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Contest Winners and Beauty Shots

Dear Ann,
The Random Number Generator has done its work, and declared the winners of last week’s book giveaway: Kathy P, Kay “Hot to Go” (no that’s not me), Laura M, Susan “Knit A River” and Brenda “iabrenda.” I’ve emailed the winners. Congrats & enjoy!
In the spirit of the Labor Day holiday here, I conscripted youth into the workforce over the weekend. Sixteen year old niece Maggie, who wields a mean Canon and has special powers of persuasion over her young cousin, was assigned the Mr. Boy photo shoot. I wasn’t even there to primp or scold. Ralph Lauren, eat your heart out–my knitting looks as good as your stuff any day of the week. The next shoot will involve jodhpurs.
Pattern: Mr. Boy by Cristina Bernardi Shiffman
Published: Twist Collective
Size: Joseph’s size. I modified the cast-on and other numbers to get a size between the boys’ and men’s sizing on the pattern, and I don’t remember exactly how I did it because this was 3 years ago.
Yarn: Rowan All Seasons Cotton.
Photography: Maggie Bergmann
Model: Joseph Bergmann
If I had been there to primp and scold, I would have asked the model to stand up straighter, and I’d have zjooged the fit of the shoulder. But let’s face it, this is how he’s going to wear it: over a rumpled t-shirt, and sliding ever so gently away from the neck.
After blocking, the 3 x 3 slip-stitch rib fabric expanded quite a bit, making for a loose fit in the body.
Maybe it’s just me, being the knitter of the garment and the mother of the model and all, but I find it compelling.
Over the weekend, everybody in the house tried on Mr. Boy, and there was a consistency of exclamation over the softness and comfort of the yarn. I think that as knitters, we love wool, and other pure natural fibers, so much that we forget how much the handknit-wearing public loves a soft, cottony garment with a hint of acrylic. I’m just laying that out there. Not trying to start anything. I’m still knitting my people plenty of woollens, and they will wear them. They will wear them and they will like them.
Thanks, Cristina, for the great pattern. It’s my go-to male sweater, for sure. A beautiful, straightforward top-down knit, with interesting saddle shoulders, and not so much as a single stitch to sew at the underarms.
Happy re-entry, everybody. I’ve got another stack of books to give away later this week, so stay tuned.

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  1. Compelling and beautiful and the next sweater I will knit for any man/boy in my life.
    Great photos, too. Way to go, niece.

  2. Looks great on him (and he is getting big, isn’t he!)

  3. Sweater (and model) look great!
    Poor Ralph, I’ll bet he didn’t see it coming.

  4. Maggie did an awesome job, and Ralphie should be jellin’ over the sweater and the model, who is looking grown up and handsome these days.
    You’re surely right about the soft cotton loving public but I don’t want to put any sheep out of work. That’s my party line,

  5. Ah, I was wondering about the size and if the All Seasons Cotton wouldn’t turn out larger than the kids’ sizes…. thanks for the info. It looks terrific, and even more so on the fetching model! Well done! Hate to admit it, but I’m pretty sure my intended victims, er…recipients would favor cotton blend yarn too, so this looks really promising. πŸ™‚

  6. Kay – it’s a fabulous male sweater and he looks wonderful wearing it. What a win-win situation. Happy back-to-school – Jennifer

  7. Kay – it’s a fabulous male sweater and he looks wonderful wearing it. What a win-win situation. Happy back-to-school – Jennifer

  8. It is a great looking sweater on a great looking boy. Wonderful photos….Ralph must be chewing his nails on all counts!
    Congrats to the drawing winners!

  9. That seems to have gone more smoothly than previous boy-sweater photo shoots. My boy told me he can’t wear a sweater to high school, and that’s that. But when I finish that Sunday Best I’ve been looking at for a year or two, he’ll come running, I’m sure!

  10. Great job, everyone! Especially you, Kay…that certainly looks like the sweater everyone reaches for as they dash out the door, regardless of who actually owns the garment! Yummy. This yarn is now on my find-and-squoosh list.

