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Sewing Up Moonbeam

Just about finished sewing up Moonbeam. The set-in sleeves went in better than I thought they would. A couple of sleevy seams and I’m done. Woopy!
Grooming rant:
Yesterday I took the fellas to the Opryland Hotel, the largest hotel east of Las Vegas. It is the first thing that people who have been to Nashville mention to me (“How about that hoTEL?”), and it is just about the worst place in the universe. However, a mother in possession of two small boys is surely in want of a diversion. While on the indoor boat ride in the section of the hotel known as the Delta (I think Legionnaire’s Disease every time I get a whiff of that atrium), I noticed six of my fellow passengers were sporting the dregs of long-ago pedicures. Excuse me, but HOW HARD IS IT to remove nail polish? Yecch! Double yecch! I’m going to start handing out little bottles of Cutex.


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