Flood + Shelter

Flood + Shelter - 1

Dear Kay, I’m spending a shocking amount of time poking around looking for my next thing to knit. Really, couldn’t you just spend all your time in anticipation of knitting? I just want to observe here that Jared Flood’s yarn, Shelter, is the only yarn I’ve ever seen that I would like to own in every single color. Glorious! I’m crazy for it! It comes from here online. Here’s how this American-made yarn is...

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Mitered Crosses Blanketyness

Mitered Crosses Blanketyness - 1

Dear Kay, OK I have to admit it: I wanted to be the one to buy the 1,000th pattern. I wanted to get mine at some delightful milestone in the life of Kay’s pattern. I thought about being #100, but that came and went too fast. Even #500 slipped past me in the night. It turns out that rascally Elizabeth K. beat me to #1,000, so I settled for #1,001. I had no idea that 999 other knitters would be so generous. THANK YOU, everyone, for pitching...

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A Valentine to Linen

A Valentine to Linen - 1

Dear Ann, My wild infatuation with All Things Cauchy continues. If you like watching people work (a particular love of mine, and I’m not even kidding), if you like bread, if you like flax, if you like/hate opinionated Frenchmen, well, go watch these videos. The second one really puts the Euro in flax. “It’s a fiber you have a relationship with.” In my case, a longterm, very exciting relationship. Sort of a...

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Indigo Fisherman Dreams

Indigo Fisherman Dreams - 1

Dear Kay, Upon returning from Rhinebeck–I mean, in the gate lounge at the airport, moments after sitting down, as soon as I could possibly get to it, forgoing a pretzel, even–I started work on a swatch. It was like having a dollar in my pocket at Smith’s Variety. It was all because of this yarn, made by Buckwheat Bridge, a small angora goat and Cormo sheep farm and mill located in the Hudson Valley. They call it North Sea...

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Squares, Noro, and Birds

Squares, Noro, and Birds - 1

Dear Kay, I had a run-in with my Noro scraps this weekend, cranking some squares for the Knitty City Blanketpalooza coming up this Wednesday night. Pearl and Phyllis and the gang there are sewing up a blanket in memory of Peter, to send to Afghans for Afghans, and I wish I could help out. Anybody who’s on the Upper West Side with a tapestry needle and some gumption would find a real outlet for that sewing-up energy. And also some...

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Stop! In the Name of Love

Stop!  In the Name of Love - 1

Dear Ann, Why hello there, Ms. Bespoke Couture Knittin’, Ms. Oh That Lil’ Ol’ Reverse Stockinette Facing Under The Collar?–That’s a Dressmaker Detail To Hide Any Unsightliness, Ms. I Am Concerned About Cables Meeting Under the Arms. We humble dishrag-crankers salute you. We’re not worthy! We don’t know from cables–we don’t know from underarms, for that matter. We stick to our square...

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