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Dipping into the Mailbag

Dear Kay,
Remember: we blog for those who are blogless.
One of the high moments in the history of Mason-Dixon Knitting was the day when a long-lost high school friend, Julie, came across Mason-Dixon Knitting and figured out that the Ann who was writing about a sister named Buffy had to be the same Ann she knew back in the previous century. And, to make it kind of creepy, despite a decade and 2,000 miles separation, she and I were both working on (smoke and wavy focus here) the very same Rowan sweater: Beth.
In the category of Ann’s Self-Esteem Must Be High Today, I’d like to share some photos from my formerly long-lost amiga whose life choices have left her at a decidedly more attractive place than some of us.
Julie in Her Beth
Ann’s Coat Hanger in Her Beth
Note the resemblance between Julie and my coat hanger. Only, my coat hanger didn’t just have a cute little baby four months ago.
When she’s not making herself tiny little Rowan sweaters, Julie makes Dale of Norways. (Or Dales of Norway?) Julie writes: “The Dale sweater took a long time only because I kept putting it down, but it really did zoom along when I was working on it. Have you done fairisle? If so, you probably know that it gets hypnotic to work on, just like stockinette with the Rowan 4 ply on teeny tiny needles. I did do it in the round, and I followed the Dale instructions, which have you sew around the armhole with a sewing machine and cut. It was a little nervewracking, but in retrospect, the process is so easy. I may do steeks on the next one. I want to do a baby Dale for Matthew (St. Anton).”
Julie, I hate to say it, but it sounds like you’ve already done a steek! Unless I’m mistaken, machine stitching then chopping is definitely steeking. Way to go, you freaky steeker.
Oh, Emma
The non-virtual mailbag continues to surprise and amaze. Emma sent me these woolly pets to add to my collection of Rowan Lightweight DK. The red shades are just a hair different, which is why the Lightweight DKs are so great: every color under the sun. Thanks, Emma!



  1. Here’s what I love about my husband. He took a look at this vision of a hottie–with a four-month-old BABY no less–and he said, “I remember Julie. She used to wear glasses.”

  2. I knew they’d be happier with their siblings . :0)
    4 months after having a baby ! 4 years & things are getting worse ! It all heads south at an alarming rate after 40 :-[
    Both your Beth’s look gorgeous.Please model yours too Ann – bet you look lovely in it.

  3. Julie, you look MAH-VELOUS. And what a cute, cute baby!
    P.S. Beth is lovely! From what Rowan mag is it?

  4. Ann, you need to tell Julie that it is simply unacceptable to look that way 4 mos. after having a baby, and we may need to rescind her ability to look at future Rowan mags if she continues on this path….

  5. I just stumbled on this journal, and what a fantastic idea it is – not to mention a good read.

  6. Ya know, I, too, remember Julie when, because she looks just the same. Eerie though, the similarity with the photo of you, Ann, from way back when, with the blonde Morticia look. I think you guys have planets aligned or something. I think I’ll start a knitting project . . . nah. But you have inspired me to scrapbook in church.

  7. Blonde Morticias unite! (Hi, Buffy!) The Beth sweater can be found in the Season’s Tale book. Thanks, ya’ll, for having me as a guest on your blog!

  8. Hey Julie! I remember you too and you look wonderful. But as has already been noted nobody should look that good 4 months after having a baby! As for you Buffy, put down the scissors and paper, back away slowly and start knitting already. I miss ya, by the way. And Ann, yet another wonderful result. When I grow up, I want to knit as well as you and Julie and Kay.
    Sheila W.

  9. Buffy–I can see you in a back pew, your rotary cutter and photos beside you. Just tell them scrapbooking is a form of meditation–works every time, and people get all solemn and impressed that you’re meditating.
    x0x0 love, Sissy

  10. And welcome, Katie! Along with our Blogging for the Blogless, we Knit for the Knitless. And Blab for the Blabless.

  11. OK, I’m back and it looks like just in time. ANN, check your (apparently uncracked)MDK Rule Book. Specifically, the rule that says: No photos of high school pals who look TERRIFIC either before, during or after having a baby, or even if they have no babies whatsoever. Especially if they knit. And most especially, when they knit the exact same things we knit, but in sizes meant for nymphs.
    I feel for ya, pal!! Seeing this post reminds me of the time I showed up for the Senior Prom in my gorgeous formal, with my gorgeous corsage on my gorgeous wrist, and found that the nicest, sweetest, most popular, most beautiful, and most talented cheerleader of them all (an Olympic Gymnast but for the fact that the USA decided not to attend the 1980 Olympics) was wearing the same damn dress!!! (Yes, Laurie, as I’m sure you remember, it was Tammy Driscoll.) Oh, the mortification!!!! And I didn’t even knit the thing!!! xox Kay


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