Trip Preparation, Phase 1, Now Underway - 1

Dear Kay, The news from Blacksburg, Virginia, has been on my mind ever since I heard about it yesterday. The students, their families, their friends, the staff. Terrible, just terrible. My heart goes out to them all. It’s not the sort of thing you want to dwell on when packing up your fella for a class trip. Last night, David and I sat down with a packing list and a Sharpie, ready to label everything for his first class trip away from...

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On the Road. Literally.

On the Road. Literally. - 1

Dear Kay, I have a correction to make to our book. On page 90, under “Places We Have Tried to Knit and Failed,” I wrote: “Even the stretch of I-24 between Murfreesboro and Winchester is not straight enough to allow for driving with the knees.” I am here to tell you that as of Sunday afternoon, that stretch of I-24 can now officially be put in the category of “Places We Have Tried to Knit and Succeeded.” As you...

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