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Unsolved Mysteries


Dear Ann, Remember 2003? 2003 was great. That was the year we did our second sweater exchange. The first one had gone so well. I made you a big cardi in dusty purple Rowan All Seasons Cotton; you made me a laced-placket pullover in turquoise Rowan Linen Drape.  (I still have mine. Do you still have yours, hmmm?) So we decided to do it again. You made me a cropped lacy cardi in a fine cotton chenille (we were then, and are now, Rowan superfans),...

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Starcroft Has Landed

  Dear Ann, Popping in with exciting pop-up news. This all started a few months ago when I heard that my friend Lisa Fox’s shop on East 7th Street, lf8 (Elevate) would be available for a short time in January. Hmmm, I thought. I asked Gale Zucker, who is connected to a vast network of shepherds and dye pots, if she knew of a yarn maker who’d like to bring her wares to New York. I can hardly believe it really happened. Dreams do...

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Manifestivus Destiny

Dear Ann, I don’t know about you, but during life’s persistently hectic patches, I find that it helps to knit small log cabin squares. Or whatever unchallenging yet absorbing thing one likes to knit. For me, right now, it’s 18-stitch log cabin squares in Noro Silk Garden. I have a few (cough) spare skeins of the stuff, plus a whomping bag of leftovers from my many log cabin blankets. Some of my leftovers are just a yard or...

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FO Friday: Grand Dame


Dear Ann, Guess what! I get to visit another college (or 2 or 3) this weekend. Rhinebeck fades into the mist in the rearview mirror, and we proceed ONWARD. For about a year and a half, I had a ball of handpainted cashmere weighing heavily on my conscience. In a fit of I Don’t Know What, I had bought it at Vogue Knitting Live in January 2013, from String, a yarn shop in my own city that caters to the big-gauge cashmere crowd. There was...

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The Fog of Wool

Dear Ann, It’s Wednesday and I’ve just finished hooking a small rug and I’m still floating on the fumes of my Saturday at Rhinebeck, aka the New York Sheep & Wool Festival, aka my annual renewal of my vows to knitting. I know that, for people who don’t (a) live in the Northeast and/or (b) organize their personal, family and religious calendars around knitting, Rhinebeck is a kind of Emerald City that they read about...

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Go To It


Dear Ann, I know. Two posts in a row. You’re sick of me. But now that I’ve figured out the “Hero Image” (hey thanks for emailing me that 12-point clip n’ save on how to post the hero image–my favorite is Number 11: “This is where I get stuck”), I just want to blawg, blawg, blawg. Blog like the wind! I have news, and a Finished Object that can’t wait until Finished Object Friday. There is a...

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