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A Valentine to Linen

A Valentine to Linen - 1

Dear Ann, My wild infatuation with All Things Cauchy continues. If you like watching people work (a particular love of mine, and I’m not even kidding), if you like bread, if you like flax, if you like/hate opinionated Frenchmen, well, go watch these videos. The second one really puts the Euro in flax. “It’s a fiber you have a relationship with.” In my case, a longterm, very exciting relationship. Sort of a...

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Stop! In the Name of Love

Stop!  In the Name of Love - 1

Dear Ann, Why hello there, Ms. Bespoke Couture Knittin’, Ms. Oh That Lil’ Ol’ Reverse Stockinette Facing Under The Collar?–That’s a Dressmaker Detail To Hide Any Unsightliness, Ms. I Am Concerned About Cables Meeting Under the Arms. We humble dishrag-crankers salute you. We’re not worthy! We don’t know from cables–we don’t know from underarms, for that matter. We stick to our square...

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Flaxen Update

Flaxen Update - 1

Dear Kay, Here’s a quick peek at the Handmaiden Flaxen swatch knitted up. It’s 6″ x 8″ wide on a size 4 needle. I really love this yarn, I love these colors, but I do not love this swatch. No matter how pretty the colors are in the skein, something happens to them when they’re knitted together, and it just doesn’t sing for me. Who knows how the color breaks would fall when worked at a wider width? The great...

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FO-A-Thon! - 1

Dear Ann, Luv yer cushion. Just love it! I also admire the way you totally lost your mind and doubled Cotton Classic to get the cushion of your dreams. And may I add that I am coveting that silvery sage background color because I have run out of it, Downtown Yarns has run out of it, and I am 1.5 sides away from finishing the Unrealistically Wide Border on my latest Mitered Square Blanket. So could you lob any leftovers this way? Just one...

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