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Silver Lining

Dear Kay,
I got gas this morning. Just wanted to pass that along. I had a tip from beloved knitter Judy about a short line not far from home, and sooner than I could finish spitting out the words “I’M ON IT,” I had the car keys in my hand.
The only shiny side of the gas shortage here is that waiting in line for gas gave me time to finish the piece of car knitting that has lurked in my vehicle since, I’m thinking, March. I’ve worked on this while waiting for all sorts of things: basketball practice, children at school, you at the airport. Fallback knitting.
Here’s a free pattern for ya:
1. Get an exquisite skein of 346 yards of fingering weight handspun from SewKnitNBeads2 over there at Etsy.
2. Using a size 3 needle, cast on 29 stitches. Work in moss stitch until you almost run out of yarn. Cast off.
Result: a scarf that is 4.5″ wide and 86″ long.
I really can’t imagine anything to do with this beautiful yarn that would be more mesmerizing to look at. It doesn’t repeat, anywhere. But it rhymes like crazy.
Sad that it’s done. Isn’t that the best kind of knitting?
PS Killin’ us in Nashville: Nashville’s Gas Crisis: Inside the Metro Bunker. (Warning: growned-up language alert . . .) (Hat tip: gasoline knitter Judy.)




  1. Just gorgeous!!! She is going to be sold out in minutes!!

  2. Oooo.. that’s loverly! I might have a random skein of STR that might have to become that scarf.

  3. It’s beautiful. I thought it was a hand woven scarf.

  4. So glad that you got gas… whew… what a relief!
    And the scarf is absolutely lovely.

  5. That scarf is so long that it looks like you photoshopped it. Wowie.

  6. Wow – that photo is magical! Before my eyes, different pieces pop into and out of the foreground and background. Very cool special effects, Ann ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I thought the picture was of some kind of sewn/knit piece. The scarf is cool, but it looked like a quilt of some kind or crazy short rows. Maybe look at the picture with relaxed eyes and you’ll see what I mean. Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation talking!

  8. I thought the picture was of some kind of sewn/knit piece. The scarf is cool, but it looked like a quilt of some kind or crazy short rows. Maybe look at the picture with relaxed eyes and you’ll see what I mean. Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation talking!

  9. Hmm, sounds like a rolaids commercial there in the first couple sentences.

  10. The scarf looks really pretty.

  11. My Bookmobile Contest prize copy of MDK:OTL arrived on Thursday, but I haven’t had a chance to do more than free it from its shrink-wrapping. I picked it up from my apartment complex office as I was departing for Knitters’ Day Out, an annual day of classes and market in Enola/Summerdale, PA. I had much fun and ended up too tired out to peruse my new book! I picked up the Holy Grail of Rowan (the anniversary issue of the magazine) this weekend, too, so much knitterly reading/gazing will be had.

  12. Yay for getting gas.
    That scarf is lovely. You gave me an idea of what to do with that skein of fingering weight handspun that I have marinating in my stash that just refuses to become socks.

  13. Doesn’t Merle Hazard have something to say about the gas (or financial bail-out) situation?

  14. Gorgeous colors. I just love moss stitch. Like someone else mentioned it looks woven.

  15. That’s absolutely gorgeous, but 7 feet of moss stitch? 7 feet of any single stitch? I would be bonkers!

  16. Oy. Did 6.5 feet of moss stitch scarf in Colinette Isis (in Kingfisher) once upon a time. Least favorite project EVER on the needles, but I wear that sucker 3x a week in the winter.

  17. “Ooooooooo!!”, was my first reaction after my screen opened up to your g-r-e-a-t scarf. “I want to make one”, was my next thought.
    —And perhaps I will, once I finish my own two (!) “fallback” projects and my one “I’ve got “dial-up” but it’s OK because I’m knitting this scarf” project (not to mention the rest of my Moebius Class “homework” before we meet again on 10/19, and my other few REAL projects, and-Oh yes-Festivus is coming…).
    Ann, the scarf is lovely. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  18. Can’t think about bags, right now. Must finish third dishtowel. Seed stitch is brilliant for car knitting. I’m going up to the yarn room ( you know, the room with all the yarn, and the bed. Which has yarn under it.) and looking for something hand dyed to cast on. I remember the gas lines in the 1970’s . We kids amused ourselves by watching the grown- ups faces.

  19. I totally thought you meant the other kind of gas.

  20. Ann, that movie clip is HILARIOUS. Thank you!

  21. 82″ of seed stitch might just Do Me In. But it is beautiful.

  22. Beautiful scarf – hilarious movie clip

  23. Beautiful scarf – hilarious movie clip

  24. That is a beautiful scarf, wear it well.

  25. Your scarf is beautiful.That much seed stitch would put me in the mental hospital. I still remember a Christmas gift moss stitch scarf I knit while a broke college student in 1982. I have never knit anything in moss stitch again.
    Good luck with the gas situation. Scary. The film clip is very funny. I wonder why the “s” word was written out while the “f” word was not.
    And yes, the other commenter was correct. Merla Hazard’s latest is overdue.

  26. Forgot to add – bought your latest book Friday. Brilliant! I will have to knit that Pea Coat.

  27. Hilarious clip – but I’ve got news from Williamson County. We’re out of gas too. So, please don’t hate us. I sat in a long line on Friday getting gas for my car and then had to get in another long line to get two gallons in a gas can to take it from Franklin to Brentwood so my husband would have enough gas to drive home after work. I’m hoping this tank will last several weeks (HA!)

  28. I’d be leaning toward, “You say toMAYto, I say toMAHto,” myself.

  29. I keep my reusable bags in the car so I don’t have to remember to bring them when I go shopping. Just a suggestion…


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