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Bang Out a Sweater Knitalong: A Quick Stopover

Dear Ann,

I love a knitalong. A knitalong is an opportunity for a band of hardy souls to roll up their sleeves and dig into a pattern, parse it good and proper, and debate the details along the way, from cast-on to finishing.  A knitalong can result in refinements and even modifications to a pattern, as knitters work out their individual preferences for construction techniques and fit. Knitalongs can go on for weeks or even months of suspenseful, jaw-dropping, real-time knitting.

I’m not talking about that kind of knitalong.

It’s nearly February. The Eastern half of the United States is loaded up with snow. We need a sweater, and we need it now. Wouldn’t it be fun to drop everything and knit a sweater FAST, in time to get good wear out of it this winter? And to compare notes with a bunch of other people who are banging out the same sweater?

Well, I think it would be SUPER FUN.

The Sweater

Thinking about what sweater it should be, my thoughts flew to lopapeysas, the Icelandic sweaters I adore (and by adore, I mean, can’t stop knitting). In Aran weight lopi yarn (aka Lettlopi), a traditional lopapeysa can be knit up in three weeks or so of fairly faithful attendance at the needles;  in the bulky weight (Alafoss Lopi), they go even faster.

But I wanted something faster, and perhaps a bit lighter in weight than a traditional lopapeysa. Enough sweater to whet our appetites for Nordic sweater knitting, but quick enough to give us a sweater to keep us warm while we’re knitting more sweaters.


(Photo by Kathy Cadigan.)

It wasn’t hard to find Mary Jane Mucklestone’s Stopover sweater. Although it’s a recent design, it’s been knit a lot. In the run-up to Rhinebeck, and in its afterglow, finished Stopovers kept popping up on my Instagram, with knitters breezily commenting on how fast they’d cranked it out–in some cases in 5 days, in others, a long weekend.


(Photo by Kathy Cadigan.)

Stopover is a lopapeysa, but it’s knit at a significantly looser gauge than a typical Aran-weight lopapeysa. This makes it drapier, speedier to knit, and wearable both indoors and as a light woolly layer under a jacket. (Room temperature has to be set to “igloo” to wear a typically-gauged lopapeysa indoors.) Stopover has a dab of waist-skimming shaping that, together with its clean edgings and neckline, flatters everyone I’ve seen it on. (I saw five or six of them at Vogue Knitting Live last weekend, including one on Mary Jane herself.)

The plan: give everybody a week to ponder the knitalong concept, take a look at Stopover, get the pattern, turn the stash for appropriate yarn or venture out to rustle some up, and cast on next Monday, February 1. You and I will both be knitting it, so people can look for us casting on next Monday, here on the blog and also on Instagram, Facebook, and maybe even Periscope–you just never know.

The Yarn

The pattern calls for Istex brand Lettlopi, an Aran weight Icelandic wool. Each ball is 50 grams, 100 meters/109 yards. (It’s classed as an Aran weight yarn, but to me, at least before washing, it seems like a lighter weight.) The pattern is written for women’s size small through extra large, and calls for 5-7 skeins of the main color, and a skein each of three contrast colors for the hem, cuffs and yoke. EDITED TO ADD: The third contrast color–garnet red in the pattern– only gets used in one row of the yoke, for a single stitch in the repeat. This dot of color is barely visible in the photographs I’m looking at, so I’m thinking of eliminating it and going with only two contrast colors. (Yes, we haven’t even started and I’m fiddling with the instructions already.)

The designer, Mary Jane Mucklestone, expresses  “a preference for airy light Icelandic wool, but other springy Aran weight wool or wool blend yarn would be suitable.” Having seen a few Stopovers, and worked with Lettlopi several times, I get what she is talking about. The Icelandic wool is barely spun, so it has a lot of air in it, and it expands a lot with washing, filling in the spaces that were air. (It also gets a lot softer.) I suspect that using an Aran weight yarn with a lot of twist in it might yield a sweater with signifcantly more heft than if Icelandic wool were used. Similarly textured yarns, such as Manos del Uruguay, for example, might achieve a comparable fabric when knit at Stopover’s gauge. We will see, won’t we? As much as I love lopi, and think it’s perfect for this sweater, it will be interesting to see what other yarns knitters choose.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments to this post. Think about banging out a sweater you can still wear this winter, and into spring.  YES WE CAN.



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  1. I’m in.

    • Welcome, Cristina!

  2. About 15 months ago, I stopped what I was doing to crank out a sweater for my brother for Christmas, and then I needed a palate-cleanser of some kind, and hen I got distracted again…. When am I ever going to get back on track? I’ll think about this knitalong, because I do like the idea, but really, I have other things that need doing! heavens.

  3. Very tempting. And I love a KAL. But right now I’m looking at the Shalom I finished a couple of weeks ago and ever since have been trying to gear myself up for ripping back totally because I clearly had no idea what features look okay on me and what features Do Not.
    Off to scroll through the project pictures on rav to see how this looks on lots of different bodies! And even if I don’t participate, I’ll enjoy following along.

  4. Count me in…I love this sweater…and the colors are beautiful!

    • A hearty BOOYAH to ya, Maureen!

  5. What a great looking sweater—and my sweater collection could use an upgrade. Count me in!

    • Come on in, Pam!

  6. I’m super excited about this KAL! I bought Lettlopi yarn to make a lopapeysa a few months back, and it has been on my list of things to start. But this sweater likely suits my geographical location better–I live in GA. Not likely to be lopapeysa weather too much around here (though one might argue that it was this past weekend). I’ve got the yarn! I’ve got the pattern! I’m ready!

    • You were born ready, Ginger!

  7. I am so easy!! Count me in. Would love alternate suggestions for appropriate yarns.

    • Welcome, Jenny! Right now I’ve got Manos and Malabrigo in mind.

  8. I needed an incentive to bang out the giant dark blue husband jumper so I can go on to bang out something else, and here it is…

    • This is it, Fi! Welcome!

  9. Oh, this is so tempting! However, I’ve already committed to a knit-along in 2 weeks (gotta get through the caucus here in Iowa first) at my LYS, where we will be cranking out steeked (eek!) cardigans. But the allure of Aran weight is strong…..

