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My Rodent Dines Finer Than Your Rodent

Dear Ann,
It seems a person can’t mention her hamster’s refinements without somebody starting up about the gracious manners of their own guinea pig. Soon we will see a gerbil enjoying an amusing Sancerre and an omelette aux fines herbes (extra herbes). (We owe the photo above to Ruth at Woolyheaded, where they also plate the pets’ entrees.)
The story behind yesterday’s photos is that, in her years-long quest to get our Teddy Bear hamster, Buster, on Cute Overload, Carrie mezzaluna’d up a mirepoix of parsley and carrots garnished with a cherry tomato. She swears Buster did not eat off the plate, “he only sniffed it.” Well then. Moving on.
Mason-Dixon Shopping
In lieu of knitting or sewing, I’ve been collecting supplies (a hobby unto itself).
This bag is going to be turned into….a bag. A much better bag. (I love a Barnes & Noble tote bag, don’t get me wrong, but they just don’t make ’em Japanese enough for me. Where is the wabi and the sabi?) I’m calling 1-800-Cristina in to consult on this one. If I get on a roll, I do not rule out using Stephen Colbert’s head for kitchen items and perhaps coasters. O the possibilities.
Small cuts of Liberty Tana Lawns from London, in imitation of Moonstitches still-emerging leaf quilt. The collection phase is just starting. Don’t expect to see this anytime soon. By the time I get enough fabric, I might be imitating something else on Moonstitches.
A moment of indiscretion at Purl Patchwork last Saturday.
Followed by another lapse. The themes here are startitis and stashitis, and a wicked bad case of Japanese craftomania. In other words, Spring.

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  1. Lovely fabrics – I can’t wait to see what you come up with, bag or no bag!

  2. Would you be jealous if I told you that the deputy director of our agency is the spittin’ image of Steven Colbert?
    No, I didn’t think so.

  3. This Moonstitches’ Mexican Pinwheel and crocheted hexagons have me in awe. I absolutely must learn crochet now (though I’m not crazy enough to see those hexagons in my immediate future). And when Purl put Liberty Fat Quarters up for purchase last week- I bit (blue and red stacks both). I was planning on doing something simple with them, but I think they deserve more- I’m seeing stars though (not leaves) after my trip to her site. I’m so new to the patchwork scene that I still need pattern crutches (soon as the 4yr old is well, we’re off to the local Quilt store. Husband Chris is so very lucky that we live no where near Purl and that I’m typically too impatient to wait for packages). So much crafting and so little kid-free time. Well, that said, I’m outta here.

  4. I have to say, I am a little irritated. I am trying so hard to stay away from quilting. I do not need (yet) another hobby. Already yarn is multiplying on all 3 levels of our house, and with the quilting store RIGHT NEXT TO the yarn store, well, you can guess how that goes…and now here you are, FLAUNTING these beautiful and irresistible swatches…I know you can’t possibly have any free time, so where the heck has my excuse to avoid quilting gone? POOF. out the winder. must. be. strong….

  5. She swears Buster did not eat off the plate, “he only sniffed it.”
    A fine distinction.
    love the fabrics! when I buy fabric that nice I have a hard time cutting into it. This puts a limit on my quilting success. Or my quilting, period.

  6. Buster is far far cuter than the other hamster, a real shoe in for Cute Overload. And as for the plate, that’s what hot water is for.


  8. OK Kay, I just watched a movie that had a half dozen Carrie sized roller towels in the opening scene. It was Disney’s “Newsies” that I borrowed from the library. It is set in 1899 New York and the opening scene is in the Newsboys Lodging house. The towels (ranging from plain white to red stripes) were hanging from wooden dowels mounted (about 6 feet high) around the communal bath room. The boys were all drying their hands on the towels while enjoying a rowdy sing along. So your towel may not be the roller towel of our youth but of our great grandparents’ youth.

  9. That has to win best title ever for a blog post.

  10. Just got back from Arizona. I didn’t find one quilt shop, but found 4-5 really great knit shops. One on the side of the mountain! Can’t wait to see what you create!

  11. Thanks, Kay, thank you so very much for reminding of those leaves… should have been done by now. But they will be continued soon! Today I prepared some freezer paper for doing a few appliques on that quilt to be. There will be circles…
    LOVE your Liberties! Have fun collecting them!
    Oh, and thanks for the many, many visitors 🙂


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