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Sending Up the Bat Signal

Dear Ann,
I knew it had been a while since my last post when a loyal NKR (non-knitting reader) who checks this site just to confirm that I’m (a) alive and well and (b) still twittering about knitting, asked me if we were going to rent out the blog since obviously we are not occupying it ourselves this month.
The fact that I am overcommitted and undercaffeinated does not mean that I cannot take the time to google for a For Rent sign image.
When the sad day comes that I am no longer able to waste large chunks of time googling for nothing in particular, it’s time to cut off life support.
The Knitting and the Twittering
This is the baby blanket that was inspired by the fantastic Argosy scarf pattern. I made it using a stashlet of Rowan Denim’s ecru shade that had lain fallow for years, its only crime being that it was not blue and therefore would not fade in a cool way when I washed it. It is very satisfying to use up yarn that you’ve had for 5 years or more. So satisfying that it should be a sub-hobby. I’ve been pawing through the stash looking for the next likely stashlet to be consumed. Found yarn! What’s not to like?
When I posted WIP pictures of this blanket a while back, a commenter said that she hated to mention it but had noticed that my squares were rectangles. Not to worry! I knew that the denim would shrink lengthwise but not widthwise, so I made my squares 9 stitches wide (exclusive of yarnover borders) but 16 rows long. This was extra knitting, I know. But denim is worth it, and knitting, for me, is a fun thing. Post-shrinkage, I find the squares to be satisfyingly squarish, if not square in a strictly geometric sense.
I was worried a bit about the edges of the blanket curling. (Curling is not a problem with the Argosy scarf, I hasten to add. I think this is because the stockinette squares in the Argosy scarf are small and therefore in closer proportion to the amount of curl-defying garter stitch.) Curling is a bit of an issue when you blow up those stockinette squares and knit a blanket-sized quantity of them. Unfortunately, the possibility of Excessive Curl occurred to me only after I had knit so far into the blanket that I could not bear the thought of ripping it back and adding a bit more garter stitch to counteract the stockinette. Instead I put my faith in the healing power of Cro-Kay.
Qu’est-ce que c’est, le Cro-Kay? Let’s review: After I bound off the blanket, I added an edging that mimics single crochet, but uses knitting needles instead of a hook. (Here’s how it’s done: Choose a stitch on the edge of the blanket. Any stitch. Pick up a stitch in that stitch, *pick up a stitch in the next stitch, bind off one stitch. Repeat from * ALL THE WAY AROUND THE BLANKET.)
I love the old-fashioned yet clean-lined look of this blanket. I love knitting the rhythmic Argosy stitch pattern. If anyone else wants to make a blanket like this, I have good news! A little bird told me that Vyvyan, the designer of Argosy, is going to write a pattern for a baby blanket. (The little bird in question was Vyvyan.) So be patient, my fellow baby blanketeers, and soon there will be a fab free pattern over at Vyvyan’s.
I hope all the Argosy-heads out there have seen this. I can’t resist it. It’s jumping the line to be my next project. It is all I can do to keep myself typing and not CAST IT ON RIGHT THIS MINNIT. Thanks, Vyvyan!
And now it’s back to the Bat Cave for me.
(The Bat Cave has a plywood floor, but this is Progress. Happiness in this photo is larger than it appears. Any day now, I will have a Cubicle Of My Own. With WiFi and everything. I’ll probably leave the plastic on the chair, though. Wouldn’t want to get too puffed up with Cubicle Pride.)
Love, Kay




  1. The blanket looks wonderful!! I am in AWE and drooling on myself!!
    I did miss you for a few days there, but knew you had a life (I don’t so I was here everyday waiting. hehe)

  2. The baby blanket is lovely.

  3. You don’t call, you don’t write! We cancelled lunch today because clearly you don’t like Ann anymore. At least that’s what I told her.
    I LOVE the blanket. LOVE IT! Wish I had a baby to knit it for…. πŸ˜‰

  4. Oh and I guess I should clarify that I mean MY Ann, not yours.

  5. Have to say I was one who was checking 2-3 times daily (at least). Love the blanket and the cubicle looks great! A window and natural light even!!!

  6. oh that Argosy! I was just looking at that pattern this morning. Must say, that’s a lot of space in neutral there for you to cover with colorful knits…or maybe colorful plastic wrap?

  7. Thanks for teaching us how to Cro-Kay!

  8. What hip and chic baby will be the proud recipient of this beautiful blanket? You always do beautiful work but this really is especially fabulous. I am so impressed.
    How do you think that blanket pattern my do in hemp?

  9. i love the blanket…how many balls of rowan denim did you use, and how large is it, approximately?

  10. Excellent blanket! I’m so glad that it worked out (not that I doubted it would).
    So does the photo indicate you are back in your old digs? Hooray!

  11. Are you sending out this kind of bat signal? (Welcome Back!)

  12. Aiiiiee!! You’re, like, in your own apartment again! But it’s probably, like, almost like a whole other apartment by now!
    You still save that green phone for me? You still gonna sell the apartment it was in? I might be interested. Save you a brokers fee…

  13. Kay, a room of your own? I can’t wait for the 360 photo tour!

  14. I love all things Argosy!!! I am trying hard to finish some WIPs so I can CO for the wrap in my Kureyon!! Love the blankie!! Cant wait for the pattern for that!

