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O Pioneers!

Kay! Did you knit those swimsuits? Love the creative use of All Seasons Cotton. I ADORE THAT PICTURE.
All joking aside, a lightning strike is something I put in the category of YIKES. Last year a house two blocks away burned to the ground when it was hit, so I’m glad your Comment from God was simply, “Hey. Knock off the Cartoon Network, OK?”
The Frenchies are tri-lingual? Do they speak Euro or Esperanto or what? They sure are cute little busters.
All I can say is, welcome the hell back. I’ve been over here tap dancing, spinning plates, balancing balls on my nose, sewing buttonbands–anything to keep this leaky boat afloat.
Here’s Splash limping its way to glory, middle of the second buttonband. Where will I ever wear this thing? To a Carmen Miranda reunion?
Since you gave me permission to break my new year’s resolution about buying no more yarn until stash is seriously reduced, I have gone insane. In the past week (and note that I paid half price for all, as is my vaguely strict rule):
A lifetime supply of Rowan Kidsilk Haze in Lord, a murky blue.
Two bales of Felted Tweed, Arctic and Charcoal. (We agree on the exemplary traits of this stuff.)
A great whackin’ pile of Magpie in Tarragon, the weirdest green yet.
Ten dainty little skeins of Donegal Lambswool in Bark, as close a shade to dirt as I’ve ever seen. OK so I didn’t pay half price for this, but you know how I am about Donegal Lambswool.
More later–I have returned to my favorite cookbook of the moment, Cooking for the Week, which makes fixing dinner idiot proof. The two fat birds are roasting away, making me feel like Julia Child.
SPEAKING of whom, knowing that you love the gal, there’s a blog starting where somebody plans to cook every recipe from Mastering the Art of French Cooking, one day after the other. Maybe we should try to knit every sweater in Rowan Number 1? I love an overwhelming project, you know.
love, Ann



  1. Hola viejas!! Nous sommes the Frenchies! Salut! Nous parlons Frenchie, Ingles y Chilean slang circa 1973, which is the year our Maman left Chile. Which means no one can understand us. Arrivederci Mason-Dixon Knitting!!!

  2. Whoooeee. Gone for a few days, come back to find Kay is found, there are some children wearing SPEEDOS?!?!? (Should be a law against ANYONE wearing them), Ann is croc wrestling, and that Ann has bought more yarn than I have, er had, before going to NYC! How many drinks did Lis and I have anyone, seems like I have been gone for dog years!

  3. ann – that is some serious stash enhancement!! i’m quite green with envy over here!!! and if you are talking about the julie/julia project — she is actually just finishing up – not starting. it’s a great blog to go back and read a few months of though!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Carolyn–I’m not proud about this stash thing. It was a weak and pitiful moment, and now it’s showing up in my mailbox like a reproach. My son howls when we get the mail these days. “MOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!”
    And sorry, yes, the Julie/Julia project is done, now I finally figure out. Hey–have you heard of this thing called email? It is SO cool.


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