  10. This is extremely tempting (although I have a brand new spinning wheel to occupy my time), and I loved the icelandic sweater I knit decades ago. Another yarn option would be to trot over to the Schoolhouse Press website and indulge in some unspun icelandic (plotulopi) which produces an even airier and lighter project. Sort of like wearing a breath.

  11. I am so there. I keep wanting to make a lopapeysa. A lighter-weight one will be perfect. Time to hit knitpicks or WEBS….

    • Welcome, Laura! This is your loportunity!

      • “Loportunity” rocks!!!

  12. I’m traveling this week, but if I can find appropriate yarn in stash I’m in. I need to see my sleeves into Vendange first, so may start a week late, but I think I can make it work with something in my house!

    • With this pattern you can catch up fast!

  13. Oops “sew” sleeves …..

  14. I’m in! Craftsy has the yarn for a great price, too!

    • Welcome, Whitney!

  15. Love the pattern. Any recommendations for a softer yarn? My recollections of Lopis of old are very scratchy, and i don’t want to make a sweater that I won’t wear. Thank you – I’d love to participate!

    • I’m thinking Manos or Malabrigo. I also find that the Léttlopi is much softer than those old bulky lopis, especially after washing.

      • Love Malabrigo. One way or the other, I’m in! Thank you.

        • Putting a little hair conditioner in your blocking water does amazing things for Icelandic yarn.

  16. Count me in, this will be my first KAL! Yarn ordered!

    • Go Sandy! Carpe lopi!

      • Where do I follow the KAL? Your site or Ravelry?


  17. Woo hoo! I’m in.
    Yarn not a problem, but finding some old 10.5 needles will take awhile….it’s been decades……..

    • I know! I’m actually kind of excited, although I think I might need a 10 due to my loose tendencies.

  18. UNCOMMONLY EXCITED. Picking the yarn is going to be my Fun Of The Week.

  19. although I already have 3 sweaters OTN what’s one more. I ordered yarn this morning and am ready to go!

    • Let’s DO THIS THING.

  20. I’m in, in theory. Tax season is starting & I’m already buried, but I could use a cool sweater KAL to take my brain off line. So, I’ll probably lag behind the rest of you, but I’ll give it a go.

    • This is where those 10.5 needles are going to help–welcome, Samina!

  21. What do we think about Ardalanish aran weight yarn? I bought it on the Isle of Mull last year and have two cones of it – one in slate and one in burach.

    Worth I go a I think, if I can get gauge.

    • I do not know this yarn but love the idea of a 2-color Stopover. Welcome, Ceri!

  22. I am halfway through one of these right now. . . hmm, maybe I could finish by the weekend so I could cast on the other one I have planned next Monday? I advocate for Lett Lopi — it is virtually weightless, and it supports the open texture really well. I’m not sure a smoother yarn would have enough body. It seems to get less “crunchy” as you knit with it, and I am expecting it to soften further when I wash it.

    • Elizabeth, overachieving before we even get started, excellent!

  23. Hmmm, this reminds me of my Circles Yoke Pullover (http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Maggistitches/circles-yoke-pullover) ~ which doesn’t stop my consideration, as that one is quite fitted and should’ve been knit larger; this one I could do loose. But I’d really want to work from stash, so will have to browse a bit. I’m getting the sense that a plied yarn like Cascade or Paton’s is not a good choice? Oh, Lordy, off to the basement I go!

    • Maggi! I’m wondering about Cascade….might work but I’d swatch it at this loose gauge and see. Would be delightful to have you in the band.

      • Oh, I found a nice worsted single in the stash ~ pumpkin, plus butter and fir, so autumnal, so not my palette ! It’s a deep purchase from Elann.com and the label specs 15-16 st on a US10, so we’ll see how it swatches on the bigger needle.

  24. I second & third the request for recommendation for softer yarn!!!

    I’ve recently gotten my hands on several weights of the Istex Lopi, swatched, washed, and done a wear test – it is BEAUTIFUL and feels like a BRILLO pad, even with a shirt on in between!

    Any & all suggestions gratefully received and promptly researched!!

    • Suzy, I must have toughened up my hide considerably in all my lopi-knitting! I’d start with the Ravelry projects for Stopover. I’ve seen one there in Calmer, which is so soft–although I think, long discontinued.

  25. I’m IN!! This is very timely. Our son and DIL were in Iceland last fall and brought me 4 skeins of Lettlopi for Christmas. I ordered more so I have enough for this sweater. Already planned as my next project. My first KAL, too! I’m excited!

    • What a nice alignment of the planets–you were meant for this knitalong, Minnesota!

  26. My very first sweater was knit out of a bulky Lopi and I can only wear it when it’s 15 degrees out! A lighter weight one (in more contemporary colors) would be perfect. Looking at some colors right now….

    • Come on in, Kathy….did you see Mary Jane’s?

      • I did, and tried not to go all fangirl….I’ve ordered the Lett Lopi in a Brick Heather with green, gold & grey for the pattern. I’m having it shipped to my office in case the mail man can’t get to my mailbox at home, Is it spring yet?

        Do we have a hashtag?

        • I believe the hashtag will be #bangoutasweaterKAL

  27. Tempting. . .tempting.

    • I hesitate to put a woman of God into temptation…. No I don’t actually! Come on in, Rev. Emily!

      • Ok, I have some gray Lettlopi in the stash, and various options in natural that can be the little dots, so all I need is red for the accent and black for the sweater. I think that’s doable.

        It’s not stash if you use it right away, right? Right?

  28. SO tempting. I just finished a lopapeysa – Ysolda Teague’s Strokkur in lettlopi – and I absolutely adore it. It took me 2 months from start to finish. It *would* be interesting to knit Stopover back to back…. Hmm.

    • It would be an interesting study in texture and drape, for sure. Strokkur is gorgeous, mazel tov!

  29. Love this pattern and the thought of a MDKKAL, and I can use birthday $ for the yarn (so affordable!) — but I want one of my accent colors to be a “true” orange and I don’t see that color at Tolt. Do you have any suggestions for substitute? I have the perfect color (Orangeade) in Lamb’s Pride, would that work?

