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Lame-Off, Part Deux

Dear Kay,
I dunno. I mean, I have never enjoyed competitive sports, but when you suggest that I’m lamer than you, I feel like I’ve just won a gold medal in Lame. I’d write you a thank-you note, but I can’t find a piece of paper or a pencil.
It means a lot to me that you’d say I’m lamer than you. I mean, I think that you’re pretty respectably lame. Your two-week-long lack of bandwidth while sitting on the island of Manhattan is evidence of pro-level lameness. You can just wave your laptop around in Manhattan and find SOMEbody’s wi-fi. It oozes out of the faucets up there. The air is CLOUDY with wi-fi.
But at least you’re being productive despite your lack of blogging. I, on the other hand, may have reached a new low (or high) of lameness. Today I’m going to post two photos that you sent me (photos that you couldn’t post yesterday), and I’m going to take credit for them as if I knew ANYthing about WHAT in the bejeezus these photos are about.
Photo Number One:
I just love quilting now. It’s so much better than knitting. You can make such pretty bedcovers so FAST!
Photo Number Two:
I like making these stitchy parts!
Everybody, you can read Kay’s previous letter to piece together what these photos are, or you can make up your own story.
Yours in lameness,




  1. Hooray for the stitchy parts!
    Looking good, lady.
    And seriously, it’s all an excellent lesson in “knit a lot of blankets.” Because only to one who has knit many blankets will it seem Quick! and Easy! to HAND-QUILT.
    So don’t sweat it, ladeees, you’re still inspiring on the knit front with the quilting. Really. I love the ginormous never-ending queen size blanket I’m knitting and knitting and knitting.

  2. Fight!
    Come on, girls. Do I have to separate you? Because I’ll do it.

  3. Also, is it just me, or is this YET ANOTHER pieced piece? As in, not even the other quilt that Kay was already working on? As in, whoa Nelly, she is rilly rilly digging the quilting?

  4. **contemplating a duplicate-stitched slogan tee: “pretty respectably lame”**

  5. They look cool. Like they’re old and new at the same time.
    But it’s not better than knitting. Cause you mutilate perfectly good fabric and put it back together. Quilting is what’s lame.
    OW! I’m joking! Don’t hurt me!

  6. Those are gorgeous fabrics! I can’t wait to see What a Bunch of Squares!

  7. So, you buy really decent fabric. You chop it up into teensy pieces. You sew it back together. I’m sorry, I’m STILL MISSING THE POINT! Enough of this sewing lark!!! Ann, show us more mitred squares, the perfect jumper, just KNIT SOMETHING for all our sakes, before this sewing thing gets out of hand! Please? Pretty please? And yes, complaining about lack of internet access in a Big City is, well, lame….. *bucks in London do wi-fi, surely they do Over There? x x x

  8. At the risk of providing still more non-knitterly fiber occupations…
    I visited friends this weekend. They had in their home rugs made by her grandmother, mitered square rugs, mitered square rugs made off yarn. But they were not knitted mitered square rugs. They were hooked. Grandmother was a knitter who couldn’t stand to waste yarn. So, she made hooked mitered square rugs out of her leftover dribs and drabs. They were gorgeous, and I felt like I had to take my shoes off to step on them. But still. Not knitted. {whimpers}

  9. I think someone who shall remain un-pointed-fingers-at, is getting really hooked on teeny-tiny pointy needles and fabric scraps.
    Looks like a pretty addiction.

  10. Don’t make me stop this car and come back there!
    Rug knitting? Covered, in The Knitted Rug (who knew) by Donna Druchunas. Different approaches to mitered squares, log cabin-ing, etc.
    The quilts are lovely. How about some knitted squares included with the fabric squares? (Looking into the crystal ball, I see knitted denim squares mixed with indigo fabrics, perhaps some beading thrown in for good measure…)

  11. It is definitely time for a time-out. The first one to whine is the lamest!
    The quilts are beautiful, but I just can’t go there.

  12. I love it! The air is cloudy with wi-fi… that is so funny and probably so true! Great quilts. Thanks for posting them, Ann


  14. I just bought some of that aqua fabric with the flowers on it – but I promise that I won’t quilt with it. It’ll be turned into a garment of some type – or maybe even a new knitting tote. You can never have too many of those, you know!

  15. On Sharon’s knitted squares with fabric squares (sort of). I remember once being very taken with a quilt that was made of lined fabric squares joined with crochet.

  16. Did someone say “gold lamé”? Where’s my mirror ball?

  17. As someone who appreciates all the fiber arts (and how could I not, coming from a french handsewing background), I will just sit quietly and say
    That’s gorgeous.
    (which is exactly what I say about all the knitted stuff, too)

  18. Ann and Kay,
    You are the ONLY on-line buddy writing duo the two of you will ever have!
    What if tomorrow all the readers got hit by a garbage truck and died?
    You only have eachother. That is so special…
    Doesn’t work when my kids fight either but I thought it was worth a shot……….

  19. Those pictures are almost enough to have me dragging out my rotary cutter and mat … but then I think about the Young’un gleefully “sorting” my strips for me and snap to it.
    Knitting is better.

  20. I have the material for two beautiful quilts, for years! But knitting is portable. Someday I will make those quilts (and get addicted, I’m sure), but one addiction at a time please…….

  21. Um, I like the quilting. (Now I’m ducking so the knitters-only can’t pelt me). I’ve knitted for 33 years, since age 5, and quilting is just a sigh of relief for me in its quickness and pieciness. But I will always knit. I too am interested in how the two would work together. Alison at 6.5 stitches is doing a knit/fabric quilt right now.
    I have a friend who wants to open a knitting and quilting shop called Quitters. 🙂

  22. I am SO glad I found this website and MD knitting,,and I am even happier to see you both QUILTING!
    I love both,,
    Hey, why NOT enjoy what you enjoy?
    Needlework is needlework,,,my grandmother did it all.

  23. Whooops!
    uhm,,,,only one of you is quilting,,,,
    I rushed to judgement,,,

  24. Kay, remember when you were going to tie with orange floss and someone said oh no!!!!! You have to try and quilt it…..well that was me. And now I see that you’re quilting it and loving it!!! Aren’t you glad you didn’t use orange floss now?? You can get to that same zen place quiling that you do knitting…except….no counting and no mistakes!!! How cool is that for meditative handiwork??no counting and no mistakes……just keep on making those tiny little stitches!! And the more you do the better you are going to like it. Patching the parts..the colors and patterns together is fun, watching it change totally with the change of one material is like magic….but quilting it is the frosting on the cake.Take a look at some of the Amish quilting books out there and you’ll see how it’s the quilting that just makes the quilt…whether it’s straight in the ditch lines or a fancy pattern repeated in blank squares…the quilting is the frosting!! I’m glad you hung in there and didn’t take the easy way out! and what do you know….now you love it! what a surprise!! jenna

  25. Hi Denyse Schmidt Fan,
    I just thought I would let you know Denyse has a new colorway coming for Flea Market Fancy…See a “sneak peak” on http://www.QuiltersBuzz.com.
    Happy crafting, Gina


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