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Square One In Greater Detail Than One Would Wish

Dear Ann,
I’m trying to write this down as I go, so humor me.
On Friday I made a beeline to Annie & Company for Euroflax colors I didn’t have, including Navy Blue and Cream.
In my yarn-scavenging frenzy, this nearly-done sweater nearly was sacrificed. I hesitated when I realized that I’ll still have a bunch left if I just finish the sleeves and cast the thing off.
For Those Who Are Playing At Home
I’m using Size 3 needles. I’ll tell you my gauge later (quel suspense), but I’m thinking I’m getting 21 stitches over 4 inches/10cm.
For the moment at least, I am using “base 15” as a way to keep my squares modular, meaning that all of my squares will be a multiple of 15 stitches by a multiple of 15 garter ridges (remember that 1 garter ridge equals 2 rows; I count ridges because they’re easier to count). Square 1 is 60 stitches by 60 ridges.
Here’s how to work Square 1:
FYI: the square is oriented with the cast-on edge at the bottom.
Cast on 60 stitches in Navy Blue (A). Knit 12 garter ridges. Do not cut yarn.
Using Cream (B) and carrying Navy Blue up the side of the work as described below, knit 5 garter ridges.
Continuing to work garter stitch stripes as set, work stripes of the following widths:
A–5 ridges
B–4 ridges
A–6 ridges
B–8 ridges
A–3 ridges
B–5 ridges
A–5 ridges
B–3 ridges
A–5 ridges
Using A, bind off all stitches on the RS, but do not cut yarn. Turn the work one quarter-turn to the right.
Pick up 60 stitches in the row ends along this edge, and knit 10 ridges.
Bind off all stitches on the RS, but do not cut the yarn. Turn the work one quarter-turn to the right.
Now you are on the cast-on edge of the piece. Work cro-Kay across this edge (pick up 2 stitches, *bind off one stitch, pick up one stitch; repeat from * to the end of the edge). Turn the work one quarter-turn to the right.
Pick up 60 stitches int the row ends along this edge, and knit 5 ridges.
bind off all stitches on the RS, but do not cut the yarn. Turn the work one quarter-turn to the right. Work cro-Kay all across this edge and fasten off the last stitch to complete the square.
What am I doing with all that cro-Kay? I’m basically working a chain of crochet stitches (using knitting needles instead of a hook), so that the entire square is edged with bound-off stitches. I am doing this because I think these evenly bound-off stitches will be easier to join neatly when I put the squares together, no matter what method I use.
In the Department of Gratuitous Tips Telling You How To Do Something You Already Know (In Case You Don’t), here is how I carry the yarn not-in-use up the side of the work.
At the beginning of every RS row, I simply cross the yarn not-in-use (here it’s the Navy Blue) in front of the working yarn (here it’s the Cream) before I knit the first stitch of the row. Important for tidiness: before I start using the carried yarn again, I snug it up so that the edge doesn’t look sloppy. I pull it pretty straight but without gathering or squishing the edge stitches.
OK. Just trying to matter, you know?

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  1. O Kay! Just home from church. I’m WITH you. You are preachin’ it sister. I have pink and beige instead of blue and white but I’m knittin’ along with you babeeee! Back out for Soccer Tryouts and knittin’ on the sidelines (isn’t that what soccer is for?!)

  2. Thank you for the gratuitous tip, because it wasn’t gratuitous to me! I’ve been trying to figure out carrying the yarn up the side without it looking “off” forever! So, you definitely matter!

  3. Loving it already! Can’t wait to see more ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I am getting *this is going to be spectacular* vibes….

  5. not having tried cro-kay yet, you could always just slip the first stitch for an easy bind off edge too.

  6. I’m with Kim…I never knew how to carry another color between rows, so a big “Thanks!” for that non-gratuitous tip!

  7. I really don’t think you can get too much detail for this group..you might prove me wrong, idk..

  8. Thanks for the tip. I just must be slightly dense on this, because when I do this, I end up having to almost “twist” one around the other to get it to carry up and that can look poopy.
    Either that or I just forget to carry the yarn and I realize it, oh… 10 rows later when I need it. Fun for me!!!
    I can’t wait to see the FO!!

  9. I love it Kay! Lusting to get out the Euroflax. ‘Tis the season.

  10. No sooner said than started! I think it will be nicer than the cushion, but I’m very glad the cushion has inspired. x x x


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