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I Have Finished Something Else

Dear Kay,
Here’s David, Fiber Arts King, placidly modeling his fresh-from-finishing Jack n Eddie. This is remarkable on many fronts: 1. He wanted to wear this sweater. 2. He was happy to have his picture taken. 3. He needed to balance only one pumpkin on his head. He likes this sweater so much that he didn’t want to wear it at school because he was planning to play football (MY child play FOOTball?) and didn’t want to get it dirty.
I am so relieved to be done with this one. Totally impatient about it, maybe because I’m thinking a sweater like this is not such a big deal to do. (See entry below.)
For those of you following David’s adventures in fiber arts, he has recently been doing a lot of braiding, thanks to his art class. They’re up to five-strand braids, which I can’t do, and their medium of the moment is:
To feed the need, we went to Home Depot and bought 400 yards of neon colors, which of course got me thinking about what else a person could find to knit with at Home Depot: electric wire, copper wire, twine, roof felting, baling wire, metal chain, laundry line. A cornucopia of opportunity! “Excuse me, uh, Dwayne, what gauge do you think I’ll get with this phone cord?”
PS Connoisseurs will recognize the Kelly you knit for me behind the caution tape. I’m kind of liking neon with it. I see ruffles. Plastic ruffles.
PSS Mille grazie to all you fallible knitters out there who made me feel slightly less doofusoidal about my D- finishing effort yesterday. Ah, the humanity!



  1. oh joy, oh bliss!! what a cute boy in a beautiful sweater made by his momma. i bow down to you.
    also bow down to kay, for her friendship…and for being such a loving and warm aunt to baby rosie, a special gift if ever there was one.
    do you think the neon stuff will ever be on sale at elann.com or ebay?

  2. Good Lord he’s cute. Is that a halo above the pumpkin?

  3. Go, girl, go! Fab sweater and adorable boy. Having been exploring school options (already), I’m curious as to his — sounds above the average Nashville option, what with the five strands and all.
    And who is the adorable babe upper left?!

  4. What a handsome pair.Boy and sweater.
    All those tears were worth it ;-]

  5. Very fine! Special marks for the pumpkin balancing; it’s like he understood the beckyish symmetry of the sweater, and wanted to get his spine in line, too!

  6. Ann–Since we’ve used the coinage ‘beckyish’ twice now, does it qualify for the Dictionary of American Regional English? Do we need to add a glossary for those joining us later on?
    Maggi-adorable babe is Rosie; her particulars can be found by scrolling down to the end of the Found Objects and clicking on the dates. (This is a complimentary upgrade for all of MDK’s Business First passengers!)
    xox, Kay

  7. Ann – Not only is the sweater gorgeous but so is the kid! Great job on both counts.

  8. Ann — Are you really trying to collect every shade of Lightweight DK? (And then one wonders, why?) I do have some odd skeins in my stash I would be happy to send you; they were purchased years ago in a swoop of optimism for some ill-defined Fassett destiny but I faced the fact that they aren’t going anywhere. They would be happier in the hands of a collector, if you are indeed collecting them.

  9. Your son is precious and I love that sweater! Why wouldn’t he want to wear it? Heck, I would wear it, and would even balance a wee pumpkin on my head to be given the chance to do so. Your knitting and finishing skills are admirable.

  10. OK Evelyn, I must admit I cannot imagine actually collecting every color of Lightweight DK. I cannot imagine what I am actually going to do with the LDK I already have. I feel that a massive mitten/scarf/hat effort needs to take place to cut into it: what else could I do with three skeins of this and two skeins of that, in zillions of bright colors? If anybody has an idea, for heaven’s sake share it so I can lighten the load here. And Evelyn, your generosity is not unlike giving a child his seventeenth Rescue Hero, knowing full well that sixteen were fifteen too many in the first place. Feeding an addict!
    x0x0 A.


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