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Ready, Set, INHALE!!!

…which is what I will have to do nonstop whenever I am wearing my FABULOUS NEW TOP, MOONBEAM, which was waiting on my doorstep at midnight last night. What was I thinking asking Ann to knit this for me?? It’s so sexy, so sultry, so slinky—so very, very Somebody Else! But Ann took all of my instructions (‘Make it on the wide side’, etc.) very much to heart, and so in fact it is quite flattering, provided I bear in mind the need to clench the abdominals with all my might, at all times. As a piece of knitting, Moonbeam is an impeccable exemplar of the House of Ann. I am pleased as can be.
I was in a bit of a fugue state last night. Not only was I prancing around the apartment in Moonbeam, checking myself out from all angles (to the bewildered amusement of the Husband, who keeps thinking he has Seen It All), but I ripped open my ‘exclusive free gift for members’ (to quote the Husband, in tones of deep resignation, ‘You got another knitting thing in the mail.’). In gratitude for my membership renewal, Rowan had sent me a Kaffe Fassett Tumbling Blocks cushion kit in a zippy colorway of 6 shades of Rowanspun 4 ply. Need I say more? Gently hyperventilating, I wound up 3 balls of it, started making 2 little bundles for each block of color (double-stranding yarn for a 6-color intarsia project–are they totally, completely MAD over there at Holmfirth??), and then I did the first 6 rows, in slow motion. I hope somebody out there will understand that I had no choice about this. It was 2 a.m. before I hung up my tangled mass of Rowanspun and passed out in a state of deep bliss. I had been up for an hour this morning before I remembered all of this happening, as if in a dream.



  1. Not so fast Madam ! Get a picture of you in the gorgeous turquoise Linen Drape – you have to keep your public happy.
    I’m so desperate for my tumbling blocks cushion that I doubt I can wait for renewal time ! I’ll have to go buy the yarn to start now ! I can just see the vibrant colours in my sitting room…
    Once completed you’ll be able to tackle any intarsia!
    A tip – cut double lengths of each colour instead of getting tangled up in balls.And if you’re frugal with the ends you can get 2 out of the yarn sent ! That or make it double sided and use the fat quater for something else.What fabric did you get ?

  2. I got a very plain blue and cream stripe woven in India. I like it but you will understand that I will first go through my highly superfluous (since nope, I don’t sew, nope, I don’t quilt) collection of Kaffe fat quarters. (I like the fabric but I also like that they are called fat quarters.) Pam’s living room (I’m making it for Pam in Virginia) has some greens, I hear, so maybe I’ll do something wild with green Roman Glass or one of my more colorfully striped FQs. I also learned from one of my Julie Marchington pillow kits that if you make the pillow back like an envelope, you can take out the cushion pad whenever you need to wash (or in this case, dry clean!) the cover. That’s handy when you have kids or pets or if you’re just messy.
    I AM being frugal with the yarn. Maybe I’ll get 2 cushions! Or at the very least, a Mini-Me cushion. I am spit-felting all the little ends that I break when I am pulling strands out of the tangle. I didn’t even consider bobbins with this skinny 4 ply stuff. I find it helps to knit it standing up with all of the strands cascading straight down to the floor–fewer tangles that way.
    Blogging note: When I wrote legal briefs, I put all the good stuff in the footnotes. Now I find I’m doing a lot of blogging in the ‘comments’. It’s more private here in the comments.
    I WILL put up a picture of Me N Moonbeam. All in due time. I’m slowly hauling myself into the information age. Did I mention that I have yet to find a single end poking through anywhere on the thing?? Ann is sort of scary.

  3. I want to see a picture… and I want to see it soon…! – Polly
    P.S. All husbands say the same thing about ‘yarn’ packages arriving in the post. Perhaps they also say the same things too when we go on holiday and end up stuffing bags of beads and balls of wool in their bag since when there isn’t space in ours.

  4. Kay–gotta start with the pix. Your public awaits.
    I’d be posting from here at the beach except that I forgot my dang USB cable, so I’ll just hold off until my return to extreme bandwidth, aka home.
    x0x0 Ann

  5. As of today, I actually know what a USB cable is!!! Information IS power. love Kay


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