    • I hope others weigh in on this, but I think the Lamb’s Pride worsted would work perfectly with Léttlopi. Welcome, Debbie!

  30. Love this KAL. Just started venturing into the world of colorwork. This might just be easy enough for beginner me.

    • We’ll hold your hand, Queen of Purl.

      Well not literally. But if you can do stockinette, you can do the little bit of colorwork this is going to take.

      Climb on board!

  31. It might be a little crazy, but I want to do it! I’d better try to finish up at least one other project in advance of this…

    • All the best things are a little crazy.

      • “All the best things are a little crazy”…my life motto. I’m in! Despite being so far behind on Knitting. and Life.

  32. What a great idea to get me jumpstarted back into my fave hobby. Being an itch-prone redhead, I need recommendations for a completely itch-free yarn with nice drape. Please don’t say mohair — I’ll flash back to the sweater I had to wear in kindergarten.

    • We are definitely going to have to crowdsource some non-wool alternatives. I’m thinking Lion Brand CottonEase? Do they still make that? It was great. Cotton but with acrylic blended in to lighten the load and add a bit of elasticity. Rowan’s version of it is called All Seasons Cotton.

  33. This will be my first KAL and second lopapeysa. The first was about 40 years ago, that fearsome object, Sweater for Boyfriend. He was going on a long ski trip, my mother gave me some crisp instructions about colorwork in the round, and off I went. He was stopping by to see me before he left, and the day before that I still wasn’t quite done. I can hardly believe it now, but I begged my boss for the afternoon off . . . to knit. She said yes. (It was a pretty relaxed legal-editing environment, although that sounds like an oxymoron.) I knit madly and finished before he rang the doorbell.

    The sweater was bulky Lopi, dark green, cream, gray, and taupe. This morning it’s residing on the top shelf of our bedroom closet.

    • What a sweet story! Oh, those Boyfriend Sweaters of yesteryear…

    • A boyfriend sweater with a happy ending! Love it. That sweater needs a mate. His & hers!

  34. Super-tempted, but I’ve never knit an adult human-sized sweater before – do you reckon this would be doable for a sweater novice? I’m an experienced knitter – I’ve knit socks, lace, top-down baby sweaters, even – but next to no colorwork. Bad idea? Good idea?

    • Time to stretch your knitting wings. I say go for it!

    • It’s time! It’s one of the easiest sweaters to knit as your first – just be careful to knit loosely in the colorwork and you’ll be fine.

  35. I’m in! I even have some Léttlopi in an unfinished Afmæli to use! (In my delusions of grandeur I imagined myself tagging you in an Instagram photo when I finally finished it.) But since I live in Arizona and there is no igloo setting anywhere, this is even better. So excited… Thank you!

    • Reduce, reuse, recycle! Don’t even unwind, just unravel as you go. Welcome, Diane!

  36. Oh my gosh I bought that pattern Friday and I’m going to Tolt Wednesday to buy yarn! Woohoo, I’m in!

    • JM IT’S KISMET. Or Freaky Friday or something. This sweater has been on my mind since October.

  37. Do I need to start Yet Another Sweater? No. No, I do not. And, yet, here I am, looking at yarn combos and dreaming. THANKS FOR NOTHING, KAY. 😉


  38. OK, I’m in. I’ll order yarn and pattern on my lunch hour, hope it comes in time.

    • Go Becky!

  39. Jumped on the bandwagon when you were in your deep Lopi obsession, but never started. I’ll be joining in the KAL. Finished a yoked sweater (Hiro) last year and love it. Can’t wait to have another one in the sweater chest!

    • Hiro is so great. You are going to enjoy the big gauge, I think. Welcome, Edie!

  40. I’m in…was already planning this sweater. I have the yarn and am ready to go. How fun!

    • Sometimes things just work out, Susan, welcome!

  41. I’m just about to start chemo, and was appalled to discover it takes 5-6 hours for each treatment. I boasted I could knit a sweater in that time. I wonder if I could? I have tons of Lettlopi I was gifted with… Yeah, I’m in.

    • Tee,

      So sorry about the chemo, and hope it goes well. You definitely need something to knit. A knitalong to keep us all company. Welcome!

  42. Has anyone tried KnitPicks’ Wool of the Andes? It looks like the right weight for this, but I see some mixed reviews on Ravelry.

    • Wool of the Andes is a Cascade 220-ish worsted with plies and twist and all. I don’t think it would have the fluffy floofyness of the Lopi yarn.

  43. I would love to do this! I have lots of LettLopi lying around, but probably not enough of any color to be the MC, even at the looser gauge.

    My only concern is the sizing: 37″ seems large for the smallest size, but I suppose I can fudge this on the body.

    Now to toss the stash!

    • I had the same thought. I wonder if you should just reduce the cast-on by the number of stitches in a repeat of the colorwork chart? Must ponder. Although if there is ease, there is room for a layer next to the skin.

      • I am thinking about this, too; I would like to smallen by at least one repeat. I always get stuck at: How does it affect armholes/ sleeves? Or does it, even? Hmmmm. Wouldn’t sleeve circumference have to be smaller as well? Or not. Must look at actual pattern and compare how different sizes are done.

      • Also, the waist shaping allows room for fudging stitch count. Must ponder more. And swatch.

  44. I shouldn’t but I am. So much for destashing new year’s resolution, ordering yarn now. Picking out colors is the hardest!!

    • Nancye–you know my theory is that if you knit it up immediately, it never hits the stash. It’s a Stash Nonevent. It doesn’t reduce your stash, but it’s stash-neutral. Welcome!

      • Put this quote on a pillow!

  45. You are TEMPTING me. I am almost finished with a cardigan, and I need a mindless knit for carpooling. I shall think on this – if I have appropriate yarn in my stash (which is capacious), you might have snagged me.

    • Lynn–fingers crossed we’ve got you in our clutches.

      • Darn. I have searched six bins of commercial yarn and two of handspun, and I do not have the right yarn in the right quantities.

        OTOH, if you start a garter-stitch blanket KAL in Kristin Nicholas’ Julia yarn, I’m all set.

    • OMG I will forever have an image in my head of your driving your carpool while “mindlessly knitting.” That’s certainly one way to distract yourself from the rambunctious kids in the back of your minivan.

