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Dear Ann,
Since I frequently force you to listen to me whine about things that don’t go right in my knitting world, it is only fair that I give equal time to things that go pretty dang right. I give you Poppy the Pullover:

Here is Baby Rose (who is almost 4 so we are going to have to drop the ‘Baby’ sometime soon), modelling her Poppy pullover. Note all the lovely things about it.
Chief Lovely Thing: It fits. It fits right now, mere weeks after I made it. Meanwhile other things I made for Baby Rose are still too big for her. But this one fit right away.
Another Lovely Thing: My modifications were true improvements. To my way of thinking, anyway. Note how the open seams at the sides and wrists make it so much easier to sink a basketball shot while standing on a chair that has a seat that leans backwards:
Clearly these are desirable attributes in a pullover.
Yet Another Lovely Thing: Doesn’t this pullover just suit Rosie right down to the ground? It captures Le Style Rose to a tee. Stylin’ with the baggies and the mini-Merrells and the wristwatch borrowed from a Big Kid.
While Rose was visiting, I got to view a video of her wearing the Poppy pullover over a purple dress while singing This Little Light of Mine in her school’s Spring Sing. Needless to say, it was a Kvell-a-thon.
In my mail today, I was delighted to receive my Back-Tack Pack.
A lovely anonymous package all the way from Hawaii. All the items coordinate and would make a touching needle-roll homage to Lilly Pulitzer AND the Beach Boys. I’m in a dilemma now, because using these materials is optional under the Back Tack rules, and I’ve already made one needle roll from stash. Do I have two needle rolls in me? Do I want to share these lovely goodies? Thanks, anonymous tasteful donor!
Knitting Front
I’ve been clearing my decks for the Tennessee State Fair and my upcoming trip to –SHRIEK–England! You know how I was so enthused about Belinda’s fabulous denim mitered-square blanket, that I was going to make one for myself as my Beach Knitting 2005? Well, I might still make one, but as I was knitting the first few miters and trying to find some kind of Jedi way of making a blanket that is Exactly Like Belinda’s while at the same time, Certainly Not a Copy of Belinda’s, I started getting the urge to do crazy things like not stripe the miters, or to add in non-denim colors. Then I remembered a baby boy in dire need of a Summer Blanket. So I’ve come up with an alternate plan, involving 6 blocks/24 miters, and some fancy sashing and mini-blocks. Here’s one corner:
And another spot:
I don’t even want to tell you how many times I’ve washed and ironed these squares to get them to look a bit older and wabi-sabi-er. If nothing else, I’m entertaining myself. Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have all the squares joined together.
Love, Kay



  1. oh man, she’s cute. I can’t wait to see the Kay version

  2. You’re coming to England?? Are you coming for Woolfest at the end of June? And if not, please will you make it up to Scotland for a wee glass of wine with us?????

  3. Rose is absolutely adorable. She looks quite a bit like my youngest niece at that age, though Rose probably isn’t as sassy. And the sweater ain’t half-bad, either.
    The Hawaiian goodies look so summery–wouldn’t it be nice if we could all spend the summer on some pristine beach? Oh, cabana boy!

  4. Oh, I just love how Rose looked in those photos, so without-a-care in her Poppy! And I adore those squares of yours.

  5. Non-denim colours! In a mitred denim blankie! But doesn’t That break some sort of rule of the universe?

  6. to ENGLAND…. when would that trip happen ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. When?

  8. She’s so precious! And the sweater looks amazing on her, perfect in every way. You got some good back tack stuff. Keep it for yourself! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Are you using the macadamia nuts as buttons?
    I dig that blanket. One question: is Debbie Bliss’s denim true shrinky/fadey denim? There’s some on sale here:
    And Rose–such the sassy lass, all out and about. Those colors suit her so perfectly.
    Why am I not going to England? What’s the problem here?

  10. erm…you might want to mosey over to Deb’s place at ChappysMom blog….(sorry no link…but I’m ever so sure of your googling skillz!) she’s thinking of GIVING away a cone of denim…
    there’s a contest, even.
    I’m just sayin….

  11. The Debbie Bliss Cotton Denim Aran is not true denim. It’s various colors of cotton (blues but also gray, red and green I think) plied with white to give a denim ‘look’. It’s the same gauge/weight as Rowan’s All Seasons Cotton. Nice stuff but expensive and short yardage, and it doesn’t fade gradually the way the Rowan/Elann/Twilleys/Elle denim yarn does. When you knit it up, the fabric resembles a fleece sweatshirt in thickness.
    This has been a Denim Public Service Announcement.

  12. Kay, it is looking so good-I can’t wait to see it all sewn together – mine is at a standstill – my wrists and arms are KILLING me – I haven’t knit in days – I think this happened last summer too – Annhb

  13. Rosie is adorable and the sweater is too but I think she really makes it.

  14. You’re coming to England???
    Are you able to make it down to Cornwall ? – I’d do a cream tea!

  15. i love all your fun-with-squares afghans! also that you’re whippin em up so quickly. progress is so inspiring.
    on the topic of squares, here’s some inspiration for you:
    ah the beauty of kaffe fassett! look at those colours!


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