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Splash Begins

Kay–On my week in the mountains, I had a great moment finishing your ultrafoxy Moonbeam. Now I need only to sew it up, and off it goes. The Linen Drape behaved better and better as time passed, so that last sleeve looks considerably less burbly than the back. You’ll never notice. Shyeah.
Late that night I started my recovery knitting, Splash from the Rowan All Seasons Cotton book. If the purple looks familiar, well, it was leftovers from the yarn I sent you for my Kelly which, by the way, I’m STILL WAITING FOR. Here’s what the nubbins look like on the edge.
Dreadlocks is what I think they look like. Weird, but fun to make.



  1. What beautiful knitting! Splash looks terrific, even those silly little fringes that I didn’t quite get when I looked at the pattern. You’ve done a great job with them. But it looks like you’ve done more than begin!

  2. Thanks, Alison. The fringe is just cast on 5, cast them back off again, K3 then repeat. I wonder what extralong fringes would look like, say cast on 10, cast em off. Kind of Diana Ross if I did it in Lurex?


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