  11. It may be a boy sweater but I think I’ll have to knit me one! Nice work, Kay (both the garment and it’s wearer).

  12. I think I have a photo of my 4 kids and the same lifeguard stand. Of course my photo was easily 15 years ago without a gorgeous sweater but still…

  13. I don’t think I have ever hit “buy” so quickly on a pattern! Thanks for the great photos…made me want to make this RIGHT NOW!

  14. Sweater: beautiful.
    Absolutely amazing: boy.

  15. Yowza. Who on earth wouldn’t want to wear this sweater??? Excellent work and I can’t wait to get my hands on this pattern.

  16. I have yet to make a sweater out of All Seasons Cotton that the wearer doesn’t love unreservedly.
    Mr. Boy looks great on your Boy. Hope your re-entry goes smoothly, and the school year is off to a good start.

  17. It looks good on him. Looks very natural and unique. He has a future being a model. This is indeed a good start. πŸ™‚

  18. Nice work, everyone!
    Exactly the type of thing I’d like to knit for my extremely knitworthy boy, but first I promised socks. I appreciate the yarn recommendation, we live in Atlanta and cotton makes a lot more sense since wearing sweaters in the winter is often a literal experience.

  19. Ahhhhh. Doesn’t he look like his Dad? Am I getting old saying that? I did the ‘and you can take THAT look off your face’ at Stella the other day when we were staying over. I am turning into my father.

  20. What Gale said. πŸ™‚
    But I love the sweater.

  21. What Gale said. πŸ™‚
    But I love the sweater.

  22. Compelling, indeed! That’s the kind of sweater that I would wear until it could be worn no more.
    Handsome model, too. πŸ˜‰

  23. The sweater is awesome. I love it (and if I wasn’t already commited to knitting my husband a cobblestone pullover I might switch).

  24. Someone looks handsome in his new sweater!

  25. a person could always wear the garment
    around one’s shoulders as a wrap
    or around the hips any age any one
    yes sir that’s my baby
    no sir i don’t mean maybe
    yes sir that’s my baby now
    gale has a beautful blanket on her site

  26. Now that is a really good looking sweater! He wears it well.

  27. Perfect in every way! I find it challenging to find good man-patterns (or boy-man-patterns), but that one certainly fills the bill.

  28. I think you ‘aged’ the sweater just the right amount of time, can’t imagine it would have looked as good a year ago… πŸ™‚ Lovely job by all involved!!

  29. Beautiful sweater, beautiful boy.

  30. I am so happy that you two are back to writing more frequent posts. Love to hear the tone of your voices. The feeling that you’re talking to me. At the same time knowing that you’re talking to the multitude of fans. Just saying…As you say. Keep on posting! I think it’s right for so many reasons.

  31. That’s a masterfully marinated, magnificently modeled sweater. (Excellent shots, Maggie!) But, Kay, our mr boys are becoming mr men! Bruno shaved for the first day of 8th grade…

  32. Did you have to forbid him to wear it, or is that only necessary for girl children?

  33. Thank you for the beading book;I could go on and on about why I like this particular book.This one is the one for beginners: enough depth w/o a barrage of detail. And beautiful work. I was away for a few days; it had arvd the following Monday.Can’t wait to get on a project. I had re-shelved many books and most magazines as too much or not enough info for my needs, given the prices and my guilt-inducing stash of waiting yarn. Plus, I was reminded of a fab charity I had read about several years ago: thefreshmanfifteen.org. Have a great week and thanks again. Oh, and Ms. Shiffman should know that I will knit my lovely, he-man husband his first sweater, cotton ’cause he’s so hot, and it is indeed Mr. Boy… the first ptrn he has actually liked enough to want. He can throw it in the back of the (covered)truck after going climbing in it, but It Will Survive among the wool hats and mittens…he’s spoiled by hand-knitting and great yarn…Yay!

  34. OK Kay…I loved your work on this sweater! I even ordered the Rowan All Seasons cotton to make a sweater for my grandson. But, but, All Seasons Cotton is worsted weight. I can’t get gauge. So, do I have to rewrite the pattern? Yikes, that might be beyond my capabilities. What to do?


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