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St. Somebody

Dear Ann,
This just in: the eBay auction for Oliver’s Recycled De-Raffled Blanket has ended. The winning bid of $960.00 took my breath away, but it was just not good enough for the anonymous buyer, who rounded up her payment to a nice $1000–tossing in a lagniappe in honor of the knitters who contributed squares for Oliver. I hope it goes with her sofa! I know I will miss seeing it on my dotty chair. I’m renewing my resolve to finish sewing up American Blanket #2 so that the raffles can be closed out.
Wall of Linen: Square 3
The flow of squares for my personal Wall of Linen blanket continues. I am not tiring of stripes, but I think Square 4 will be the last navy-and-cream square for a while.
(I intended to crop this photo, but I think the “stripes” of the heat register are cool.)
Square 3 was just what I needed to see me through a sick-boy-at-home day, from the visit to the doctor (ear infection) to the extra-innings game of Yankee Monopoly. (My opponent was wearing his Joba Rules shirt from last fall’s hopeful time–aw!) It’s an easy square, an unassuming square, it’s unapologetic about looking more “Ralph Lauren” than “Loretta Pettway”. There’s room for everybody on the Wall of Linen.
The instrux: Cast on 60 stitches. Starting with cream, knit alternating 12-ridge stripes of cream and navy. You will knit 3 cream stripes and 2 navy stripes, for a total of 60 ridges. Bind off and do the cro-Kay edging if you are so inclined. (Not sure I’m so inclined these days, but I’m still doing it. It’s going to be GREAT.)
I’m floating along on the good-auction vibes. Thanks again to everyone who knit squares and helped lay out and sew up, and especially to Michaela for getting this wonderful thing started in the first place.
Bye-bye blankie!

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  1. This is such a great piece of news! All good things (and a super blanket) to the new owner. What an inspiration!
    And Kay? When I saw the vent in the photo I laughed out loud. Of COURSE it belongs in the image ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I love that I learn vocabulary words from reading your blog. Lagniappe. Awesome.

  3. Wow, that auction was great!
    And I love the vent stripes with the squares..

  4. I’m finally able to breathe! Wow! I am so happy. I watched it all morning just unable to take my eyes away. By by blanket and I know you’ll have a good home and more funds for Oliver to boot. It sure made my day.

  5. That is just fantastic about the blanket. What an awesome thing. I love being a knitter and belonging with people like this. Makes me feel good.
    I have a question about cro-kay. Could we get a closeup of how it looks? Is it really just like regular crochet? I know you are devoted to knitting but didn’t you make a mess of granny squares for the heck of it? Wouldn’t crocheting be a lot easier than all that binding off hullabaloo?

  6. Wow, if I had more money, I would have outbid, but whatever a better home could it go to? I love the squares.

  7. Congrats! Amazing news and hooray for people who go above and beyond.

  8. I agree with Meg McG. Who needs hullabaloo?

  9. I bid in the very early minutes, to a max of $67. I had a feeling that blanket would go high. Wonderful thing all around, charitable knitters.

  10. Thank goodness that auction ordeal is over. I’m exhausted from the constant eBay monitoring.
    I am still in the follow-the-pattern-hope-it-turns-out phase of knitting, but I am inspired by what inspires you all. I’m looking forward to the time when I can see something out in the world and translate it into a design of my own. Definitely something to aspire to (pay no mind to that participle dangling there…).

  11. Well that’s an auction! Hail to the winner, and to the second highest bidder too, who did her (?) part to get the numbers up! (no, it wasn’t me).

  12. Just look at that ‘box of knitted love’…
    If I had that.. and it came in the mail (that is assuming that I had enough $ to bid $1,000.00 on a wool knitted blanket)..
    I’d make everyone I knew come over to look at the amazing blanket of knitted love.. and then, I’d take it w/ me everywhere (for awhile) and show people that I don’t know the blanket…
    That is the best.. blankie that I’ve ever seen.. I can’t even imagine how amazing it looks in person.

  13. I am loving the Wall of Linen blanket. It’s exactly to my taste – those stripes, those beautiful clean lines, the nautical feel of the blue and white. Mmmmm.
    (P.S. I also enjoyed the juxtaposition of the vent:) )

  14. $1000….. wow
    When I first saw the vent I actually though you had made a ‘pattern’ for yourself. When I knitted my first baby blanket I had drawn several, several boxes with different strip patterns to see what I liked best (actually even colored them in). It wasn’t till I read your text that I took a closer look to realized what it really was. lol

  15. Tippy Tappy Toes! That’s the best news!!!
    Wheeee!! Thank YOU, Kay – for bringing all this together on this side of the pond!

  16. Fabulous results! It’s worth every penny. Wish I had had an extra thousand sitting around.

  17. what wonderful news
    good to know my little murky squares will grace
    some generous persons home—toujours gai

  18. It is just so fantastic – many thanks Mr or Mrs Anonymous bidder, you are very kind indeed. Looking forward to seeing American Blanket Number 2 – can it possibly be as incredible as Number 1? The suspense is killing me!

  19. Wow… $1000… I’m in awe. Beautiful blannket and beautiful bidder.
    I’m excited to see how the wall of linen develops. Love what I see so far!
    I’m sorry your boy is sick… hope he’s doing better today!

  20. Awestruck, overwhelmed and incredibly grateful is how we feel. I am absolutely astounded by the genersity of so many knitters, and the amount of love shown to Oliver. Especially by Kay, Joan and the person who can now wrap themselves in all that knitted love.
    It means more than you can imagine.
    I will blog a heart felt thank you. I’ve been pinned down by a hot, snotty person all week…
    We’re just emerging.

  21. That is an amazing amount! And the blanket deserves the recognition of its beauty.

  22. HoleyMoley! Knitters and lovers of knitterly things unite!

  23. Have you considered knitting a “vent” block?

  24. That’s really wonderful.

  25. Dear Mason-Dixon:
    This has nothing to do with the current post; it’s more of an APPEAL. I was just wondering, for your next project, could you guys write a book about knitted dishcloths? I mean, could you write a book that would take dishcloths to The Next Level? I want MORE– i.e., I don’t want praying hands, butterflies, lace angels, sheep, or any of that kitschie stuff. I go through all the dishcloth patterns in the known universe and find maybe five I like, at the most. I was thinking maybe some dishcloths with BORDERS, LOTS of DIFFERENT borders. More like the one that you recently designed for a calendar. More like the ones in your book. All the other choices out there are so bor-ing. Just an idea. You know, in your spare time….

  26. I DO like the juxtaposition of the knitted stripes and the “stripes” of the heating register….

  27. Um, is Ann still laying in that field in her crinolin and lovely sweater? We haven’t heard from her in a while.


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