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The Goat Ate My Homework

The Goat Ate My Homework - 1

Dear Ann, I think the two of us are in grave danger of flunking out of Miss Parkes’ Charm (n’ Yarn) School. For three weeks, in anticipation of the publication of her awesome book, Miss Clara has been sweetly sending us wee skeins of yarn and clever clues, and we’ve been cutting class. We haven’t even managed to sharpen our Number 2 pencils. My problem was that for the first two weeks, I couldn’t narrow it down...

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Shadowy Thinking, Plus Yarn

Shadowy Thinking, Plus Yarn - 1

Dear Kay, Ohhhhh . . . it’s . . . spring break . . . and I do not have a Plan. I now question my decision to let this spring break be a loosey goosey aw-let’s-just-chill kind of spring break with my two boys. I’ve already overseen the construction of a cement volcano, a trip to Michael’s, and four hours of card-throwing practice. There are playing cards all over the house. There are nine days to go. Upside Down We also...

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A Revelation

A Revelation - 1

Dear Kay: First, some quick video schnippets for ya. Etsy. I always wondered where our favorite handcrafty online marketplace got its name. Etsy.com. I always thought it was sort of like itsy, as in “itsy bitsy.” Which doesn’t mean much, but it is cute. Turns out that Et sy is Latin for “and if.” I learned that and a lot more from this TV profile, which captures all the promise and anticipation which comes with...

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Swatch Miters

Friends Don't Let Friends Swatch Miters - 1

Dear Ann, It started quite innocently. Hunkered down in the rain a couple weeks ago, I ran out of stuff to knit (having just finished my magnum opus). Well, I ran out of stuff I wanted to knit. I recently had discovered two non-wool yarns with self-striping potential. I felt it would be a service to non-wool, self-striping yarn devotees worldwide if I took it upon myself to swatch up a couple of skeins and post the results. People: ...

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All Things in Moderation, Including Moderation

All Things in Moderation, Including Moderation - 1

Dear Kay, Ohhhhhh, what a weekend. Next week the fourth graders are having their Biography Fair, where everybody dresses up like historical figures and stands in a big room telling their stories to the other students. David will be Henry Ford, so we have been assembling a Model A in a process that has taken longer than assembling a full-size Model A. We have completely dispensed with the engine and may punt the whole thing if we can’t find...

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A Red-Letter Day

A Red-Letter Day - 1

Dear Kay, Red! The color of the day is RED! I had the best red-letter day I’ve had in ages when this came in the mail: A red letter. Last summer, I made a new friend. She and her husband and young son have just adopted a beautiful baby from China, and now that she’s here, the girl obviously needs a handknit and SOON. In China, red is the color of happiness, good luck, and/or prosperity (at least, that’s what my Google search...

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