      • Heh – it’s ME who is being driven to work, at least half the time.

  46. I got the yarn and pattern! I told myself I would finish what I have on the needles before I start anything else, but oh well! It would be fun to knitalong!!

    • Knitting is Supposed to Be Fun–that’s our motto. Welcome, Margo!

  47. I’m in. I haven’t done an Icelandic since Godknowswhen & it’s time for a wardrobe update.

    • Gosh we had a lot of fun in those days (Godknowswhen)–welcome, Dawn!

  48. I want to do this! I’m in!

    BUT I live in sunny Southern California AND I’m pregnant with my third baby. A fitted pullover is not for me at this time. What about making it into a cardigan? I’ve never steeked a sweater before… Am I crazy?

    • You are just the right kind of crazy. This would be easy to steek.

  49. Um. I’m way in! Just bought the Lopi. I’m trying to decide if I want to steek it to avoid the too tight neckline…

    • Welcome–modifications make this fun.

  50. I’m in! I bought the pattern and ordered the yarn. I hope it comes in time. This is my first KAL. I’m just going to ignore that list I wrote up for the new year. I can learn to darn socks and repair mine anytime.

    • These things can ALL happen. Welcome, Susan.

  51. You don’t have to twist MY arm…I’m planning a visit to Fancy Tiger Crafts in two weeks and was looking for an excuse to shop for a sweater’s worth of yarn. Yay–thanks for the excuse!

    • That’s a dream destination shop for me. Have fun! Welcome, Sue.

  52. My first KAL and can’t wait. I’d like to use stashed Natur Uld for main color- hope that works. No Lopi yarn here at my LYS, so I’ll find other contrast colors. Thank you for this fun! Love the pattern.

    • Hi SusieJ–Is that a Norwegian wool or am I making stuff up (again)? Bonus points for knitting from stash. Welcome!

      • It’s found yarn from my late mom’s stash- she bought it in Denmark. Bonus bonus for using up HER stash!

  53. I am going to the garage to check stash even though I just filled a shopping cart at Craftsy.
    Trying to decide if subbing in a softer loftier wool would work. I live in San Diego so my only Lopi sweater has been worn once every three years! I love the look. Is it top down?

    • Nope-it’s traditional Icelandic yoke construction. You knit the body up to the armholes and the two sleeves, and then you join these 3 pieces into the yoke and knit the fun (funnest) part, finishing with the neck. Welcome, Marsha!

  54. I’m so tempted. The last sweater I did, which was also my first, didn’t turn out well and I just ripped it all out. So what would you think of Tosh DK?

    • Carrie–I’ve knit with Tosh DK a ton (Honey Cowl after Honey Cowl)–I think it has a bit too much twist/heft for this project. It would look amazing, and just be a bit heavier, I think? To be sure, swatch it at this big gauge and see if the yarn fills in the “holes,” if you know what I mean. That’s what I’d do. Tosh Vintage might be a better match at this gauge? (Mind you, Tosh costs a lot more than Lopi.)

      • Thanks for your reply. I’ll give it a try. I’m only thinking about Tosh because I’ve already got a sweaters-worth of it laying around after ripping it out. But maybe, I should do some cowls with it and just get the Lopi. Btw, your books were the first knitting books I bought when I got back into knitting.

  55. This looks like a great intro to Lopapeysa knitting! And, I’m considering a trip to Iceland for a big birthday celebration this summer, so I”m in! As I recall there are some Iceland visiting tips on the blog someplace?

    • We had a blast in Iceland in 2012, and everyone in the family wants to go back. I had a brief Stopover in the airport at Keflavik in January 2015–coincidence! It was a chance to eat some Skyr and look at sweaters, but no yarn in my terminal.

      So jealous of your plans–it’s a magical place. And welcome to the knitalong for your Summer Lopapeysa!

  56. I just want to say that the very name Mary Jane Mucklestone is just too delicious to be overlooked.

    • As is Mary Jane herself!

  57. I’m in.

  58. Ok, I’m pretty darn sure I’m in. I have never successfully finished a KAL (only tried twice) so here’s to third time being the charm. Will dig in the SID, Sacred Iceland Duffle, to see what LettLopi I bought there 4 years ago.

    Does anyone know if the pattern includes a schematic with lengths? I need to shorten to get waist shaping to hit correctly. Easier with a schematic.

    Does anyone know what the stitches per colorwork repeat is? If I make this for my sister, I’ll have to size down from 37″. That would call for totally different colors.


    • There is a schematic; I got a reply from Mary Jane Mucklestone. She also said the shaping was minimal and that the sweater took well to blocking.

      • Great, I’ve got the pattern and glad Mary Jane had your answers for you. The stitch pattern repeat is 6 (on the yoke). Welcome, Gerri!

  59. I’m IN! I did an unofficial KAL when you were making all those lopis (lopi) for your family a couple of years ago. I made an Afmaeli for my daughter who goes to school in VT. I, however, live in Birmingham, AL, so need to make a lightweight something for my own self!

    • Yes, we must take care of Mama, Natalie. Welcome! It’s fun to think of lopapeysas in Alabama.

  60. “Hæ Mary, Við höfum móttekið pöntun þína. Við afgreiðum hana innan skamms.”

    Just ordered my yarn! For those relegated to mail order, the best color selection is at the Alafoss site. Delivery time might be a gamble, but even with int’l shipping the price comes out about the same as ordering from a domestic site. (Well. If you order enough for two sweaters, as I somehow did.)

    • I love when you talk Icelandic.

      I looked at the site and was a little scared about the international shipping. I do think it adds to the excitement of any endeavor to pay in euros. Welcome, Mary!

      • And then you get the excitement of a package from Iceland! Just ask Gale about that!

  61. Oh man! Did you know I have a three day weekend coming up, a new Lazy boy recliner being delivered on Friday, and owe my DIL a sweater?
    The stash is in other state but count me in. I’ll make my LYS very happy.

    • Linda, welcome! It never hurts to curry favor at the LYS.

  62. I love colorful yokes – used to wear them in the 70’s. Have yarn and needles; need pattern. Sounds like it will work well for NorCal weather.

