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Example Blog Post

Dear Kay,

Sometimes I think you can read my mind. IT COULD BE TRUE, YOU KNOW. So when you Tweeted this video of Kaffe Fassett talking about his show at London’s Fashion and Textile Museum, I thought, well, there you go again.

Kaffe has been on my mind ever since our return from California, seeing as how we made a stop at Nepenthe, the fabled restaurant in Big Sur run by the Fassett family. It’s where Kaffe grew up. It’s dreamy beyond description.

It had a hypnotic effect on us, as it apparently does to many who come there. Our last visit was in 1993, after Hubbo had finished the bar exam. Twenty years ago, we sat in that very room, late at night, fog swallowing the place. A lot happens in twenty years, doesn’t it?

Nepenthe celebrated its 60th anniversary a few years ago, and there’s a little movie all about it. Kaffe talks about his childhood growing up in this extraordinary place.

I’m going to pretend that the sun is sinking into the Pacific, an Ambrosia Burger and a cool bev in front of me, and take another trip to Nepenthe.

What does Nepenthe mean, anyway? At the 12:02 minute mark, Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, and some cool cats discuss the meaning of the word, sitting right there in the restaurant in a scene from their 1965 movie, The Sandpiper.


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