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Dear Ann,
Hey there. I’m knitting and quilting through the tangle of a very hectic time of year, and life. Here is an update on the Dress That For Five Minutes I Thought Would Be Finished For Thanksgiving, aka Allegheny.
This is near the end of Skein 6. A wonderful pattern, just the right level of difficulty for sitting at the bedside of an Australian friend who broke her shoulder in a fall on Second Avenue while transporting two pies crosstown on Thanksgiving morning. Believe it or not, the pies survived the ambulance ride and the emergency room and were pronounced delicious. Friend is mending but OUCHIE, and how terrible to be going under the knife so far away from home.
Twitter followers will silently shake their heads, remembering that I’ve been at the end of Skein 6 before, and had to rip back a whole skein, and then some, when a mystery hole appeared on the front. Yes I tried to fix it without ripping, but it was not a simple matter of pulling up a dropped stitch; it was an undiagnosable, half-baked mess of a stitch that formed the hole. (No I couldn’t stand to just leave it, or put a button on it. I like to knit. I felt much better after the rip and rewind. Leave me alone.) So now I’m back to where I was, and I’m happy.
Pause to reflect upon the beauty of a simple cable within another simple cable, and also on the lovely flatness of the larger cable. I think it’s the flatness of that cable that makes the dress so flattering. It’s a cable without the pouf. Some of us are in pouf minimization mode, particularly in the Muffin Zone. We appreciate a flat cable.
STAY TUNED FOR FREE PATTERN. This is a button-on scarf/cowl–a scowl–that can be knit up in a couple of hours and given away to stylish friends and also to friends who could stand to be more stylish. It’s not rocket science by any means, but I’ve been around the block enough times to know that the people like the turn-by-turn directions. I solemnly promise to post it by midnight tonight even if it means I can’t watch last night’s East Enders episodes until then.
Putting the “cowl” in “scowl.”

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  1. Like turn by turn directions, need turn by turn directions, lets not split hairs. I’ll be checking back at midnight. Thank you and its great to hear your voice.

  2. hahaha muffin zone. stealing that one.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s literal bad break. Those upper arm/should breaks are very bad, esp. for those who knit and spin! πŸ™
    Allegheny is lovely. Also, I like unknitting, too. Well, except when on deadline. But otherwise the fiber slips through your hands in the same soothing way, whether you’re constructing or deconstructing!

  4. The scowl will be very popular, and it’s an excuse to play with buttons, too.
    Great photography, by the way, I bet you took a class.

  5. The dress looks awesome, but cannot even imagine the courage needed to wear a knitted dress, since the muffin zone here has expanded to fill all areas between neck and knees. My dear sister describes it as a marshmallow on 2 toothpicks. You, on the other hand, will look charming.

  6. That is One Almighty Scowl, my friend!
    And the dress is going to be perfect…classic and elegant, with just the right amount of non-pouffy detail. Wowza!
    Best wishes to your friend, the heroic pie-saver. πŸ™‚

  7. yes, I will be back at midnight as well-that is one good lookin’ cowl!
    I am going to finish that little Martha Neck Scarf pattern in about the next hour, so I am ready to go!
    and your dress will be so awesome. I feel a special connection with it since, you know, I was WITH YOU when you bought the yarn.

  8. You are making me want to knit a dress! If I succumb, it’s all your fault.

  9. Muffin zone – love it. Hate to admit it, but I have one.
    I’m on a crazy cowl mission this holiday season, four done, maybe doing two more. Depends on if I finish my other knitting gifts.

  10. OMG my mother fell two days before Thanksgiving and shattered her shoulder – she’s now bionic with a new titanium shoulder, courtesy of the hospital for special surgery in nyc. She probably could’ve waved to your friend. If she could wave.
    Looking forward to the scowl pattern, as I would cast on about 50 times to get the right width. Everything looks too big or too small till it’s done.

  11. I forgot about that sweater dress (swetress?). Looking fab! Maybe for new years?

  12. Scowl ! Love it. Laughed out loud on the quiet car on the Adela and got scowled at!! You can see on ravelry I’ve been a citrine cowl machine this season. Will be nice to have another pattern.

  13. I just happened to be lazily enjoying a re-read of Knitting Without Tears tonight and had to chuckle at one of Elizabeth’s reflections on repairs, remembering that you had just dealt with one: ” . . . [I] would snip one stitch a couple of rows above the error, let down the stitches, correct the error, knit the stitches up again, and then weave the snipped row back in. I am truly the boss of my knitting.”
    Potato, potato.

  14. I’m wondering if that big cable’s stitches are twisted, and that’s why it’s not poofy… Cause and effect, or just coincidence, or perhaps I am completely wrong. ??

  15. And there I was feeling sorry for myself for needing to frog rows and rows of an obviously way-too-large yoke on a sweater. For the second time in three days.
    Those flat dark grey cables look scrumptious — I mean that in a flat/flattering way.

  16. It is 11:29 pm EDT, just saying.
    What about a double-length in a finer, drapier yarn to wind twice around the neckal area? Just a big old scowly button-up deal.
    I am exceedingly curious to see how that dress turns out. I personally would be rocking a giant scowl around my entire midsection, on top of my sweater dress. Unless I made the dress in the gauge of that scowl.

  17. Hi! The cowl looks squooshy and lovely and an excuse to buy something cashmerey.
    I am so happy you noticed my flat cables! You have no idea how peeved I was trying to make all those ribs lie right – I think it took about 12 swatches to figure out.
    And for the muffin zone, I just posted about a new design I’ve been working on – a muffin top hiding sweater. Really, designed specifically with the muffin zone in mind – this time of year, it seemed necessary! Some tricks in proportion, a magically placed ribbing and a simple needle trick may have done it – me, plus two friends with various muffins, and the magic worked on all 3…

  18. Dress looks fab. Excited to see the finished item!

  19. The dress is looking great and the scowl is very stylish.
    You are such a fashionista!

  20. The scowl is oh-so-very tempting but what really warms my heart is that the Dotty Chair is making an appearance. πŸ™‚

  21. I think there is too much scowl going on in the world, so I think I will call it by a much less refined name: scarowl… Yeah. It so doesn’t roll trippingly off the tongue.


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