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Sometimes a Great Notion

Dear Ann,
Preparing for the journey to Omaha last week, by which I mean, going through the stash and patterns and trying to figure out what to knit, I smacked myself on the forehead and said, “Hey! I could knit for a human!”
Joseph is a human, and he has been asking for a “charcoal grey sweater”–I kid you not. Back in June I bought 7 skeins of Rowan All Seasons Cotton in a lovely charcoal grey. Now all 7 skeins are in the sweater, and as you can see, there is a little problem with the sleeves being missing.
I am telling you, he was a lot smaller in June.
The pattern is the fabulous Mr. Boy by Cristina Shiffman. I will tell you that I had some moments of hesitation as I was knitting on this. Joseph’s size falls between the boy sizes and the men sizes of the pattern, but this was pretty easy to adjust for. I worried about the way the sleeves attach to the body of the sweater–they are unusually deep-set, if that’s the way to describe them. But the more I thought about it the more I thought that this is going to look really cool and boyish. A big armhole is a plus in a boy’s sweater. I think one of the reasons boys prefer sweatshirts to sweaters, apart from the fact that their mothers did not knit them, is that the deep, wide armhole of a sweatshirt is more comfortable than a typical set-in sleeve.
Which still left me with the problem of no yarn for the sleeves. I was getting myself all hepped up about going on Ravelry and rooting through other people’s stashes, and putting out a worldwide interweb SOS for my dye lot, and sending Belinda and Polly running down to Liberty’s, when another great notion occurred to me: Call the yarn store.
So I let my fingers do the walking, and rang up lovely Sakonnet Purls in Tiverton, Rhode Island, and within 5 minutes 8 more skeins in my dye lot were ordered up and on their way. Sometimes old-school technology works just great, even if you feel like you are in a Merchant Ivory movie.
Here is how Sakonnet Purls looked back in June. Aaahhhh.
Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. Nice sweater so far. How are you liking the Rowan All Seasons Cotton? Would you recommend?

  2. I would definitely recommend the All Seasons Cotton. I’ve knit with it a lot in the past. The acrylic cotton lightens the weight of the garment, which is a help with cotton, I think. It has a very “dry” feel to it, which I also like. I have to be careful to knit it on a smaller needle and watch my gauge, though, or it gets too big. I knit this on Size 6 US.

  3. It is amazing the things that kids come up with!
    And yay for finding the yarn (apparently can’t spell yarn today. Have been writing “narn” all morning. Need more coffee) in an old-school manner!
    Hooray for sleeves!

  4. Kay, you must be living right! Buy a lottery ticket or something! You found the SAME DYELOT!

  5. Love Sakaonnet Purls. Unique place in a beautiful setting.

  6. Sunshine !
    Need. Some. Now.
    Big armholes = easier to rip off ! Never look a knitting request gift horse in the mouth. Or something …

  7. Your son has excellent taste: he obviously has a classic fashion sense; the sweater looks great even sans sleeves Happy New Year

  8. Your son has excellent taste: he obviously has a classic fashion sense; the sweater looks great even sans sleeves Happy New Year

  9. Your son has excellent taste: he obviously has a classic fashion sense; the sweater looks great even sans sleeves. Happy New Year

  10. Great luck there! Boy do you knit fast! Looks like a lovely shop, I can see a day trip in my future,RI is only 20 miles from my house in MA. Wishing you all a wonderful, happy, healthy New Year! ( with lots of knitiing!)

  11. That shopfront has a bit of a Merchant Ivory feel, as well…bonnets, carriages…SUMMER!!!
    Happy New Year ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Very nice.
    Earlier this year I really wanted to make a sweater (well duh) and the shop (Snow Goose) had something like 12 of the skeins I needed. The lady called and found a place that had 4 more skeins in my dyelot. She was just great, though sadly I still haven’t started the sweater.

  13. It’s so nice when they actually want a sweater, and you can exhibit your supermom abilities like that.
    We just stood our kids up against the measuring wall in the basement closet and my big boy (not yet 13) no longer fits in the basement closet! It’s hard to imagine they have several years of growing still to go! Make that sweater big!

  14. Sakonnet Purls came to my rescue with a delivery to Block Island last August… I love those folks! Happy New Year to you Kay!

  15. The sweater will look great with sleeves. Love the colour.
    Happy New Year. Hoping you all have only good things in 2010.

