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The Search Narrows, and a Cool Calendar

Dear Ann,
It is amazing how many truly stunning wraps/shawls/scarves there are out there, that for some reason I do not want to knit with my Hand Maiden Sea Silk. (Sometimes the reason is: I’ve already knit that one.) However, I am getting pretty close to deciding, which is good since I have to get it together by tomorrow morning’s flight to Californee. A top contender is one of Stephen West’s boyish neckerchiefs, which are called shawls when worn by the non-boyish. I like the way he wears them, just hanging about the neck. Raffish. I’m feeling raffish.
Wanted to share this cool calendar:

If you click on it, it takes you to its maker’s website, where you can see the whole month. Look at it for a minute to take in the coolness. Today they’re all looking down; tomorrow they’ll all be looking up! I love stuff like that; it bespeaks great ability to stay on task, a quality I admire all the more for lacking it myself much of the time.
Many thanks to helpful readers for alerting me to their fave travel projects; you’ve kept me busy all day checking them out.




  1. it’s like a Very Brady DayTimer!

  2. Very cool calendar. I really like Stephen’s scarf too, especially because I am not typically a fan of ye olde triangle scarf!

  3. That calendar is SO cool. Did you see how he’s asking for submissions for his “mail clock”? Where you write a specific time on a piece of mail and send it to him? If he gets knitters on his side, he’ll get a LOT of submissions!

  4. I nominate Stephen as The Most Photogenic Knitwear Designer/Blogger In The Universe.

  5. Stephen’s Boneyard shawl is my mindless/travel knitting at the moment. Not only is it mindless, but it’s named after the Boneyard Creek which runs through the campus of my alma mater. How could I not??? I did restrain myself from knitting it in Illini orange and blue, though.

  6. May I ask which area of my fair state you are headed to?

  7. I’m with Gidgeflibbit, where in our Golden state? You’re coming our way!

  8. Oooo, I like Stephen West’s patterns, in particular Daybreak. There are so many particularly lovely colorways for that pattern on Ravelry! It’s on my someday soon list, along with Boneyard and Little Colonnade.

  9. ooh, that calendar is pretty cool!
    i just bought a stephen west pattern at stitches midwest!

  10. Even more cool is that I noticed that even though linked to your page, the calendar changes with the date, so on the 1st, they are actually looking up, not down, as they were when you wrote it (just lucky for me that I looked both days!!)

  11. Thank you for mentioning Stephen West! I immediately checked out his patterns and love so many of them. I may never have run into his work without you ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. This calendar is super cool. Awesome.

  13. Just missed you at Wild Fiber LYS in Santa Monica last week! Darn!! I would have loved to have a conversation with you in front of the famous “Wall o’ Koigu!”


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