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Lightning Round: I Need a Color Consult


Dear Kay, At this point, I’m a giant, watery eyeball and a claw clutching a computer mouse. The working, the working. We need to get on with our lives, honey. Should I cook up a Google Sheet for this? “Getting On With Our Lives.” Step Number 1 would be: Go Outside. Step Number 2: Replenish Larabars. The good news is that I stop occasionally and just do this. A 100% joy-delivering daymaker. Here’s where I stand on this...

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Free Pattern for Procrastinating Knitters


Dear Kay, For today, I’d like to share what happens when confronted with a batch of yarn and a batch of deadlines. Yarn > Deadlines. I’m really sorry, but this was unavoidable. It was like Rock Paper Scissors only Deadlines Yarn. This is Bello Worsted from The Plucky Knitter, a concoction of 55% merino/45% cashmere. It is worsted weight which means these 96 stitches per row of stockinette crank satisfyingly fast. I mean: I...

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Knitting Season Is Here: Ditch Work


Dear Kay, It’s here! The most wonderful season-busting, weather-defying, completely joyous time of the year: knitting season. Doesn’t matter if it was 88 today. Does not matter. Once Labor Day is past, I am in for the duration. It’s time to root around for the wooliest, sheepiest, yarniest yarns I can find. Sometimes you start with a pattern, sometimes with a yarn. I’m feeling much more curious about these brilliant...

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Snippets: 3 Yarn Dreams for You


Dear Kay, Nursing the traditional back-to-school cold I seem to catch from Clif every year. I am so good at catching this cold, just brilliant. One of the excellent things to do while slurping tea and debating cold medicine options is to dream about yarn. I have never been so crazy about yarn as I seem to be these days. I’m fascinated by it. I like seeing how people make it. And, despite the fascination, I remain strangely uninterested in...

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A Field of Pastel Dreams


Dear Kay, My mom used to say, when something was great, “Now we’re cooking with gas.” Well, I wish she were here so she could hear me say it about this Plucky Knitter yarn and this Peak Color scarf pattern. I’ve never worked with cashmere yarn before. The first stretch of this scarf has some irregularities in gauge, and I think it’s because I have a Fear Of Cashmere. Yarn is yarn, right? It has taken me...

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Daughter of a Shepherd


Dear Ann, I’ve been meaning to write about our London friend, Rachel Atkinson, and her splendid adventure: making yarn from the wool of her father’s sheep. The problem:  the yarn is wonderful and special (that’s not the bit that’s the problem), and she only has a limited quantity of it at a time and it sells out fast. But here’s the thing: the only way to get it, is to know about it, get on Rachel’s email...

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