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Where to Knit in……NYC

Dear Ann,
Once in a while I discover a great new place to knit in public, and I gotta share:
Bull Moose Dog Run,
Theodore Roosevelt Park,
New York, New York
What it has going for it (apart from the hilarious name): Sunny but also shady; dappled light makes for great stitch definition. Ample benches for ample knitters, and also for knitting bags and any equipment you’re hauling from Little League. The gravel may get stuck in your toes, but it’s a far superior surface to the packed dirt at other dog runs. You’d almost think you were in the Jardin des Tuileries, cherie!
It’s so exciting!
If it gets to be too much fun….
Recommended knitting for Bull Moose Dog Run: Courthouse Steps. I had a yen to make one of these again. I’ve changed up the pattern by doing the non-ticking “steps” in different colors. Perfect for Bull Moose or Little League, and so far it’s a good size for the subway.
NOTE ABOUT EXCITING EVENT: This afternoon, from 4-6, CAT BORDHI !!! is going to be meeting and greeting and signing books at Knitty City, 79th & Amsterdam. It’s Cat’s first visit to the city ever, so New York knittahs–represent! I’m not going to miss it.
Happy Monday!

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  1. Olive. And Bull moose. In the same sentence. Heh.

  2. Olive in Bull Moose Park – I love it. Wish I was close enough to come see Cat…..

  3. When we lived in the city, our local dog park was Fish Bridge Dog Run, I think that is right up there with Bull Moose–and it had cement tiles, so you never had to clip the toenails!!!!

  4. That dog is so dadgum cute.

  5. Did you know that there’s a Bull Moose Dog Run mystery book series?

  6. Can’t wait to see the full glory of the new courthouse steps. And find out whether it’s really just darkest blue denim or the old discontinued black denim.
    I was in a car for at least 10 hours this weekend, and still the knitting pours out of your camera so much faster than out of my knitting bag. Perhaps I should try knitting with a camera? But the log cabin of many colors, nearly abandoned, lives on. I bought a pile of yarn for it to egg it on, and it seems to be working.
    And the dog run? I can smell it now. She who lauders cloth diapers for two can’t really say much, I suppose, but when I think of dog runs, I just think of the time I worked near Madison Square Park and every time I thought I had totally lucked out and gotten a nice lunch bench to myself, I would take just one moment too long to realize why. Get all settled with my sandwich and then… what’s that smell? Actually, come to think of it, it’s a good place to knit and diet. I often packed my lunch away and just knit, ate my sandwich back at my desk.

  7. bull moose teddys r’s political party perhaps

  8. Olive says that she wasn’t cowering. She was assessing her options after being taste-tested by a German Shepherd!

  9. At first glance, between the word “moose” and the maple leaf, I thought you might be in Canada.
    But then my history-major-nerd background info took over: “Oh yeah. Bull Moose party. T.R. Got it.”
    Love the Olive.

  10. The German Shepherd is thinking, “Not bad, but she’d probably taste even better with a little gravy…”

  11. I must admit, I adore Olive’s little face and fuzziness. Somehow, her name is just perfect for her. I have a little Bichon after many large dogs. Her name is Polly Esther, since I thought she was not a real dog. Bow, was I wrong.

  12. That dog just kills me. I mean totally.

  13. Usually, when you post “family photos,” people comment on how much your children have grown. Well, I just want to say how mature Olive the Aussie is looking. She’s really got her ruff on now!

  14. German Shepherd tongue featured for scale — poor Olive! I have a terrier that also cowers when there are too many large dogs romping around. But, maybe those dogs just find her as magnetic a personality as the rest of us.

  15. Happy Monday, indeed! That Olive made it a happier Monday, and now that it’s (overcast) Tuesday, she’s still lighting up my screen.
    BTW, did Olive (the dog) meet Cat (the knitter)? Hope it was as fun as I imagine it would have been.

  16. Dogs and knitting? Throw in a coffee cart and I am there!


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