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Yarn Strategies to Bang Out a Sweater


Dear Kay, I am itching to Bang Out a Sweater. I haven’t dropped everything for a new project since at least last Tuesday. I’ve never made a lopi sweater. I’m just so curious. Where will all this lead? The mission, to recap: • Stopover pullover by Mary Jane Mucklestone. • We all cast on Monday, February 1. • Finish date: As soon as we all possibly can. Let’s dive right into that crucial decision to be...

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Prouds and Sorries at Vogue Knitting Live


Dear Kay, Time for some Prouds and Sorries. I have now unpacked both literally and figuratively our visit to Vogue Knitting Live. It was a weekend that tested us to the core: endurance, focus, ability to gaze upon the light fixtures of the Marriott Marquis Hotel and not make fun of them every single time. The Prouds Got to see so many killer handknits, and by killer I mean knock-you-down great. I blame the dim lighting for the quality of...

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How to Tidy Your Yarn Stash: KonMari, Step Aside


  Dear Kay, I’m tidying. I’m doing the thing with the stuff that Marie Kondo is telling me to do. Listening to the audiobook of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is frankly like enduring a sweet-voiced nag session from the cubiclemate you never really liked. I know. I know I know I know. Marie Kondo is, however, on to something. Her instructions: Hold each item in my hands. Does it spark joy? Keep. No joy sparked?...

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Eight Yarns, One Sweater: Ecru Swamp


Dear Kay, The pile of yarn doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller. I knit and knit and knit, yet the ecru yarn persists. It’s . . . spawning. There must be five miles of ecru yarn here. It does not help that I am being offered skeins of ecru yarn. Kay, you may NOT offload your ecru yarn in my direction, for any purpose. I am not going to accept it! If I get out of this thing alive, it will be because I told the UPS guy to return...

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Eight Yarns, One Sweater: Facing the Goblins


Dear Kay, In the interest of not thinking about anybody’s derriere today, we’re going to move along to some wholesome, family-oriented knitting. (I have to say that having one’s traffic quintuple due to a well-placed lopi sweater is something we are going to have to think about, going forward. We are obviously doing the blog all wrong.) I’m not going to lie. The eight-yarned Spinnaker sweater is at the point,...

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Eight Yarns, One Sweater: Westward Ho!


Dear Kay, Figuring out a strategy for this eight yarns/one sweater project has cost me a surprising amount of time. I lost a crop of rutabagas in the time it took me to decide what to do with this yarn. When I laid out all the skeins to decide how to use them in this Spinnaker sweater, it all became very clear: this group of yarns had absolutely nothing in common except a vague similarity in color. You got your fingering weight Black Water...

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