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Ball and Biscuit

Ball and Biscuit - 1

Dear Kay, As I sat in the kitchen eating my biscuit this morning, I realized I have a problem. I need something to knit. It’s just a fact. I find myself in the awful, awkward position of knitting all day, yet not really in a position to blawg it, because it’s all stuff for our next tome, Mason-Dixon Knitting 2: The Shining. Believe me, it’s going to be chockablock with earth-shattering innovation, this new book. I weep at my...

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Don’t Drink the KoolAid

Don't Drink the KoolAid - 1

Dear Ann, I went to visit Cristina on Wednesday. Cristina lives in Philadelphia. This used to mean that I got to knit for 3 hours each way on NJ Transit and then SEPTA. But that left little time for crafting (i.e., borrowing Cristina’s Pfaff), lunching, tea-ing, and yakking–before I had to turn around and get on the train back home. So the last two times, I have driven despite the toll it takes on knitting time. I do get to listen...

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Mean Girls

Mean Girls - 1

Dear Kay, What has happened to us? What’s with this shawl thing? Have we given up on decreases? Remember blocking? Here’s what I’m swimming through these days: This is the Koigu Pure Merino (aka KPM, aka very soft wool yarn) I bought at Personal Threads in Omaha on my Journey of Getting Out of Town. When it finds its destiny it will be a Koigu Alligator Wrap. (Why is this called an Alligator Wrap I know not.) As we all know,...

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The Gift That Keeps on Giving

The Gift That Keeps on Giving - 1

Dear Kay, As you know, today is my BIRTHDAY. My four-year-old darling Clif came up to me and said, “You know what I’m getting you for your birthday? Yarn.” You know what Hubbo’s family got me for my birthday? Yarn. Kay, you know how I’ve been rattling on about She of the Hebrides, Ms. Alice Starmore? Well, get a load of this: To make this: A great whackin’ pile of Alice Starmore Hebridean 2 ply with which to...

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Wowee! - 1

Dear Kay, While you’re out there in your Conestoga wagon wandering the wilds of the Plains states, getting all Laura Ingalls Wilder on us, I’ve been sitting here in the comfort of my home, patting the surprise visitors who have stopped by in the past few days. Actually, I ate one of them. But more on that later. Surprise Numero Uno First to show up, unannounced and unexpected, was a pressie from Emma. This snurgly skein of...

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Design Seminar

Design Seminar - 1

Dear Kay, I’m in a fever, and the only prescription is more KNITTING. A fambly member this Thanksgiving admired this trio of Jo Sharp DK enough that she WINS IT. I’m going to knit her a sweater, little does she know. A couple of questions: 1. Will this sweater, the unabashedly stripey Punch from Rowan 27, work using only three colors instead of five? 2. Here’s the pullover version of Punch. I like the arm stripe pattern of...

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