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Bears in Hats

Dear Ann,
There are times when a still, small voice tells you it’s time to take a break from what you’re currently doing. One of those times is when you find yourself putting a hat on a teddy bear and taking a picture of it. I know, Ann, that using stuffed animals as knitwear models is not in accordance with the Mason-Dixon Stylebook. But as this hat is for Jamie, and as Jamie has yet to show up in her new hometown, and as this hat is so damn cute that I could not wait to share it, I made do with an old teddy bear. A very stoic teddy bear. Here is yet another view of this hat.
Taking pictures of teddy bears is a slippery slope. Once you have done it the first time, you lose all dignity and find yourself putting not only hats, but boots, on bears. And then taking a picture.
This is exactly why my comrades were worried when I quit working.
Both the hats and the boots are from the ‘Ugg’ booties and sherpa hat pattern available here. My blue hat and boots are not yet finished. They are super easy to knit but super fiddly to finish. Much knitting of tiny trims and attempts at embroidery with nylon faux fluff. For the blue hat I free-lanced an extra row of the fake shearling to add to the overall Sherpa-tude of it. I’m going to add the earflaps and the little brim tonight.
I’m betting they will all look better on real babies.
And with that, I head off to the frozen tundra for Christmas r & r. Hopefully a few days at my mom’s (the House of A Thousand Santas) will cure me of the teddy bear thing.
Happy Christmas everyone!
Love, Kay
P.S. I want to be clear: I did not, at any time, talk to the teddy bear.




  1. Awww, it’s OK, Kay, because where else can one find the appropriately small head? I succumbed to the Pooh model myself not long ago.
    But where shall we get our Jamie news if you are in Nebraska??
    Happy travels~

  2. Oh, thank heavens somebody else is doing this too… This picture is from my knitting pages in October this year: http://www.iki.fi/kristel/neuleet/neulekuvat/top-wool-asusteet-mid.jpg
    I assure you that hat and those mittens look much nicer on the actual baby… πŸ˜‰

  3. Kristel–LOL. Your handsome model looks like some kind of rodent, or beaver, to me. (Is a beaver a rodent? I’m thinking, no. Jr. Vet. daughter is not here for me to ask.) Nice to know I have a soulmate in Finland. xoxo Kay

  4. Greatly relieved that Jamie does not have button eyes and rounded puffy feet!
    That hat is hilarious. Ugg! Yer killing me!

  5. Ann, I am thrilled that Mrs. Claus (Pageboy version) is back! Only this year, she is a poignant reminder of where Martha is spending Christmas. Keep decorating until it’s like my mom’s: No surface untouched by Christmas! Christmas soap in the bathroom, Christmas hotpads in the kitchen. Fa la lalalalalalalala. xoxo Kay

  6. Fantastic hat and boots.Great stand in model.Have a fab holiday.I suppose you’ll look at your post on your return…

  7. I can’t stand it. No more yarn in 2004. No more projects.
    Sorry, I’m off to order yarn now…This is the cutest combo ever.
    Baby? Details, details. Someone I know is always having a baby.

  8. Love the Uggs – I’ve been eyeing those for a while – think Julia-sized. (Yes, I am selfish! I’m okay with that.) As for the bear, be careful – Ann may secede from the Union.

  9. You didn’t talk to the bear?
    And ou expect him to work for you again?
    For shame.
    But because I am your friend, I am not going to report you to the ASPCTB.

  10. Hey! I just found your wonderful blog and “Ted with Uggs”…very cute. But, the blankie behind him…the crocheted beauty? Is that a pattern? If you made that, what yarn did you use?
    Keep up the very excellent work, yarn/cloth sister…Nickie

  11. Hi Nickie (and Carolyn who asked about the baby afghan a while ago), I bought the afghan at a card shop in New York. It was made by the owner of the shop, who knits and sells fanciful hats for babies using Tahki Cotton Classic mercerized cotton, which comes in roughly 8 jillion colors. She uses up the leftovers crocheting mini granny squares. This means there aren’t that many of the granny square blankets available, because each blanket represents a ton of hats. She told me she hates dealing with all the ends, which I can totally relate to. Imagine how many, given all the colors she uses!
    Anyhoo, that’s the story of the granny square afghan. Good eye for the hand-made, Nickie, just not hand made by me! xoxo Kay

  12. Kay, the model on my knitting page is, I think, supposed to be a polar bear. I don’t think the ones who made him were that great in biology…

  13. what is wrong with talking to teddy bears??
    Merry Yuletide..

  14. Love those hats! That pattern is so cute and yours came out great. They’ll be super sweet on real babies.

  15. Never mind the baby – Gorgeous Bear! Happy hols πŸ™‚

  16. oh yeah, sure you didn’t ….

  17. …. have a beary, beary christmas one and all!….and remember during holiday time that “stressed spelled backwards is desserts”…. so,.. just bring on the chocolate bon bons……love….

  18. Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! Jamie’s gonna be stylin’ in her fancy headwear. (And I love the teddy bear model. Just so you know.)
    Happy Holidays to my Favorite Mason-Dixon Ladies!

  19. adorable! and you have more restraint than i — i would have talked to the bear. happy holidays to you and your families!

  20. I was hoping for an updated entry from Kay, but alas, I remembered you’re off in the frozen tundra. Oh well, at least you left a teddy bear to remember you by. Truthfully, it was time for you to get away, what with the bear portraits and all. In the meantime, I wish you a very merry Christmas. Enjoy your fambly, even if they do cover every surface a la Griswalds.


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