  63. I can’t believe this, too happy, my order from Toft wool for Lopi lite arrived in New Zealand yesterday! I was planning a STOPOVER for all the reasons you outline. I am in!

  64. I wish there were lopapeysa’s with a more comfortable neckline. They all seem so tight, y’know?

    • I agree, however I bet we can mod this one. I’m thinking about steeking into a cardigan. Also Strokkur by Ysolda Teague has a wider neckline and maybe we can take cues from that one? Maybe do fewer decreases?
      I don’t have the pattern yet but I bet it won’t be too difficult 🙂

      • You’re right! Incidentally, I’ve been ogling Strokkur for this reason for a while now..

        • I’ve made a Strokkur and while the shaping and the size I made was a little too form fitting for my taste, I plan on measuring the neckline and scoping out the schematic on Stopover to help me pick my size.

          • When I’ve made Riddari for women, I get a wider neckline by eliminating half of the decreases on the last round (just do every other decrease), and then doing a rolled edge instead of ribbing. Works great and doesn’t require any math!

    • I find the neckline on my Stokkur to be too low and loose, and when I wear it at home, I have to add a scarf to the ensemble to avoid being chilly.

      • Matter of perspective I suppose! I’m a v-neck, scoop-neck, any low neck kind of girl and you’d have to steal my scarves while I’m sleeping if you’d ever want to spot me outside and most of the time inside without one wrapped around me..

  65. I bought yarn for this so fast that my head is still spinning. Dark gray with murky yellow and either a black or navy second contrast. Ridiculously excited!

    Needed that excitement on this Monday, but also wondering if even a light Lopi will hold up to my So Cal weather.

    • Lori, Strong work! One thought: my friends from LA say you always need to take a sweater because it cools down quickly at night. I think if you made your Stopover a bit largish, it works great as a jacket, without steeking it or anything. It just has to be loose enough that you can easily pull it on over another garment. I have some images to share of someone wearing Stopover like this, they are from @loritimes5 on Instagram if you’re in a hurry to see them.

  66. I have never made an adult sweater, never done color work, and am a slowslowslow knitter. But – you have found the perfect sweater for me. It is a) adorable! b) big needles! and c) affordable….Don’t know if I can keep up with/commit to the KAL, but it definitely goes on my want-to-make list. Thank you.

    • Ann,
      Feel free to go at your own pace. “Banging out” is a flexible concept.

      • “Banging out” for me would mean sometime in 2017. FYI, I just finished setting up my bullet journal after your early January post. You’re a hard pair to keep up with…but a little trip over to Ingebretsen’s would be so therapeutic. You should consider a career in sales if you haven’t already, you’d get some hefty commissions. xxoxx

  67. I’m in – just downloaded the pattern and ordered the yarn!

    • Go Grace! Welcome!

  68. Very excited about this KAL. I’m in. Bought the pattern and got yarn from Craftsy. Maybe most inexpensive sweater yet. Great idea!

    • Welcome, Kimberly. I hope we have a grand time with this one.

  69. I can’t believe I’m saying this…..but I ordered the Lettlopi yarn! I’m in.

    • What got into ya, Carmela? Yay!

      • You did! Ah, actually I never really need an excuse. But your visions of wearing this in February sold me! Looking forward to this KAL.

  70. I’m in! I’m hoping to finish my first Icelandic sweater this week (Riddari). Now I can obsess over color combinations for a few days! The angst!

    • After Riddari, this will be a breeze. (Says someone who has knit a few Riddaris and is optimistic.) Welcome!

  71. Wow. Talk about serendipity. I made my first visit to Reykjavik last week. Flew home with a sweater’s worth plus of Lettlopi from the Handknitting Association of Iceland shop (Lovely lady who helped me with colors, YOU WERE SO RIGHT ABOUT THE RUSSET), and cast on my Stopover during Saturday’s blizzard. I was in without even knowing it. Now I’m sure of it.

    • That was me with a voodoo doll getting you to cast on. I’ve been in that shop, so wonderful!

  72. I’m in! I bought my yarn today, so l’m committed! This will be my first KAL, and my first sweater! I’m a little nervous about the whole garment construction process, but will muddle through. Mary Jane spoke at my knitting guild last year- what a lovely woman, and she brought so many drool-worthy FOs with her.

    • We will definitely all hold hands when it’s time to join the 3 pieces at the yoke–wait, we’ll be knitting. But we will figure it out together. Welcome, Knittynurse!

  73. I want to join in.

    I just finished that lovely Lopapeysa called “Jon” which I first saw here on this blog.

    It was delightful to knit, plus I cast it on in Iceland and it felt like such a great knitting event for me.

    Anyhow, I have to get my hands on the yarn, but I am all IN on this one.

    • After Jón this will be cake! Welcome, Missy!

      • Nice use of accent, Kay, just sáyin.

  74. OK, I’m in! Bought the pattern, ordered the yarn at lunch today. Will scrounge for appropriate needles when I get home tonight. Didn’t want to work on tax returns anyway… Sounds like a fun KAL, and I’m anxious to see all the color combos that folks come up with.

    • Taxes: phooey. Welcome, Claudia!

  75. I saw this via Instagram and despite having a traditional lopaseya to make for my mum’s 70th and living on a Hebridean island in Scotland where I could probably use a heavier lopi, I cannot resist. I could be wearing this with my wellies in July! You just never know with island weather 🙂

    • I love the idea of a lopapeysa in summer. When I was in Iceland in June 2012 I saw plenty of them!

    • Hold up! You live on a Hebridean island in Scotland???? When can we come visit? We’ll all wear our Lopis. It’ll be great.

      The photoshoot for your finished Stopover will be epic!

      • Stopover by name, indeed when you all visit in your finished Lopaseya!
        I’m not short of a beach or two to take finished pictures. Did I mention we get the Aurora Borealis here too?
        Just remember we also get more than our fair share of ‘drookit’ wet days. Fair warning.


          No really, we do.

  76. I love this sweater! This will be my first KAL so be warned!
    I just bought the pattern, I have an idea of colors to order but I am not sure about what size?
    It’s for my daughter, I just measured her bust, 38 inches – is there a way to make something in between Small and Medium (37 vs 40-1/2 inches)?


