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What I Did On My Summer Vacation, Part 1

Dear Kay,
Well, I hardly know where to begin, having been away so long!
I’ve been in Monteagle all summer, back in Realityland now, where the wi-fi flows and the AC works. It’s been weeks since I wrote, and there’s so much to tell. I’ll jump in with the thing I’m working on right this minute.
There’s a new baby in the fambly, a snurgly new great-niece. When the news came, I immediately a) stared at her photo for about six hours, then b) looked to the high priestess of baby things, Debbie Bliss. Her Design It, Knit It: Babies is larded up with the most Blissy baby things, simple and pretty. I went for the A-Line Cardigan, stash dove to come up with elementally babyish Rowan Cotton Glace, and scrounged the size 2 and 3 needles.
Here’s the thrilling button band moment:
Shade 800 is what I used, Changeable. Changeable is never the same shade twice when you take a picture of it. So odd!
This was my knitting through the last lectures of the Assembly’s season, which included a clarinet quartet, tales of the Cumberland Plateau in the Civil War, three superdepressing-yet-informative talks on global climate change, and a Buddhist. I hope that this new baby absorbs all this stuff, particularly the clarinet quartet. Never heard of such a thing. (Here’s a taste.) (Go ahead and Like them here.) (No, I don’t know ’em, and no they haven’t and probably won’t ever pay me!)
This cardigan also includes a shocking amount of knitting related to The Bachelorette, but I wouldn’t wish that on any child. (I did discover the world’s greatest blog, however–I Hate Green Beans, which provides excellent recaps of Bachelorette episodes.)
Construction notes: knit five pieces separately from the bottom up, string them onto one needle, then do raglan decreases to the collar. Add button bands, add collar. Sew seams. Origami!
Please note, as ever, the mighty redemptive power of blocking. I had to do a big rip-out when Bachelorette Ashley got into a catfight with her sister and I got all distracted. The good news is that blocking turned all the warbly re-knit stitches into normal stitches. But I can’t be sure that Ashley and her sister worked out their problem.
What have you been up to? I’ve really missed everybody, missed blogging, but after eight years of viewing all of life as a potential blog entry, it was interesting to take a break. One conclusion: this knitting thing is an excellent hobby!

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  1. Must be one of those magical greens that never let you capture their true beauty. Wonderful little baby knit.

  2. What a sweet sweater! I love baby things in not-typical-for-baby colours.

  3. Welcome back, Ann. Glad you had a nice vacation. The sweater looks great!! Hope you all settle back in at home easily. Do the cats travel to Monteagle with you??

  4. Welcome back, Ann. Glad you had a nice vacation. The sweater looks great!! Hope you all settle back in at home easily. Do the cats travel to Monteagle with you??

  5. Sorry for the double, on the train and the wi-fi flamed out for a moment.

  6. Glad you’re back – I have been house bound most of the summer & I missed you!

  7. Cute sweater. Loved the clarinets. Really connected about your comment of viewing life as a potential blog entry. It was so bad, I had to walk away for a solid year.

  8. Nice to have you back, Ann! Better life as a blog entry than a tweet, probably.
    I wish I had a baby with a green cotton cardigan!

  9. Dear Ann,
    You heard about the Plateau during the Civil War? Did anything come up about Cumberland Institute, Lula McDowell Blankenship, or George Dawson Carrick?
    The Plateau and my fambly are all tied up in “The Recent Unfortunateness” on both sides. I’d love to hear what you heard!
    PS Lurve the sweater!

  10. Welcome back!!! I missed you!! The green sweater is cute. What else did you knit this summer?

  11. Lovely sweater! Glad to see you back. I waved to you as I passed through Nashville week before last on my way to and from Kentucky.

  12. Love the A-line coat, Ann! Love it so much that I knitted it too,back in May, only in not-so-Changeable pale blue.Hint to future adopters: the body can easily be knitted in one piece to the armhole. Babies are the best excuse to buy yet another book by Debbie Bliss…
    Welcome back to the internets! You have been missed.

  13. Welcome back. I’ve missed you as well. Kay did a nice job of keeping us up to date but the two of you make an excellent team. Love the baby sweater. What came of your mitered crosses blanket?

  14. I might have to try this baby sweater. I’m looking for a go-to baby gift, something I can knit over and over without getting bored with. Right now it’s a toss-up between the Sock Yarn Sweater (child’s version) or Debbie’s own Ribbon Edged Cardigan. I think this one could also be a contender. I love the color you chose.

  15. Welcome back! Cute sweater…

  16. Welcome back to you! Love that colorway on the baby sweater. Yum. Please update us on your summer.

  17. Glad to have you back Ann. Love the baby sweater, it looks like it would make a great adult sweater too.

  18. Welcome back! After taking a step away from seeing the world as a potential blog post, was it hard to get back to it again? I haven’t been blogging for long, but I had a hard time coming back when I took a three week holiday.
    I love the color, or at least I love the first and last color. I’m not a big fan of seaming, but don’t think I’d mind doing the sewing up on a baby sweater. Especially when it’s already pieced together so well at the top.

  19. Glad you are back safe and sound from the Assembly. Lovely baby sweater for what I am sure is a well deserving baby. 🙂

  20. Hi Ann, I love this sweater and now I think I have to buy this book. Although I really believe you’ve shown us 5 different sweaters all in different shades of green. So odd that the photos make the color change like that. I’m sure the baby will appreciate that, too! Nice work and where’s your mitered crosses blanket???

  21. Baby sweater with crybaby Ashely in the background for company must have felt very realistic. I can only hope that viewing herself helps Miss Ashley to grow up! Your sweater is lovely and welcome back to reality!

  22. what have i been up to? i have been up a tree
    waiting for you to come back

  23. That is adorable and I’ve the pattern in another of the Bliss books. Looking at the sweet thing all splayed out I realized that puppy could be done as a neck-down in a wink and a jiggle. Thank you for the inspiration!

  24. Very cute little baby sweater. I definitely like your origami shot. It almost looks like a flower!

  25. And yes,this knitting thing is a great one to take on trains and buses. I’m so glad I can knit!

  26. So glad you are back, Ann. Glad you had a break from blogging, but we really missed you.

  27. Very nice sweater. Congratulations on having a little girl in your life to dress now. Quit wasting your time with that climate change stuff. Green is the new red.

  28. It’s wonderful to hear from you and to know that the Assembly is carrying forth on the informative lectures. Must admit to some jealousy — I’ve had my eye on that pattern and am waiting impatiently for a new baby in our family.

  29. Wow! That was creatively made by you.
    Good job.
    Cassy from Guitar Made Easy

  30. Inspiration! Thank you.

  31. Very interesting hobby and great for gift giving also. Without knitting think my brain would go AWL


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