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Betty Ford Would Approve

Dear Ann,
After finishing Core, and the self-inflicted aggravation that entailed, I really did not feel like picking up the next troublesome project (a Jaeger braided-cable top that has miles of braided-cable left to go). None of my other half-finished projects looked all that enticing, either. What I needed was something fun, something easy, something rehabilitative. So I went to my comfort zone, by which I mean stocking stitch, baby size, Handknit Cotton DK. I started making the Jumping Dress from Louisa Harding’s book, Miss Bea’s Playtime, for the smallest person I know: Baby Rose of course. Just turned 2, and on the petite end of the spectrum; perfect!
It was fun picking my own colorway. Here’s my start:
One neat thing is that the seaming will be limited to a pair of teeny shoulders and two diminutive sides. Some fun edgings for the neck and armholes, and snip-snap, it’ll be done by next week when I’m planning a visit with Rosie. I’m also plotting a slight surprise variation for the front of the dress.
Stocking stitch stripes: the perfect tonic for the harried and beset.
Love, Kay




  1. Kay–Screech! Totally beautiful. A quiet little stockinette is just the thing; remember God (with the voice of Ralph Fiennes) murmuring in your ear, “A Jumping Dress, dear. You may leave Core behind.”
    Still can’t get over the dancing Godzillas. May you sit by them during the World Series.

  2. I’ve done this dress – it works a treat and was very well received. Incidentally I did it in the round up to the armholes – so even leass sewingup!

  3. Such pretty stripes.Such even knitting.What a pretty dress for such a sweet ittle girl.

  4. Such pretty stripes.Such even knitting.What a pretty dress for such a sweet ittle girl.

  5. Hi Kay… each time I go through those Miss Bea books, something jumps out at me and such pretty colours you have chosen from your rather impressive stash. Nothing wrong with stocking stitch and stripes…

  6. It’s so cute, one feels impelled to squeal, “oooh! It’s so cute!” Thumbs up on the new colorway. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I nearly bought that Miss Bea book this weekend – will have to now, your dress is so cute! I’m a great fan of stocking stitch stripes too, especially to get away from birch!!!


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