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Rug fever, the 7-year-old’s way

Kay–So David, he of the eight-pound ball of finger knitting, has taken on potholders with a vengeance this summer. He’s gone through two giant bags of loops, and keeping him stocked is like feeding a grasshopper. I am sorely tempted to somehow knit these squares together:




  1. Those are great. A few more & you could crochet them together for a fab& funky rug.
    Your comments keep asking me if I want to be remembered,I say yes,then I’m not …remembered that is !

  2. Crochet! That’s it. It’s one of those skills I’ve never really mastered, other than the seams on a felted bag Kay gave me. We’re going on a mammoth car trip this weekend, so I’ll stock the fella up with loops and see how productive he can be.
    And thanks for alerting me to the personal info bug.

  3. well done girls .. now I can follow your exploits from across the pond!


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