    • Now it is official! I just ordered the yarn – can’t wait to start! Hope the colors match, I’m color-challenged! lol

    • Think about how much ease she likes. The 37 might be beautiful on her if she likes a touch of negative ease.

      • I made her a Williard yoked sweater and she said it’s kind of big (I think it grew when blocking) so we are going with the Small – ordered the yarn from Craftsy, hope it shows up soon – can’t wait!

      • LOL I think she will like some negative ease and we both agree, the 37/Small will be perfect!

  77. OKAY!!

    • MARIKO this will look so good on you.

  78. I’m in! I’ve never knit with Lopi yarn before and am quite looking forward to it! Yarn is ordered and although I may not be able to crank it out as fast as I once could have since I have super needy 18 month old twins, I’m looking forward to the project!

    • Yikes! Let’s hope it really is a fast knit!

  79. I didn’t even know I wanted to knit a sweater! But I love the look of this one, the idea of joining Kay and Ann and this group of enthusiastic knitters for a KAL, the promise of a warm sweater I can wear soon – and, before I knew what was happening, I’d purchased the pattern and ordered the yarn! Can’t wait!

    • Whoops! And welcome!

  80. Love this idea, even though I’m going to lurk. I don’t love wearing pullovers. I’m going to cast on a cardigan and knit along in comradeship.

    • You’re a fellow traveler, Nina, welcome!

  81. This is entirely too tempting, Kay! I knit a quick sweater in Malabrigo Merino Worsted last fall, and it’s like wearing a cloud. (Bonne Marie Burns’ Edin.) But I’m worried that the Mal will get too pilly too fast at this loose gauge. Does the Lettlopi also pill, bing a single, or is it stronger stuff?

    • I haven’t knit it this loosely but there are no pills on my other Lopi sweaters.

    • It’s 2 ply by the way. Low twist but it’s plied.

      • Oh, good to know. I’ll stop by the LYS tomorrow, just to look at the Létt-Lopi. It’s kind of like going to the humane society, just to look at kittens. We shall see!

  82. I’m in! Pattern downloaded & yarn ordered!!

    • Git R Done!

  83. I have a good number of reasons to say no, aaannd, I really have a tough time with committment. But I so enjoy this blog, and the sweater is so pretty, and all. I’m in. I think I will make the smallest size and find a petite lope lover. Tell me, is the lope wool soft? I think the softness of Malabrigo would be so nice.

    • I say it’s soft, some say it’s not. For wool, and after washing, it’s nice and not scratchy. It’s not as smooth as merino, to be sure!

  84. I’m 90% in. I need to see if the Brown Sheep is acceptable as a substitute. I really shouldn’t but, what the hell, I need a sweater!

  85. Looks like fun! Any ideas if this pattern can be altered for those of us who do not fit into the size range? As in L A R G E R?

    • I’m not going to fit in those sizes either. I’ll use my gauge swatch to figure out how many stitches I need to cast on to actually fit around, well, everything — hips, bust, and upper arms. Then follow along as written disregarding stitch counts, but paying attention to row counts/length measurements and adding a few more increases into the sleeves. It shouldn’t matter how many stitches I have until I get to the yoke. Then I’ll have to monkey with the stitch count, increasing or decreasing a few to get a number that is a multiple of whatever the yoke repeat is so that I don’t end up with half a repeat somewhere. It’s completely doable.

      • This is my thinking, too; it should be pretty straightforward to change the size.

  86. Aargh! I’m slogging along on the edging rows – 4 long sides! – of my long-neglected Bridgewater, but took a break to stash dive today. I’ve got Manos, Lamb’s Pride, and Alice Starmore Scottish Heather to choose from. ( The last was to be a Fort Ross, from Pacific Coast Highway, but I’m being realistic: never gonna happen!)
    You are such wonderfully bad influences! I was planning a Riddari for my hubby, but, thankfully, he’s a knitter’s dream, and will understand if the two sweaters in progress for him get sidelined a bit.
    I shouldn’t be starting anything ew, but if it’s from stash, it’s all good, right?

    • That’s anything “new,” of course, but ewe works, also!

    • Start something ewe! It will be a nice palate cleanser.

  87. You guys are such enablers!! I’ve been knitting on a gray sport weight pullover for seemingly forever. Although I’m dying to finish it (it’s going to be great when it’s done), the thought of a quick and colorful piece is incredibly tempting. I swore to only knit from stash (and there’s no lopi there) but I feel myself being pulled into the vortex ….. ahhhh


      • Yep, I’m in. Just bought the pattern and ordered the yarn. And despite saying I needed color, I’ve gone with light ash gray for the body. (I’m incorrigible.) But the yoke will be wonderfully colorful.

  88. I found your website waiting in the ER today with my son (totally fine). And I’m in on this! I need a push, I need a sweater and I need something to look forward to during dreary February. I’ve never done a KAL. Ordering yarn tonight! Thanks for the push!

    • Becky, welcome to the knitalong and welcome to the blog!

  89. I’m in, too! Saw this mentioned on twitter and came to have a look. I have enough for the body and one contrast colour stashed away somewhere safe. A couple other constrast colours have been ordered. Depending on when the mail gets from WEBS to Nova Scotia, I may be a bit late starting. Mine will be Grey with Glacier Blue and Spring Green for contrast and White for the little dots on that one round.

  90. I gave in! Just ordered the yarn and downloaded the pattern!

    • Yay Jeanne!

  91. Super excited to join along. Tempted by those earlier mentions of steeks and cardis, but that may be too ambitious for a speedy sweater!

    • Yes! Keep it simple for sure.

  92. I am in. My knitting resolution was Stash & WIP projects for 2016. I was so wanting to knit the Stopover as I read your blog , but only week 3 & buy yarn? Well I dug in my Stash & I have Lopi Lite for a sweater! I really had forgotten so this is great news!

    • Forgotten stash is the best and most embarrassing kind of stash. It’s like when you discover you have 3 bottles of cardamom in the spice drawer.

  93. Comment

  94. I’m in for my first colorwork experience beyond simple stripes. I’ve intended to give colorwork a try and this seems like a good way to stick my toe in the water.

    • You’ll be up to your ankles in no time. Welcome, Lynn!

