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Feverish Knitting

Dear Kay,
Fiber Arts Boy has the flu. Big fever tonight, feeling as crumby as a leftover Pop-Tart. It’s so hard to watch a seven year old feel terrible. I’ve been knitting bedside most of the day, a little delirious myself.
Thank God for stockinette and Motrin.
PS I continue to be amazed by the entries we’re receiving for the Ultrafestive Holiday Contest. Thank you ALL for writing. I wish I had a hundred bales of Magpie to send.




  1. The colors sing! (An understated Rowan-y song.)
    Here’s hoping Fiber Arts Boy recovers very quickly. He’s missing ‘Up on the Housetop’ practice!!!
    Love, Kay

  2. Get well soon wishes to your fibre artist.
    Those stripes look lovely.Nice bit of tonal harmony happening there.
    Such even stockinette too.

  3. Get well soon… pop-tarts.. been ages since I had one of those!

  4. ewww sickness … it is going through my house too .. i hope everyone gets well soon
    btw .. what yarn is that?? its puuurty

  5. Such calm, cool colours – would bring my temperature down just looking at them. Hope he is soon up on his feet again.

  6. Thanks, y’all. David is still a hot tamale, but he is Resting Comfortably.
    Morgan, this sweater is Punch from Rowan 27. I’m using Jo Sharp which I found at Angel Hair Yarn Co. in Nashville, you’ll be glad to know! The pattern calls for Rowan Wool Cotton, which would make this a little softer and drapier. The Jo Sharp, knit on US 5s to get the gauge right, makes a bit stiffer fabric. But I love this yarn: it kind of knits itself, so smooth.

  7. I love it! It does look cool, and the greens look so good with each other and the blue. Can’t wait to see the full reverse progression. 🙂

  8. I hope Fiber Arts Boy is feeling better soon!
    Your version of Punch is looking smashing. Wow!

  9. Ann, re: Ultrafestive Holiday Contest: Would you consider putting some of your favorite entries on the blog? I would love to read what other people have to say about why they NEED some Magpie!

  10. Evonne–Absolutely. I’m going to ask everybody for permission first, but they’re all laugh/cry fab. We’ll have a little holiday party here at MDK.

  11. I hope he feels better soon.
    The colors make me think of the beach; they have such a nice, mellow feel.


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