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Bread, Milk, Noro: Check!


Dear Kay,

I barely got to the store in time to lay in provisions for the icy storm predicted last night. And by store I mean yarn store. Having already cleared Haus of Yarn of its most juicy Silk Garden (aka Stage One of this blanket), I bravely headed south to Bliss Yarns, located in the wilds of Brentwood, for Stage Two (aka Rilly You Don’t Have Enough Of This Stuff?).

At this point I’ve got 15 squares done and decided on the spot to add five more, which required the acquisition of what I like to call the Restful Squares, in shades 360 and 369. I think 369 must be some aberrant thing because it is shockingly monochromatic:


Where is the peach? Worried that Mr. Noro is succumbing to colorway pressure. Don’t blink, sir! Stand firm! Keep on keeping on! You can’t make a colorway that’s too weird for us.

For those reaaaaaally following this, here’s a view of what happens when you log-cabin seven skeins of Noro Silk Garden. You can catch brief moments where the color patterns rhyme. But not really.


It’s weird that these squares seem so matchy. They’re so crazy. But not . . . crazy . . . enough . . . Need more squares . . .

Six seconds into this little photoshoot:


Quality control is absent on this project–I found one square that’s six rows shy of square, and one that is unravelling at the corner. Slovenly! I think my Hinduism course is starting to affect my concern about getting any of this right.

A view from the window this morning, as if you need to see more of this sort of weather. If you’re in some warm clime right now, send along a picture of a palm tree, please.




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  1. I cannot offer a picture of tropical clime (OKC being covered in a thin layer of ice under snow). I am however knitting a pattern called Baby Sunshine with some gorgeous yellow old school Peaches and Creme. If I knit enough yellow, maybe spring will come?

    • Knit faster – please, please, please knit faster!!

  2. Your French Toast is gonna be mighty weird, with bread, milk, Noro…

    Lovely colors! Knit on, knit faster.

    • Yum! 🙂

  3. I gave my daughter a ball of Silk Garden for Christmas, and she has managed to cast on (on the wrong size needles) 100+ stitches for a hat. Then it has just been sitting here. My desire to just pick it up and knit the dang thing is almost overwhelming. It’s purply reddish blue, as far as I can see.

  4. There has been so much white and brown outside my window for so long, that I think my eyes may be going to a black and white only channel.

    Coming here is a good test. Dries Van Noten and now Noro.

    I used to want to knit these forest mittens. Not any more. Well, maybe in fuschias and chrome yellow.

  5. I know how you feel, Ann. A little freezing rain, an inch of snow, the furnace in my little house struggling mightily to keep it at 66 F. Ready for spring in a big way. Don’t fret about the undoing-the cat probably nibbled at it! I love all the colors.

  6. Well, Ann, you might find a peach in Georgia…

    Started my own “Fussy Cuts” this past summer, after collecting as much SGL as I could afford, each time a LYS was having a sale. So much fun, this project! So satifying, this knitting! Real Job and some needed prayer shawls have forced me to put down the Fussy Cuts needles, for now; but, I can’t wait to get back to work on it. Your posts have been most inspiring.

    A version of the good ole granny square came onto my FB newsfeed. It is called “Kata”, made from Silk Garden Lite, and can be seen on Ravelry. Very. Mandala-like. Also on Ravelry, is “works in progress” on what the maker is calling the norolicious blanket. It is made up of crocheted Kata squares in Silk Garden Lite, and so beautiful to me that. Isent away for some of the stuff, gifting myself on my recent (milestone) birthday. This time I ordered from Webs, and took advantage of their discount policy. (I also ordered the Susan Bates aluminum crochet hook, the only hook style for me, as it does not catch the yarn and slow me down).

    Oh, Fussy Cuts, wait just a little longer. I’ll be coming home to you, babe, bye and bye…

    Knit (and crochet) on!


  7. BTW, Ann, it looks like there are a lot more skeins of SGL in that shopping bag than one would need to make only five more squares. Just saying….


    • I’m like NASA: it’s all about redundancy. Need to have failsafe option available at all times.

      • Tell it, Sistah!!

  8. Your picture looks wonderful to me. Up in Clarksville we have 3″ of solid ice, then snow, and it’s a mess.


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