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Do Not Knit While Watching “Homeland”

Dear Kay,

Spookiest happening around here last night was the wind, which was fierce and blowy and not all that fun, really. Three trees went to the great chipper in the sky: amazing how dead they can be while appearing undead. ZOMBIE TREES!


I’m back to the Knit Your Life sweater that has been marinating since May. The sleeves are almost done.


The sleeve cables want to twist and tangle a lot more than the cables on the body. Maybe it’s because I am often watching Homeland while I do this, which is not really a great idea because the tendency is to twist when watching Homeland anyway. There’s a lot of anxiety in the air. If you aren’t watching Homeland, well, I feel sorry for you because it’s on the longest slow burn possible. Characters are dangling in the worst limbo: excellent!

Here’s the back.


There was a dreadful moment recently where I had knit more than half of the second sleeve before realizing I had the sleeve shaping BACKWARDS. I had decreased when I should have INCREASED. Sixteen stitches out of whack, which had made the sleeve skinny and unfixably wrong. My Homeland watching was to blame. I hadn’t even noticed. In fact, I unraveled that sleeve while—NO SPOILERS. I can’t even say what I was watching, but it was set in the bleakest building in the world. WOW.

I’ve left the bottom stitches on a holder because I really don’t know what will happen when this thing is blocked–will I want more or less of this?



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  1. Wow! Looks good, my dear! I can’t wait to see the finished sweater. 🙂

    Katie =^..^=

    P.S. Good luck with Homeland?

  2. While a certain character was in an abandoned warehouse? are you watching Season 2?
    There are some tv shows that one cannot knit through — only the occasional stockinette.

    • Season 3, episode 3! ACK!

  3. The front of your sweater is just mezmerizing! Although I must say – when I saw it today I was immediately reminded of the Deep in the Forest Mittens you posted yesterday. Of course, maybe that’s just me. I think they would look great together though. You should definitely make them!

  4. I know I am WAY behind, but I am currently like this with The Wire. About halfway through the last season now.

    • I am saving The Wire. It’s too rare. Once I watch The Wire, what else can be as good?

      • Luther?
        It has both cable twisting moments and Idris Elba

  5. That sweater is excellent, so rambly and swingy, Ann!

  6. Well, I haven’t watched homeland, but I do love your sweater!

  7. Your sweater is just awesome – I love it! Welcome to my world regarding television and knitting! I’m a Bostonian and was knitting a sweater during the world series. Need I say more? Countless stitches and hours of work frogged in the wink of an eye. This is THE ONLY time I can say it was so worth it (sorry Cardinal fans – you played a great series)!

    Enjoy your sweater – it’s truly a masterpiece!

  8. So. If this is “knit your life”, I am then fascinated by the accidental revearsing of the sleeve shaping. What, if anything, does this represent for the knitter’s life?

    Food for thought ( along with the Pay Day and Almond Joy….)


    • *like*

  9. It sounds less like Knit Your Life and more like Knit Your Drama, now! But it’s all good, as long as you’re having fun 🙂

  10. I was knitting through the World Series…..doing OK as long as St Louis was at bat, but almost everytime the Redsox came up, I forgot to change colors on color changey skirt I’m working on……I almost started the whole project over as it started looking so very ripped back. UG.
    I’m going to stick to audiobooks until I finish.

    I love that sweater of yours….it does look like real life!

  11. I am afraid to knit while watching Homeland (jumping out of your skin, gasping and sharp knitting needles don’t play well together). Claire Danes is the most amazing actress…and episode 3 was amazing, I won’t say any more…

  12. I have a feeling you’re going to want more. Where can I place my bet?

  13. There are a few shows I watch that aren’t compatible with knitting in that way. For those occasions I always have a simple dishcloth on the needles. Even if I somehow manage to screw up the pattern (how???) it won’t matter.

  14. Well, it is your life you’re knitting and how wonderful to have a second chance at getting any part of your life just right!

    I count the days to each new Homeland episode. And only knit my TGV shawl while watching. How can I accomplish more than k2p2 when confronted with stuff like season 3, episode 6? I’m afraid my guage tightens right along with the plot.


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