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Jack ‘n’ Eddie, Pinned

Dear Kay,
Meant to have this ready for David by October 1. I thought it sporting of me to shoot for an actual deadline, which of course I have bombed.
Here is the pinfest for this size-eight pullover which combines Jack from Rowan 30 with the stitch pattern from Eddie in Rowan 28.
The drama coming up with this is that I am not at all sure the stitch pattern on the sleeves will line up with the pattern on the body, because the original Eddie has raglan sleeves, and the Jack pattern has shallow set-in sleeves. Ah, will the seven-year-old son give me the business about it? “MOMMMMMM, I TOLD you to use RAGLANS, you silly woman.”
There’s a lot going on around here today. I feel a large nap coming on.



  1. Dear Ann,Dear Kay, I am enjoying all this very much.Ben you look amazing,even in a knitted skirt,which makes you almost unique.
    plenty of love,Tessa

  2. Hi Tessa,
    It’s me, Kay. You know, the unproductive half of Mason-Dixon. I had no idea Ann knit so much. It’s a bit of a shock.
    Here’s my Knitting Status Report for today:
    Items on Blocking Board: Zero.
    Type of Blocking Board:
    Gingham-and-Staplegun (Home Version)? No.
    Commercially Manufactured? No.
    Do you own a Blocking Board? Er, no.
    Works in Progress:
    Status Unknown. In some cases, whereabouts unknown. In other cases, size I started to make unknown.
    Today’s Most Extraordinary Knitting Achievement:
    Did 6-10 rows on Rupert (Fine Chenille scarf) while trying to stay awake in Weight Watchers meeting. Only 600 more to go!!
    I like ol’ Ann, but she surely does need to take a nap.
    Very nice to hear from you Tessa!!! Love, Kay

  3. Kay–Just for the record, Jack ‘n’ Eddie is about four inches across. It’s for a seven year old, fer chrissakes. If I held a quarter up to it for scale, you’d see that this thing would fit that Debbie Bliss gingham-and-moss-stitch teddy bear you’ve got sitting on your bed.
    What do you think I am? Some underemployed housewife who spends half her days sitting in her gas-suckin’ SUV waiting for a child to emerge from some hi-kwalidy enrichment program that the child despises? Sheesh.
    PS I will say that the blocking board is freakin’ awesome. Getting a big saggy in the middle though, and in need of renovation. A housewifely blocking board renovation project? Bring it on. Glue gun/staple gun/shotgun at the ready. I’ll just shoot myself when it’s done.

  4. 600 more weight-watchers meetings to go? Surely not.
    You are too modest Kay,we’ve seen loads of evidence of how busy your little hands are.Someone on the Rowan site was claiming to be the forum’s slowest knitter but I am tempted to challenge her to a tortoise race.Perhaps you ladies can suggest how we set this up?


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