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Self-Portrait, A Little Too Early in the Morning

Dear Kay,
My photographer claimed he had to “go to work” this morning, that he has “a job” or something. So here’s the finished Print o’ the Wave shawl, from a distance. Slightly blurry.
Here’s my post-game wrap-up of this project, including the Top Ten Things I Learned While Making the Print o’ the Wave.
It is snowing here! Wandering little clumps, a thin little blizzard, but still. I wish the boys were here so they could go all bananas about it.




  1. The Print o’ the Wave shawl is gorgeous – use it well πŸ™‚

  2. Love the shawl and the mirror.

  3. it may have been early, but i think it’s very vermeer-y. woman in blue taking a picture. gorgeous!

  4. *smile* πŸ™‚ The shawl is lovely, Ann!

  5. As Fernando once said,(OK 1000s) “Dalink, U rook maaaavelus!”

  6. Just lovely! It’s so fun seeing the finished version of something in my WIP bag! Great work, and kudos on the grafting. You’re a stronger woman than I!

  7. That’s a great picture. Love how it’s framed.
    As for the snow, it’s way too early, imnsho, for snow.

  8. Ooh, kellie ann – I was thinking the same thing, that it looked like a Vermeer portrait…
    Lovely, Ann!

  9. So so pretty. So pretty. I need to finish mine. I’d punch whoever is making me do all this gift knitting in the mush if I could, but my arms are too short.

  10. I was thinking Vermeer, too! Such a pensive, thoughtful look. Obviously, much care went into this picture. Oh, and the shawl, too πŸ˜‰

  11. erm– where are the boys, ann? (have i missed something?)

  12. Kelli Ann–
    At school! Jeez, it does sound like I lost custody of them or something!
    All’s well here!

  13. Hi Ann, so great to see the strong work you did in that gilt-painting class last summer at Shady Dell. Nice shawl too. NO Jemima Puddleduck Effect. xoxo Kay

  14. Ormolu? Did someone say ormolu? You’re looking very Vermeer, Ann!

  15. Fascinating. I am trying to figure out the geometry involved in this portrait. The cats haven’t figured out the digital camera settings yet so I am on my own in that respect. Using a periscope/mirror approach hadn’t occurred to me!

  16. The shawl is beautiful… looks great on you, but you are waaaay too serious looking.

  17. Nice shawl! I love the color. It snowed around here this morning, too.

  18. Just lovely, that self-portrait. I’m glad your photographer had to “go to work.” πŸ™‚

  19. Ok, this must be your new photo format… I agree with the profile and all it looks just like a Vermeer.

  20. I wish it would snow here already, it’s cold enough to. I think if it’s going to be this cold, it might at least snow. Beautiful, beautiful shawl, you look lovely.

  21. Wow, great minds, my first thought was “how Girl with the Pearl Earring”y of you!!!
    I love it.
    Happy Holidays.

  22. You look warm, cozy, beautiful. As serene as if you’d just sat for a classic portrait.
    And you say it’s too early. I should look so good at that hour.

  23. Love the shawl, love the mirror. You do good photos!

  24. Fooey, 700 people got to the Vermeer comment before me.
    It’s snowing here too, and I plan to settle in with the ball band dishcloth pattern and a mound .cotton yarn

  25. Lovely shawl. Lovely picture. Lovely Ann.

  26. VERY Jane Austin.

  27. I love that photo.
    It reminds me of 15th century Dutch portraits like those by Jan van Eyck. Framing yourself in front by a “window” and behind by a doorway, the hand gesture not quite captured, all give a sense of motion, mystery and possibility. I guess new lace will do that to a person.

  28. The shawl is gorgeous. I’m psyching myself up to do my first shawl. After a few, maybe I’ll be proficient enough in lace knitting to try this one.
    But Ann? You live in Nashville, right? Then somehow I doubt that your snow was a blizzard. I know from blizzards (I’m in Chicago); I think it has to snow at least 2 inches an hour to qualify. It’s been a while since we’ve had that around here (although we had a big wet dump of snow last week followed by a deep freeze). Not to be all snarky about it, but I think those of us north of the Mason-Dixon Line would call what you described “snow flurries.”


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