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Lazy Sunday: Pregaming the One-Sock Knitalong


Dear Kay, We head to Norway today, for a visit with everybody’s favorite Scandinavian duo, Arne and Carlos. They knit. They crochet. They garden. They are up to all manner of stuff making, and there’s something irresistible about their attitude toward it all. (Fun fact: “Arne and Carlos” is actually “Ann and Kay” in Norwegian. It’s true. I would like us to rig up a Sister Cities relationship with Arne...

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Rocket Yarn: A Blast


Dear Kay, Let’s talk about taste for a minute. This yarn has sparked some frank and unbridled Opinion. A number of people have weighed in about this yarn. I was told that it’s trouble because of its wild contrasts in color and value. It pools. It flashes. It’s unpredictable. It’s not something you’d use for a garment. It’s not something you should even knit. Screw all y’all! This stuff is...

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Puzzler: What Will This Yarn Do?


Dear Kay, Years ago, Jon’s grandfather Albert asked me one night at dinner if I needed a wok. I didn’t know what to make of a 90-year-old gentleman offering me Asian cookware. I answered that I didn’t have a wok, and yes, if he was trying to find a home for it, I’d be glad to have a wok. It turns out he had bought the wok while watching a late-night infomercial. The guy selling woks was so compelling that before he knew...

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Alice Starmore, Mother of the Gradient Yarn Craze


Dear Kay, One thing occurs to me: Alice Starmore was into gradients decades before the gradient yarn craze of today. Take a look at this. This is Alice Starmore Hebridean Two Ply, in Mara, Lapwing, Calluna, and Kelpie. And this. Red Deer, Tormentil, Crotal, Mountain Hare, and Golden Plover. In the Glenesk pullover I’m making, the Starmore color sense DNA runs thick in the blood of daughter Jade Starmore. She takes these two...

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Crazy Yarn, Crazy Patterns: Zauberballs and Kieran Foley


Dear Kay, I’m deep into a Crazy Zauberball binge right now. If you don’t know what a Crazy Zauberball is, please. Proceed with caution. It hit a couple of weeks ago, when I was thinking about socks. Socks are fun, I thought. Haven’t made a sock in a while. Maybe I’ll make two. Put one on each foot and have a swell time of it. When you look at a selection of sock yarns, Crazy Zauberballs jump right out at you. They look...

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Hedgehog Freakout


Dear Kay, Well, Beata Jezek is driving me crazy. Beata is the proprietor of Hedgehog Fibres, a yarn dyeing enterprise in Cork, Ireland. (When can we go to Cork? I’m building quite a list of places we need to visit. Iceland, Cork, the entire coastline of the Baltic Sea . . .) This yarn jumped out at me amid the madness of Vogue Knitting Live, one little skein, greener than green can possibly be, all slashed up with bits of brown and red...

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