Thanks, Knitting


Dear Ann, In my family we never went around the Thanksgiving table, each telling something they were thankful for. I attribute this to the dour Danish forebears. Gratitude was one of a whole list of emotions that were felt but rarely expressed. (It was OK to express a complaint, like the Helsinki Complaints Choir; Finland and Denmark are not that far apart.) I remember my childhood pastor, who revered the early Christians, reacting with...

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Lazy Sunday: Don’t Call Me Ma’am


Dear Ann, How is it Sunday again already? Time for some entertainment to complement a day of knitting in slanty autumn light. MDK Archive Deep Dive Let’s get seasonal, seasonal, I wanna get seasonal: Night of the Living Dead Something Else to Read It’s Decorative Gourd Season [(pumpkin) spicy language alert] Something to Watch Prime Suspect On Hulu right now. It’s so good. So, so good. Watch Detective Chief Inspector Jane...

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Clip & Save: Tips on Knitting Cowls in the Round


Dear Ann: Let’s get this out of the way:  when I say “cowls in the round,” I mean only one cowl, my beloved Honey Cowl. I have lost count of how many Honey Cowls I have knit. There is always someone who wants one, or wants another one. They are the perfect combination of style and practicality in the handknit accessory category. There is nothing very challenging about knitting a Honey Cowl–it’s a 2-row pattern and...

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All Things Llama (Rhinebeck Remembered)


Dear Ann, Remember how I was trying to organize my Rhinebeck into a less breathless experience? That didn’t work out. My visit Saturday was as manic as ever, or at least it feels like that in retrospect. The seven hours flew by so fast that if my face wasn’t windburned, I’d wonder if it was all a dream. When you start the day buying goat horns, you know it’s gon’ be off the chain. (Niece for scale.) This was at the...

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Sheeple Get Ready: Rhinebeck 2015


Dear Ann and Everybody, So, I get one day at Rhinebeck this year: Saturday. I want to make the most of it. In Rhinebecks Past, I have run around for 7 hours in a fevered state of excitement (which I enjoy). Sometimes I find myself in the same barn, looking at the same beeswax Santas, two or three times. I know I am looking for Something Special, but I get blown off course by running into a friend, or getting starstruck, or gazing into one of...

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Unsolved Mysteries


Dear Ann, Remember 2003? 2003 was great. That was the year we did our second sweater exchange. The first one had gone so well. I made you a big cardi in dusty purple Rowan All Seasons Cotton; you made me a laced-placket pullover in turquoise Rowan Linen Drape.  (I still have mine. Do you still have yours, hmmm?) So we decided to do it again. You made me a cropped lacy cardi in a fine cotton chenille (we were then, and are now, Rowan superfans),...

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