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Don’t Get Me Started on Rugs!

Ann–I’m onto you: you’re baiting me with that rag rug entry. Of course I went straight to the link and ogled the Bulls Eye Rug. I didn’t find the explanation of how it’s made all that ….. helpful, though.
My Maysville Rug Filler (aka ‘mop yarn’) rug project is languishing in a shopping bag. Let’s review: In June I went to Downtown Yarns, a place I have no business frequenting given the size of my stash. Rita had these huge hanks of brightly colored yarn resembling the stuff a mop is made of. It was $6 for an enormous skein. Rita had made a charming knitted rug with several shades of green and blue. Nature took its course and I walked out with armfuls of the stuff and the resolve to invent a sturdy, funky bathmat. I knit a garter stitch one up that very night (it goes fast on Number 15s!), but found it too floppy. Then I started experimenting with moss stitch and knitting along a strand of Lang Filo in a contrasting color (which I just happened to have on hand). I made a bunch of 12 inch squares with every intention of figuring out how to join them together into substantial funky rugs and/or bathmats. Still they sit in the shopping bag, along with a bunch more mop yarn that I made a special trip back to Rita’s for. Hmmm… do you suppose she’s got it on sale now???
When I get my fab new Kay-cam I will post the squares in all their mighty funkitude.




  1. Kay ,run to the shop and buy a digital camera NOW ! I am desperate to see funky yarn & rug squares and your stash.I really,really want to cyber visit your stash !

  2. Me too!!!!!!! Kay, you are living in the city with the most electronics stores per square mile anywhere in the WORLD! You can get a digi on your way to the coffee bar, I know.

  3. The problem is, I am scared to death of electronics stores! Last summer my niece Kristin dragged me into Best Buy and I had the dizzying sensation of entering a brave new world in which I was totally unfamiliar with the language and customs. I’m an analog kinda gal. But I’m going to get one, I promise, just to keep up with the Joneses, blogwise. The world must see my Log Cabin Blanket, if nothing else.


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