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Game, Set, Match

Dear Kay,
A quick hello and Rowena update.
But first of all: Roger Federer . . . watch this:

My blågrå Rowena cardigan is heading into the thrilling Finishing phase. I bound off the last sleeve late last night, delirious, wondering what I had just done. Let’s just say that the US Open makes for prime knitting. Except for when you throw your needles in the air in abject delight.
I took The Big Piece of the sweater off the blocking board, which never fails to be one of those knitterly moments of High Satisfaction.
The redemptive power of blocking. This yarn swole up and smiled such a sigh of relief when I gave it a bath. Really great.
Next: the attaching of the raglan sleeves, a ruched collar extravaganza, and a button band pickup. It doesn’t get much better than this.

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  1. I know the feeling. I enjoy blocking and like to think that my projects enjoy it also !

  2. I know the feeling. I enjoy blocking and like to think that my projects enjoy it also !

  3. The blocking show you’re putting on rivals anything at the U.S. Open. Edge of my seat. Love that ribbony ruching.

  4. Purdy!

  5. I did the exact same thing at the exact same moment of the match on the West Coast. What an exciting point! So great for a knitter to have awesome tennis tournaments to watch!
    Love the sweater too!

  6. Such an amazing point! Thank you for sharing. The sweater looks good too – though I’m not sure I get the joy of finishing – I always end up with things sitting about 90% done because I don’t enjoy the finishing process… 🙁

  7. It was amazing, but so irritating that you couldn’t see the women’s final unless you had cablel. So I didn’t see it. Wah.

  8. I knit quietly most of the time. Hence the curiosity of my family when they heard “Waaaaaaah, did you see that!? Oh crap, made me drop stitches,” during the U.S. Open Mens Semi. Follow that up with the Denver Broncos game–fortunately the knitting suffered no major maladies.
    Lookin’ forward to seeing your assembled masterpiece.

  9. This was the first time I’d ever seen a “between the legs” shot. Four years ago, against Federer, no less.

  10. I could throw my needles up in delight when you ladies show us your projects (finished, and in progress).
    As for blocking, I have long been in blocking denile (yeah, de Nile is not just a river in Egypt…).
    In just now getting to make the baby kimono from y’all’s first book, I was chagrined that there is the need to block this garment before sewing it together. I will follow instructions, but will feel totally out of my element. I do take heart in that there have been some mighty good blocking examples demonstrated on this blog.
    The only more intimidating thing: the mattress stitch for sewing it up (but I’ll find those diections on the internet).
    Thanks for the post (also, now I know who Roger Federer is!)

  11. Dumb question….
    What’s blocking?

  12. Dumb question….
    What’s blocking?

  13. Blocking is really a Magical Thing! Really, everything looks better after a dip and a block! Can’t wait to see the finished product. It’s looking Fierce!

  14. I love my Roger.

  15. oh the shot was great and they
    were like little kids
    the man has new born twin babies why not
    the garment looks lovely

  16. love it great job.

  17. That yarn is such a beautiful color, and it seems like a perfect match for Rowena. I can only aspire towards your attitude towards finishing though! Maybe someday I will be that positive about it.

  18. I have a lace stole to block and I think when it gets off the wires I’ll feel as happy as if I’d just pulled off that crazy tennis shot. I totally agree with everyone else who loves the magic of blocking.

  19. I love the edging at the bottom!

  20. It was a great tournament to watch, aside from Serena’s bad behavior.

  21. Anne, I have thoroughly enjoyed your travelogue. We also visited Talinn a couple years ago during a Scandanavian taster tour and have since then really wanted to see The Singing Revolution. For some reason I can’t email using the link (cd be this new laptop being fussy) – just wondering cd you possibly post your email address in the comments. Much appreciated!


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