  95. I was living in a recently completed Strokkur last week. Cast on for Stopover a few months ago, but I’m only a few inches in. Also, I’m dying to knit an Icelandic sweater for a little Pekingese.

    • Your Pekingese needs a Voff, from Kniting With Icelandic Wool! And you need a Stopover. Welcome Corinne!

  96. I’m in. After a knitting hiatus (I know – who does that?) this looks like the perfect way back into it. That plus the Jane Brody column were the kick I needed. Great idea, ladies!

  97. This is such a great sweater! I made one when I returned from Iceland for the Mary Jane KAL. It’s warm, yet lightweight. I wear a turtleneck under it and the wool doesn’t bother me. It was my first time working with Lopi and I now have two other sweaters planned. Have fun!

  98. ooohh me me me, I am declaring my already cast-on Stopover a KAL member. I just blogged about my dandy LettLopi yarn shopping find . Hint: it’s from the source and they have ALL the colors.

  99. Well, despite being in the middle of several rush projects (Feb. birthdays), I did coincidentally pick up a good bit of the appropriate yarn at Knitty City a few weeks ago. What’s more, on Monday I have to have Moh’s surgery on a tiny nose-adjoining blob (all day sitting in the dr.’s office waiting to have more face removed). But the really crucial KAL-enabling part of this: I just read the post-op instructions. And I quote: Do not bend, lift or exercise for 2-4 weeks. Avoid walking. REFRAIN FROM CLEANING YOUR HOUSE and other heavy chores. Why didn’t I do this sooner? BTW, I’m not totally sure what’s involved in a KAL. I may not have the techno prowess.

    • Pam, good luck with you Moh’s surgery! I’ve gone through it, too! Knitting is the perfect antidote. Just be sure to ask for pain medication if you need it. I did, and knew I made the right decision. Hope all goes well!


      • Jeanne— Thanks for the sympathy and the tip. Hard for me to imagine that something so teeny is going to cause all these limitations.

        • Oh dear Pam, well thank god they let you knit. There are no techno skills involved for the knitalong. Just knit along, and we will provide opportunities to chat here, on Ravelry, and on social media of all kinds. BREAK THE INTERNET with sweater knitting–that’s our modest goal.

          Heal quickly!

  100. I am in!! Sorry if I missed it, but where can I find the pattern?

    • You can get it on Ravelry.com. It’s Stopover, by Mary Jane Mucklestone. Instant download! Welcome, Cecilia!

  101. Read blog post again – pattern found! Can’t wait!

  102. Despite the fact that I’m supposed to be knitting a wedding shawl for myself, I’m in! I’ve been wanting to knit a yoked sweater for a while now and this one is perfect. I’m a slow knitter and I’ve never done color work before, but hopefully I’ll keep up!

    • Welcome Helen, and congrats on your upcoming nuptials. Lopapeysas are the new wedding shawl!

  103. I missed walking with you guys in the park…so I’ll put down my four current projects and join you !

    • You’ll be back to those projects in no time, Rosemary. Sorry we missed you in the park, but hopefully there will be other opportunities. Welcome!

      • Thanks! Got the pattern, ordered the yarn…and…talked a friend into joining, too, and she just ordered her yarn!

  104. I am really tempted but have vowed to knit from stash this year. Do you think Rowan Kid Classic might work? I have rather a large supply…

    • I was wondering the same thing and am currently trying to work through a rather large stash of Rowan Kid Classic as well. Have you tried swatching it yet? I have not.

      • No not yet but will try tonight if I get the chance. I do think Kid Classic works well at all kinds of tension so am hopeful. I will report back when I have results.

        • Looking forward to your report! 🙂

          • Okay, the most surprising thing I have to report is that I have no 6.5 mm needles – how can that possibly be? They are now on their way to me, but meanwhile I have not been slacking. On 6mm I get 3.5 stitches to the inch and on 7 mm needles, 3 stitches. From this I deduce that the 6.5 mms will be just perfect. However, I wonder if the fabric with kid classic will be a bit too floppy at the stated tension, so I’m thinking I might stick with the 6 mm needles and mess with the stitch count a bit to compensate. Or else, I really fancy the Freyja cardigan Kay blogged about today – that would definitely work in kid classic. But then steeks might be a problem. Oh dear, dither dither. What shall I do? Seriously, someone just tell me what to do – please?

          • Hmm. I was wondering if it would be too loose. I’ve been wanting to try steeks. Maybe this is the opportunity I was looking for! 🙂

          • Yes after more thought I think the stranded sections won’t work at all at this loose tension, the floats will really show. Do you think this yarn will work for steeking? I am about to give up on stash busting and just order the lett lopi ????

          • Comment

          • I don’t know about the steeking as I’ve never tried it. I have some vague recollection that the wool needs to be sticky and I think kid classic has some acrylic so maybe not the best choice? I think I’m with you… time for some shopping. 🙂

  105. After putting yarn in and out of the cart All. Day. Long. yesterday – I’m in!

    • Patty, you must be exhausted. Thank goodness that’s over. Welcome!

  106. Ordered the yarn last night. Tolt may need to hire extra staff this week. Did you warn them?

    • We didn’t think we needed to warn them, but they report that they are busy filling Lopi orders. Yay for an LYS with deep stock! Welcome, Lynn!

  107. I am in! I ordered yarn and printed pattern. this has been on my knitting bucket list for ages! I actually just got pattern and yarn for a jacket -type fair isle knit after seeing a drop dead gorgeous version on vibekedesign ( you must check out her instagram/website if you haven’t already) but will put that on hiatus and knit along with the group .looking forward to cast on 🙂

  108. I have never done a KAL. I’ve bought the pattern. I’m off to Ingebretson’s, the holy grail of all things Scandanavian in Minnesota. They don’t have all the colors, but lots of them. Can I cast on right away?

  109. Hello again! I think I’ve only done three KALs – mystery ones – and they used the Ravelry message boards to great success. Just wondering if that is in your plan, friends? (Maybe I should’ve gone for a look-see before asking, but I haven’t had my coffee yet … XXO

  110. I think I’m in. I’m buying the pattern now.

    • I’m not sure if I should make the small or the medium. I’m pretty terrible at sizing, which is why I’m intimidated by sweaters. I see the finished bust size of the small is 37″, and the next size up is 40 1/2″. I have a 36″ bust. Should I err on the side of caution and make the medium, or is that too much ease?

