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The Shut Up And Rowalong

Dear Ann,
You know that I support you in all that you do. You are my co-blogette. There is nothing stronger than the bond between co-blogettes. When you call out my name, you know wherever I am, I’ll come running, like a bridge over troubled water.
But ooo-wee, T’Shayne! I just do not get the concept of your Slogalong. Me, I got no problems with the endless stockinette. I love to knit. Knit knit knit, that’s me. Never happier than when knitting. Sure, now and then the rows get a little long, and I wish I could turn around in the middle and go back the other way, but then I remember: it’s knitting! It’s all good. It’s the not-knitting parts of life that give me trouble.
A case in point is the Argosy Wrap. With the added boost of 4 airplane flights and a couple of days sitting around a hospital, I turboed through this 9-skein whopper in 7 days. Even for me, that was a lot of knitting. But I have to say that I enjoyed it, even the stockinette, and especially the tasty bits of yarnover-K2tog-k3-SSK-yarnover-k1. It was a just-right knit.
Here it is blocking.
I recognize that my blocking methods are, by some standards, subpar. No grid. No pins. Seat-of-the-pants. But that’s me in a nutshell. I laugh at grids and pins. The poor recipient of this wrap will never know how much pointier those points could be.
And here it is, finished and stretched out as best as I could to display it.
This wrap is more beautiful when it is wrapped around the shoulders. I’ll get the recipient to model it for me. This may take some begging. Please stay tuned while I beg.
Sail on, silver girl.
Love, Kay



  1. Kay, tis beeeyoutiful. a work of art. be proud!

  2. That wrap is gorgeous and absolutely beautiful.

  3. Noro, I adoro you.

  4. Happy feast of St. Joseph to Joseph! Is he wearing o’ da red?

  5. Oh, that’s just too gorgeous! Now I want to go make one. Lucky recipient!
    Now, where is my Noro…

  6. Ohhh pretty….. if the recipient doesn’t love it enough to model it — you could send it to me and I will model it even though I HATE having my picture taken – of course original recipient doesn’t get it back then ….

  7. Ooh, that wrap is gorgeous! I’m gonna have to start knitting faster….

  8. Ooo, that’s so lovely, I love the long-striping action.

  9. You’re right that that is one sad-to-be-discontinued colorway. It’s such a nice muted one! The wrap looks divine.

  10. oh kay….i’m in a lavender trance…..tra la…..

  11. Looks wonderful! You’re inspiring a few folks to knit their own, y’know. πŸ™‚

  12. Thats fantatstical.

  13. The points at the end of the wrap totally remind me of the Empire State Building.

  14. Love it. Will you be my buddy?

  15. HAHaha “ooo-wee T’Shayne”…you just made my afternoon. thanks Kay!

  16. What a shame they discontinued that colour after you bought such a lovely couch to go with it. The wrap is awesome too.

  17. ooooowwwwwie, Kay, that is some beautiful wrap. I would love to be wrapping that around me, pointy tips or not! This is just the kind of wrap the South needs at this time of year. πŸ™‚

  18. Very nice! Now I’m starting to crave some Noro – I’ve never been able to decide what to do with it before, so I’ve never gotten any.

  19. I think that I will quote you (with the appropriate citation.) for my signature quote on my work e-mail.
    “It’s the non-knitting parts of life that give me trouble.”
    The wrap is beautiful.

  20. Here, Here I loves some stockenette, it’s ribbing and miles of cables, and charts and patterns that make me slog along.

  21. That came out just beautiful!!!!

  22. Beautiful! I love the colors.
    Since you are a fellow lover of this pattern, I thought you might want to check out the colors in my recently-finished Argosy scarf.
    And as for blocking…I’m the same way. I just threw it on the ironing board and steamed it. πŸ™‚

  23. Oooo!!! It’s purty! I do NOT need another project right now, but it’s so pretty!
    (I love endless stockinette too, especially in the round, it makes me happy)

  24. Wow. That is a long and winding wrap. Which leads to your door. (Oops, I changed artists on ya there.) It’s really gorgeous!
    I’m considering joining the Shut Up and Rowalong, because I am in a Knitting Slump and cannot seem to face the three UFO’s lurking in my living room. (There are several more in the closet; I’m REALLY not facing them.) Am I too discombobulated for this knitalong?

  25. It’s gorgeous!

  26. The Argosy, she taketh many forms. I’m waiting for Argosy the Quilt, Argosy the Cardigan, and Argosy the Mini-Series (on the Sci-Fi channel, of course).
    Nice job, Kayffe.

  27. Ooh, Kay — I want one! Yours is so very very pretty.

  28. Wow, I think the points are just perfect. If the recipient doesn’t, send it my way!! Hope the most moisturized mom is up and running again.

  29. That is a spectacular wrap and at 7 days you’re my new knitting hero. Who needs to block ‘right’ anyway?!
    The non knitting parts of life give me trouble too. Seriously, I’m considering giving up all other parts of life just so there can be endless knitting and crafting. Aaaaah… the promised land.

  30. Whewie! Wow! That’s huge and gorgeous! My husband, Stretch (6’11”) could wear that baby and it would look great with his silver hair.

  31. I adore your blocking vibe! And that is one of the most incredible knits I’ve seen in a long time – Whee! Must make…

  32. Your wrap is so cool! I really enjoyed knitting an Argosy scarf, the wrap is even better!

  33. Kay, that is beautiful! Can you, please, tell me how long it is, because I want to figure out what I would get out of my Noro. Thank you!

  34. so you laugh in the face of pins and grids?the wrap is simply gorgeous, in the Noro way… something about the subtle colour changes and irregularities. we need to see a modelled picture !

  35. Lovely work! But I can only really recommend the pins and needles, though they are a pain in the back.

  36. The shawl is absolutely fantastic. I am in awe. I hate blocking too. Sometimes do, sometimes don’t.

  37. De-lurking to say
    1. The wrap is stunning
    2. I’m cracking up over the Deep House Dish reference. I have a friend who decided to take a stained glass making class and bought an oversized purse/tote at a thrift store to carry his supplies to and from class. His wife got a hold of it and wrote “DJ Dynasty” all over it and he had no idea until someone in his class asked him about his DJ Dynasty Handbag.

  38. ooo-wee T’Gardiner, what is happening with the couch cushion in that last photo? Do you have excess stash inside it?
    Gor-gee-oski wrap, BTW.


  40. The wrap is gorgeous. I wouldn’t dare criticize your blocking method when you get such lovely results.

  41. Gorgeous wrap!!

  42. Beautiful! Must be Noro.

  43. That is such a beautiful wrap. And then these colors. It’s perfect.

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