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From London With Love

Dear Ann,
Here’s a sweet bit of news. Our lovely pals Belinda and Wendy at True Brit Knits, knitwear fashion designers extraordinaire, have given a lovely gift to Sandy-ravaged residents of New York City. It’s called the Hampstead Wreath, and it’s a knitting pattern. Through the end of the year (i.e., the very peak of wreath-knitting FEVER), all sales of downloads of the Hampstead Wreath pattern will go to Citymeals-on-Wheels, a local New York City organization.
Citymeals’ core function–going back decades– is the personal delivery of hot meals to New York City’s homebound elderly, but it immediately mobilized to aid other Sandy victims who were in danger of not having sufficient food. (Read about it here.) I saw Citymeals in action firsthand, two days after the storm, when I was overseeing teen volunteers at an elderly housing apartment building on the Lower East Side. While we were organizing donated food and sundries in the community room, a Citymeals van dropped off a tower of emergency boxes of non-perishable food. There was enough for Citymeals’ regular clients, but also for the many others who needed food in that dark, cold building. The kids jumped on the boxes, and like Jewish Santas bearing flashlights (it was a synagogue group), went through the halls knocking on apartment doors, offering the boxes, chitchatting and taking orders for items from the supplies downstairs. That scene has been reenacted daily, throughout the city, thanks to Citymeals.
Needless to say. I’m farklempt at this sweet love note from London. Knitters, you know what to do. (While you’re there, have a look at True Brit Knits’ other designs. They’re going to be huge. HUGE I TELL YOU.)
What About That Blanket?
That Sandy relief blanket? It is done. Every end is woven, every round of i-cord is attached, and it is awaiting its date with destiny (or with Balto and an iPhone camera). The pattern is in layout and editing as we speak, and we are working out the details of how the contributions and downloads will work. Thank you for your patience, and stay tuned. Sadly, the need will be here for a long time. Longer than it takes to knit a blanket, for sure.
What About That Other Blanket?
Lookie under the Sandy blanket: it’s the Delia’s Lair blanket inspired by your novel Bowling Avenue, in luscious Classic Elite Liberty Wool. It lacks just one square and a border. SO CLOSE. Again, thank you for your patience. I’m excited about an idea for the border, which I hope will be an idea that works. More later. Stay tuned. I’m saying that a lot today. STAY TUNED OK?
Meanwhile, you need to knit a wreath. You want to knit a wreath. You’re going to knit a wreath.

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  1. mahvelous, just mahvelous! i can imagine so many possibilities for knitted wreaths! combining holiday spirit and creative outlet. edginess and – everimportant – stashbustiing. must admit that i had never thought of making one, though. and the blankets? must be so comforting in your home. lots of amour chère Kay & family… happy holiday (it is US thanksgiving, non?)

  2. I DO feel the need to knit a wreath! Funnily enough I was discussing what type of wreath to knit just yesterday & then this pattern magically appeared. Perfection!!

  3. Of course I am! Off to get the pattern now. Thanks. And those blankets are lovely.

  4. I’m actually seeing a short video, “Date with Balto.” Get the film crew ready! : )
    But seriously, nice work! You are awesome!

  5. We all want wreaths. Can you see it now. A wreath on every doorstep. Woo Hoo

  6. Thank you Brits ! Can’t wait to find out what lagging is. If only my NYC apartment “front door” was so pretty.

  7. I am GOING to knit a wreath!

  8. Thanks for sharing more about NYC and the great work of Citymeals. I’ve already passed it on to a group of fellow foodies in case anyone was still looking for a way to spread some love to NYC.

  9. loving all your blankets and their inspiration. will i ever finish what i start? does it matter? of course i need to knit a wreath, who doesn’t? i have someone who would love to help if you are ever supervising a bunch of kids again…….

  10. Download complete! I think my hank(s) of ice blue Cascade Magnum will be just the thing for the one I make for the Aged P. (Kay, don’t tell Lina I called her that.) xoc

  11. Love the wreath! Love both blankets! Staying tuned! (I am nothing if not obedient). xo

  12. Staying tuned for the blankets (but patience is not my primary virtue!!)

  13. Awesome.

  14. I love that blanket! oh, and that OTHER blanket! I can’t wait for those blankets! – what? oh, take your time! Suddenly I feel like knitting a wreath… (-‘

  15. Oh, LOL with the potstickers. had eggzacly the same experience. tried my best but no, so unappealing.

  16. Love the blankets! And the wreath. Yes, I just bought the wreath pattern. Not sure it will make it for THIS Christmas, but I know it will keep until next year.

  17. Bought it – a perfect Christmas gift to make for my friend. And KnitPicks bulky is on sale!

  18. Lovely, lovely! I’m thinking knitted holly leaves instead of pompoms. Actually, the base wreath pattern would work all year round, wouldn’t it? A person could add seasonal/theme details…the possibilities are many!

  19. You’re as convincing as Franklin: “You KNOW you want to go to Twist Collective and buy that pattern..go…hurry..” The wreath looks like the perfect thing for the front door of a yarn shop – oh paypal….you are my bestfriend.

  20. Making a wreath, check. Staying tuned. Check.

  21. Just thought I’d let you know you are a good advocate for your neighbors. Hubby and I discussed and decided our food bank check this month should go to our neighbors at NY Citymeals. You can still be neighbors from 12 states away, can’t you? ;^)

  22. My wife loves knitting and I never thought alot about it, but I have to say. Knitting and crocheting creates some of the nicest things. You all have my respect.I love what you all are doing.

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