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Gone Knittin’

Dear Ann,
Summertime, and the knitting’s been lazy. Not lazy like: lounging on an inflatable raft in a swimming pool. Lazy like: the raft has a cup holder.
I’m not proud of myself, but I did knit some furry flip-flops. They were so dang cute. (What I’m really ashamed of, though, is that I bought the pattern. Dur-ur! Knit a strip about the length of a flip-flop thong thingie, and about 2 inches wide. Repeat 3 more times (for the usual number of flip-flops). Tie on.)
These flip-flops were part of my pressie to Jen in the Rowan board’s Extremities Exchange, graciously hosted by Emma and Polly. The other part of my pressie did not exactly tax the ol’ knitting skills, neither. I give you:
The appeal here is the yarn (certainly not the big-ass garter stitch): Fiesta Yarn’s Rayon Boucle, which has a shimmer and a swing that cannot be captured on the KayCam. Sarong-like, or so I thought. Anyhoo, I hope Jen has some summery use for these whimsies.
It’s off to the stormy East End for me and mine. Happy end o’ summer knitting and tomato-eating, doll.
Love, Kay



  1. I love those Fiesta yarns. So shimmery and the colors are great. Fun pressies. 🙂

  2. Since you’ve confessed, I have to admit that just yesterday I broke down and purchased a pair of flip-flops and furry yarn and have begun making these bad boys. My excuse: they’re for my 16-year old niece. (Of course, I’m practicing on a pair for me. Got to make sure hers are perfect!)

  3. Dear Kay,
    I was in the Hutchinson yarn shop last week browsing for future gift ideas. As a non-knitter, I’m clueless you know. The little old lady that runs the place was showing me a whole variety of yarn. She showed me that fuzzy stuff, and I REALLYdidn’t know what a person would do with it. It sure didn’t look knittable to me. Thanks for sharing this great idea.

  4. kay…. your flip flops are TOOOOO CUTE! is there a pattern “out there?” i envision you creating them for carrie’s next birthday…. as party favors!!… FUN!

  5. Check these out. I saw some a couple of weeks ago, and they are soooo cute.
    I wonder how we could make these with knitting needles.

  6. Hey ladies — there is nothing wrong with some basic idiot knitting from time to time. This is supposed to be for fun — not just an elitist thing.
    There is a pattern for those flip flops at: http://community.webshots.com/photo/119971840/144624970urkLaz
    I made some too and have gotten lots of “positive” comments on them every time that I wear them — and I’m mid forties!

  7. Those flip flops are so cute that I was halfway to the stash box before memories of last winter’s bunion surgery came flooding back. How do you think they’d look on my ortho-birkenstock-old lady sandals? Maybe with some nice big socks?

  8. The furry shoes are very cute. If you can crochet I have a free pattern on my website. Very simple. http://www.marloscrochetcorner.com/Furry%20Shoes.html


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