  111. I was going to be strong, and not join this KAL. I’m on a yarn/cast-on diet for a while — I have three SQs of IndigoDragonfly DK weights waiting for a start, and three sweaters and a hooded scarf on the needles.

    And then I went stash-diving for a hat, and found a SQ of Blue Skies Alpaca Worsted Cotton in an odd color palette that would so totally work for a pattern like this. Pale yellow for the body, with sky blue, jade, and lavender for the colorwork. BSA Worsted Cotton is loosely spun, so while I may not be able to work it at 13, I can probably get to 14 before it gets too open. Now to find needles and swatch.

  112. I’m in – was hard to pick the colors after perusing all of the beautiful versions on Ravelry. Sucked it up and ordered the yarn from Tolt this morning – can’t wait!!!!! Haven’t made a fair isle sweater since college (many many moons ago). Going out west on a ski vacation in less than 3 weeks and my Stopover will be going with me – hopefully as a FO!

  113. Kismet…

    About 11 years ago, when I first started to knit, for some reason, I stalked e bay and bought lots of Lett Lopi. I have TWELVE skeins of bright navy and onsies and twosies of numerous other colors.

    I bought the pattern. Looking for needles. This will be my first sweater for an adult! I think that I KAL will give me the boost I need to get through fitting issues. I’m reposting the link below – it may be helpful to others with fit concerns for this circular yoked sweater.
    Looks like the neckline is not shaped. I hope to drop the front a tad and maybe raise the back with a few short rows.
    thanks for enabling!

  114. I am traveling out of the country and will not be back home until the 3rd. But I have checked my stash via Ravelry and I have enough skeins of some now discontinued yarn Horstia (50/50 wool/silk) that I would love to find a use for. I just need to source 3 more skeins for the contrast colors. The yarn is the right weight and has similar yardage and not much twist. I’m going to give it a try. I am also managing to do this all while away from home via the internet! Amazing! I’m going to be starting a little late though since I have to get the contrast colors first. Thanks for coming up with this tempting project as I’m delighted to do a bit of stash busting.

  115. I’m in, too! I have 1) never knit a full sweater, 2) never done colorwork, and 3) never done bottom up construction before. I have one more never, and that is to never call extra attention to my inverted triangle figure. Yoked sweaters highlight my already linebacker-ish broad shoulders and narrow hips. However, I see that the sweater shape really does “flatter everyone” and I have decided to go with dark lettlopi yarn, and maybe just contrasting neckline, waistband and cuffs, instead of the “look at my shoulders” yoke work. I have a few skeins of direct-from-Iceland lettlopi, courtesy of a kind friend, and will use them in this project. I will also purchase the main color from my local-ish yarn store! (Stash LLC, Corvallis, OR.) New-to-me techniques! Stash dive! Buy local! Have fun! This knitalong has everything!

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  117. Hmmm, 9 skeins of Ash Heather and no fewer than 9 CC options’ worth of Lettlopi just somehow landed in my cart at Shop Icelandic, so it looks like I am in? Not thinking about it too much, just committing. Seems like a wise way to go through life . . .

  118. So in! And this is my first KAL! I’m gonna do this is Cascade 128 Superwash…which sounds crazy, because it’s a totally different weight, but I JUST knit a lopapeysa with that exact same yarn and the exact same width on the exact same size needles, so I am intimately acquainted with my gauge to the point that I’m willing to risk it! Plus this way it’ll be cosy enough for my UPCOMING TRIP TO ICELAND (woo!!)

  119. I think I’m in. I have a sweater’s worth of Malabrigio and three contrasting colors all in the stash. It’s karma I’m telling you!

  120. I ordered Lettlopi from Webs last night – hope it is here before Feb. 1! I will use two colors that I already have in my stash, but ordered a main color and a highlight color for that one row. I’m finishing up a sweater for my son (duplicate of one I got done before Christmas for his twin) and can’t wait to make something I can wear to work!

  121. I’m in.

  122. I’m so in! I’ve had the yarn for awhile. Thanks for the push to use it up!

  123. I’m like Jodee — have had the yarn for a while. I didn’t want to commit till I knew I could get gauge. I always have gauge problems!! I thought I would have them again — unblocked, I was getting 16 or 17 stitches to 4 inches. But blocked, I get 13 (maybe 12 1/2, but mostly 13) stitches!! Bang on! But I do get more rows than called for. Like 20 or 21 rows. Will that be a problem?? I’m not positive on that row count (20 or 21 rows) since I only knitted like 22 rows. Lazy me!

    Anyway, I’m in! Yay!!!

    Oh, and I was thinking of duplicate stitching the red stitches in. Maybe.

  124. I’m in. Stash diving for yarn. Considering some Rowan Soft tweed that I have from a long ago sale at Webs. Diving in the needle stash too. Can’t wait to get started.

  125. Ok. I’m in.

  126. I’m in. Yarn is on its way.

  127. This was supposed to be the year of stashbusting but I am adopting the stash neutral philosophy. Even though I have grad school and my son’s upcoming wedding, I am in for my first ever knitalong..

  128. I’m in for my first KAL! Yarn just arrived but having trouble getting gauge. Size 10 needles get me 4″ in height but only 3″ in width. Size 10.75 (no 10.5’s in the house) lengthen the swatch but don’t get me much more width. I’m knitting for the Small size. (Grateful for the new sizing chart.). Any tips?

    Former New York City dweller now living in Asheville

  129. Oh lord. I’m in school, have a medical mystery going on in my abdomen, at least 5 WIP that I SHOULD be working on, but I bought a SW of LettLopi in November and now I know why! This will be my first adult sweater as well. Just going all in here!

  130. My best friend Laura and I are in! (After she told me, “get thee behind me, Satan”, btw.)

  131. Comment

  132. I am in and am bringing along a couple of friends. I don’t go anywhere alone…

  133. I’m a few days late but can’t wait to get started!

  134. I’m late to the party but ordered the yarn this week. I was thinking the third color could be used along the ribbing as well as the one dot row in the yoke.

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