  15. What a clever idea for a blanket. It’s very striking.

  16. I never comment, figuring I’ll be lost in the crowd, but I just want to say that you guys crack me up. That’s a fine Bat Cave you’ve got there.

  17. Oooh. A bat cave… Is it actually a closet??? I am currently turning my guest bedroom closet into my own cubical of crafts. It is a nice size with a big window with lots of light. I would love to see more pictures when yours is done! Currently I am in need of inspiration for my design of mine!

  18. Yep, I think you might have to rent out the space as well. I’ve pretty much given up on this particular knitting blog.

  19. Me too.

  20. So glad you are back, I was beginning to think I had computer troubles.
    Enjoy the bat cave, looks cozy.

  21. I was gonna print a photo of this blog on a milk carton, but now that you’re back, I feel better. The blanket is smashing! And did you see her washcloth? Bet there’ll be KALs and all for the wrap.

  22. Clever, clever “cro-Kay” edge. I’m saving it.

  23. Awesome job, Kay! The blanket is gorgeous.

  24. Oh, that is lovely!

  25. Happiness is a cubicle of one’s own. But if you wanna come visit I’ll share my cubicle. Heck, it even has a visitor chair! And plenty of toys.
    The baby blanket is wonderful!

  26. Whoo…I was checking the site 2 times a day waiting to see what’s up! We miss you when you guys aren’t around.
    Whats with the moving back and forth between apartments? Did you renovate? Is it blog fodder? I too am moving soon and hope to have a crafty space.
    Wicked cool blankey too. Touche cro-kay.

  27. I can’t hardly wait to get thing into the dyepot(s). By the way, your Denimintuition is denimented–mindboggly how you got those squares to work out.

  28. Bat caves……what a good idea of some pics or ideas to share. I moved to get one. Its grand. Now I have a room for weaving, sewing, knitting and housing orphaned cats and dogs……and my daughter when she occasionally decides she wants to paint. I had to remodel my kitchen though, to find free cupboards for it. But that turned out great too! Chris in Madison

  29. Loved Argosy the minute I saw it, and began to cogitate immediately about whether it could be converted to a wrap. So thanks for leading the way and for linking to Vyvyan’s free patterns. Got some Noro Silk Garden that has had trouble finding itself.

  30. Glad to see you are back in the blogging saddle again! Now I want to knit the Argosy wrap with my odd assortment of Noro. Yet another project to add to the list! Your blanket is darling!

  31. I am so going to steal your idea and make an Argosy baby blanket.

  32. Kay, thank you for reminding me of your insanely clever replacement for crocheted edging. I hate to crochet, and I have a mitered-square sock-yarn blankie that needs and anti-curl edge. And you just went and saved my sanity. Suuuh-weeeeet.

  33. NIce blanket! I had trouble visualizing what it would look like back when you first started. And thanks for the link to the other Argosy patterns- the wrap is very appealing.

  34. Oh Kay, I don’t know how to write this, your baby blanket is a lovely thing, but that wrap over at Vyvyan’s, well it just makes me swoon. Please, please don’t let that detract from my complimenting your creation. Thanks for spreading the gospel of Argosy. That is an example of taking a pattern and running with it.
    In other news, I will be in your neck of the woods for the Harlot’s grand Represent book launch. How in a sea of knitters we could meet, I don’t know. I just watched March of the Penguins again, so if you develop a distinctive enough call, or trill. I’ll be the one listening intently.

  35. Okay, when ever I say “Cro-Kay” in my head, I think of those old commercials for margarine with the talking butter tub that says in a sing-song voice, “Par-kay”. You’re taking me back…

  36. Well for Heaven’s sake welcome back! I have been checking and checking and so glad you are well and giving us an update –
    The blanket is absolutely lovely and I only wish I had seen that Argosy wrap before I started my own which may or may not be a disaster. I am waiting for the miracle that is blocking.

  37. Wow, that blanket really looks great, a lot better than I thought it would. I have not knit a blanket yet, but this looks tempting. Great work!

  38. LOVE the blanket, but could you please define “stashlet”? Is it a form of rationalization that I may have overlooked, as in ‘doesn’t merit full stash status, so doesn’t really count’??
    And I envy you your cubicle, plastic and all…

  39. Magnificent blanket! And congratulations on yet another FO β€” may the same be true very soon for your cubicle! (Have you gotten “The Cubicle Song” yet via email? It’s priceless!) Hugs! /jb

  40. Love the blanket.
    Who is it for? Or maybe it’s one of those things to just keep to look at.

  41. I love the blanket and am very excited about technique you used on the edges. I’m definitely going to try that!

  42. Gorgeous! That is one of the best baby blankets I’ve ever seen. Pretty please provide us with a loverly pattern! πŸ˜‰

  43. How many skeins of Rowan Denim did this take? A pregnant friend has fallen in love with this blanket and wants one knitted of hand-dyed yarn in particular colors. I’ve found the hand-dyer and now I need to know how much yarn to have her dye. I’d like to order the yarn fairly soon, so I don’t want to wait for the pattern.
    I was thinking of getting matching fingering or sport weight for a shawl, and the Argosy shawl looks very tempting indeed. Think of it, an entire Argonaut layette….


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