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Baby William gets knitty

So for the first time in my life I finished a baby sweater BEFORE the baby arrived. My old colleague Elizabeth Herbert finally gave up the ghost, two weeks and a day after the due date, and William Herbert is now here. I’ll be taking his little pale green doodah over to him tomorrow. It’s from Debbie Bliss’s QUICK BABY KNITS (not to be confused with BABY QUICK KNITS, QUICK KNITS FOR BABIES, or QUICKIE BABY KNITS or any of her other 800 like-named books). It’s Rowan Cotton Glace, which I love. I’m getting more and more interested in smaller-gauged yarns–those thin fabrics are worth the extra work, I’m finding.
Here ’tis:




  1. What a lovely little jacket.
    Your showing off now,with your nice even tension and neat finishing !
    Cotton Glace is lovely – pretty colour too.
    So ,where’s your NY correspondent ?

  2. Last I heard I think she’s off recovering from steakhouse overdose.
    And yes, I am showing off–at least I FINISHED something, which is a constant trouble.

  3. Ha, ha, don’t forget BABY KNITS: QUICK! The sweater is beautiful and adorable. Your knitting looks perfect. Wow!


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