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Farewell to All That (Yarn)

Dear Ann,
I have been remiss in blabbing about dishrags this summer. It’s the summer of being remiss, apparently.
The Dishcloth Calendar (of blessed memory) is no longer being produced by the lovely Janet Nogle. But when Janet and her dishrag-knitting posse learned that Elmore-Pisgah, the Carolina manufacturere of made-in-the-USA Peaches & Creme dishcloth cotton yarn, was closing up shop, they went into the studio and produced an album of patterns using Peaches & Creme. Kind of like the Last Waltz, only with dishrags. They kindly asked me for a submission, as I am known to be fond of the dishrags.
This was a couple of months ago, at the height of my Mitered Cross Blanket fever. (The wave has crested, but I’m still working on blankets number 2 and 3.) In that frame of mind, it seemed to me that the dishcloth world was lacking….
….a mitered cross dishcloth.
It’s a different scale and finish than the squares for the blanket, but the techniques are the same. I realize that it looks like the Swiss flag. And also like the Red Cross. I did that on purpose. (It’s called the Rescue Dishcloth.)
If you would like to acquire this pattern and many more cozy, kitchen-y, kitschy patterns, go here and look for the “Peaches & Creme Pattern Booklet.” The contributing designers have clubbed together to make a thank-you gift to Flo, the wonderful woman who ran Peaches & Creme’s promotions on Ravelry and elsewhere, and who had to stay behind when the company moved. My personal commission will be donated to Mercy Corps for Japan relief.
By the way, have I mentioned that thanks to knitters’ continuing generosity, since March we’ve sent a total of $16,500 to Mercy Corps to for Japan relief? I am collecting a gratifying stack of thank-you letters from Mercy Corps. They appreciate our sustained support, and marvel that the source of these ongoing contributions is a little ol’ knitting pattern. Thank you all. You keep knitting beautiful blankets (553 projects on Rav, just saying), which gives other knitters a twinkle in their eye for this pattern, and I’ll keep sending the proceeds to Mercy Corps. It feels good, don’t it?
P.S. Stay tuned as I am going to give away the pattern I contributed to the 2011 Dishcloth Calendar. As soon as I can find it. (Remiss, I tell you!) It’s a doozy.

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  1. Gobsmacked, as usual. No more to say.

  2. Awesome six different ways! Love the dishcloth, makes me want to donate blood or find a Saint Bernard. In a good way, I mean.
    Just took a stroll through the Ravelry Mitered Square projecks, and it really lays out the many, many moods of this simple square. Highly addictive!

  3. Love it, Kay. Makes me want to stand up like Aretha and belt out, “Come on and rescue me!”

  4. You never stop, do you? Love this one to bits. And $16.5k! What a star you are. B x x

  5. That looks great! I love how after all these years your blog has retained the same voice, the same path where you gab about knitting.
    I’ve been on a dishrag tear this summer. 4 done, 5 on the needles but I paused to make a batman hat for my 6 yo. Helpful hint, intarsia in the round is hellish.
    I miss ball banding so I might just make one of those nifty ball band bracelets to keep the flame alive. And I’ll happily get that calendar; if people at work don’t think I’m quite weird enough already 12 months of dishcloth knitting should seal the deal!

  6. such a lovely block design. i hope the money keeps trickling in for a good long time.

  7. And, might I add, your photo of the dishcloth is sharp, distinctive, crystal clear. It shows that you were a star student at the Gale Zucker’s Photography for Knitters workshop!!!

  8. That is an amazing total. People forget that every little bit really does help. I love the idea of using your pattern sale and that of others to show that by banding together even modest amounts have a huge impact.

  9. The dishcloth is striking. Think how cool it would look in a red and white kitchen. Forget red. How about a white kitchen? It would distract from the dirt on anything white. Really red catches your attention like few things. Think of the hot red fire engine.

  10. 16.5K….that’s incredible. I’m sure every dollar is helping! πŸ™‚

  11. After getting stung years ago on a dishcloth calendar, I decided to make my own: a different dishcloth for each month, focusing on the holidays whenever possible. I am still working on June but your cross dishcloth makes me think it would be possible to do a dishcloth for Flag Day.

  12. Well done, Kay!

  13. Did anyone else get a malware warning when visiting the site that’s selling the pattern booklet?

  14. Yup..I got a malware warning.

  15. i did indeed get a malware warning

  16. I just got a malware warning, too. Darn.

  17. I really love how this is both retro and modern at once. It makes me , a failed candy striper, want to donate blood with Ann but also roll bandages with Florence Nightingale.

  18. HEY GALE! I was a failed candystriper too! Did you wear a blue and white striped skirt with a bib thingie pinafore deal on the top?

  19. Wonderful post in every way!

  20. Very good dishrag, and very good donation amount!
    It’s been a few weeks since we moved, and we are settling in to the new house, but, distressingly, a large percentage of our kitchen towels are still AWOL. (Jane has been heard to mutter, “I think they’re in a green tote.” That’s not as helpful as you might think, as many of the still-unpacked totes are green.)
    I am ashamed to confess how long it took me to realize that I DO know where my cotton yarn is, and my knitting needles, so I could just MAKE more towels. Oh happy day(s) of cranking out garter stitch towels! πŸ™‚


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