  16. Well, there are far *worse* things that feeling like you are in a Merchant Ivory movie. I always rather enjoyed that feeling.
    So glad your yarn was available. It’s always nice when it’s easy!

  17. KAAAAAAY! When the heck were you in Tiverton? That’s where my family lives and where I go every summer. That’s my LYS! I was floored when I saw the picture. I want to here how you ended up in Tiverton Four Corners. Happy New Year!

  18. Great sweater, and I agree about the armholes. That is why all those boys in old British movies look so pitiful; their armholes are cut too high.
    Happy 2010.

  19. Great that you got more in the same dyelot, and I absolutely love your reference to Merchant-Ivory in this context! Sometimes the plain old telephone does seem like a quaint way to communicate!

  20. I was at Sakonnet Purls yesterday!!! That is one of my LYSs and I do love it too. It looks just as good in December just no pretty green leaves on the trees and it was a delightful 20 degrees. Good luck with the sweater.

  21. I was at Sakonnet Purls yesterday!!! That is one of my LYSs and I do love it too. It looks just as good in December just no pretty green leaves on the trees and it was a delightful 20 degrees. Good luck with the sweater.

  22. I can’t tell you how often *I* hesitate to use old-fashioned technology, and have had to be reminded to do it by my professor friend. “Why not call?”
    I’m not alone — in fact, I think I’m rather a semi-Luddite about the NEW. But when my wallet was lost, it never occurred to the person who found it to LOOK ME UP IN THE PHONE BOOK. I’m there.
    Phone book? What’s THAT?!
    Instead of that or instead of calling 911 in an emergency, people (such as the girls who got trapped in a hole in England not long ago)are more likely to Tweet or update their Facebook, “Hey. Anyone know Norma M. from St. A.?” or “We’re trapped in a HOLE!”
    What IS this world coming to?
    Long overblown comment to say: Love the sweater, and Happy New Year. ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. “Hey! I could knit for a human!”
    Love It! Kay, you gave me one of my best laughs for 2009! (BTW, I “prepare” for trips that way, too…)
    It’ll be great to se that handsome human modeling the finished product.

  24. i wish you all a lovey new year

  25. I often wish my children would stop growing and I could go on with them small and manageable. Then they don’t need as much yarn for sweater as a full size human like your son. Maybe that’s a reason to knit for the small dog you can buy small amounts of yarn, but then you have an excuse to try out more kinds.

  26. Oh, that little blast of summer makes me realize. . . how much I miss that here in the midst of snow! As the mom of a nearly-18-year-old boy —- MAKE IT BIG!!! The growing just never seems to stop. . .

  27. Hey! That’s one of my favorite LYSes! Absolutely wonderful place. It’s also a good thing that it’s about a half hour drive from my apartment otherwise I would be there entirely too often spending entirely too much money!

  28. Oh dear, now see what you’ve done? I just happened to find some Rowan All Seasons Cotton ON SALE at nearly 50% at the WEBS year end close out sale. How could I not buy it when Kay assures me it knits up just fine in sweater. 22 balls coming my way — just so I don’t risk running short.

  29. if you ask me knitting sweaters for humans is overrated, if it can’t talk it cant compain because “it itches” and don’t you love it when you get exactly what you want, the easy way! That never happens, what a great way to kick off the new year. On that note Happy New Year!!!(Have you noticed that i use a lot of exclaimation mark.

  30. Story of my life, story of my life….

  31. Hey! My 7yo son has been asking for a sweater and I’m thinking of using some of my plethora of denim for a nice top-down raglan rollneck. I always think of you two when I use my never-ending stash of denim.

  32. Happy New Year!

  33. Kay? Knitting a sweater? Wait, what blog is this??? : )
    So glad to hear you managed to find more of your dye lot – a tricky endeavor, indeed.

  34. OMG, is that actually a yarnshop?
    The Joshua sweater looks very Scandinavian in its design so far;)

  35. That kid is awfully cute!

  36. When my now 16 year old son was maybe 7, I offered to make him a vest. I even let him come help pick out the yarn. He chose a vivid construction cone orange. Happily, when I said there wasn’t enough (despite there being about a dozen skeins) he believed me. We went with a lovely forest green. Three cheers for grey! A bit of dye lot happiness can make your whole week.

  37. Finally coming up from having no internets for three weeks to see J sporting the sleeveless look. Mr. Attaboy!


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